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A pleasing interior space design is inseparable from lighting. The integration of lighting will make the space brighter and more comfortable. But, the LED light manufacturers’ design is not everything for a lighting environment. The installation, which turns the design into reality, is also vital.

Nowadays, lighting designs are getting more complex with more flexible functionalities. Here’s where commissioning comes in. The aim is to deliver a lighting system that performs as paid for, specified, and intended. Commissioning is not required for every lighting project. Yet, it is a mandatory part in some cases.

It is vital to choose reliable Chinese LED light manufacturers. These Chinese LED light companies should ensure high-quality lighting. It assures customer satisfaction with the lighting ideas and outcome.

So, what exactly is the lighting commissioning? Let’s dive deep.

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What is Lighting Commissioning?

Lighting commissioning refers to the quality assurance process to enhance project delivery. LED light manufacturers often illustrate this process with guideline documentation. It verifies the system’s quality to meet the project requirements and expectations. 

You may think that lighting commissioning applies after installation, but it is not. It spreads throughout the project, starting from the initial pre-design phase. With this approach, we can identify more issues in the early stage. It saves more time, cost, and effort in the later installation stage.

What do LED light manufacturers do in the lighting commissioning process?

  • Design Review: Assessment of the lighting equipment to meet the design goal.
  • Adjustment: Installation alteration on the lighting control systems.
  • Testing: Functional performance tests. 
  • User Training: Guide the users on how to use the lighting control system.
  • Maintenance: Operations and Maintenance (O&M) training. 

Why Do You Need Lighting Commissioning?

Commissioning is a practical approach with systematic processes and guidelines. The LED light companies can deliver the lighting project in time with it. The documentation provided eases the lighting construction progress. So, commissioning can avoid delays in lighting projects.

There are many advantages to lighting commissioning. These standard document helps reduce the requirements change and extra claims

Here are a few more benefits of commissioning: 

  • More systematic project management
  • Better operation and maintenance
  • Lower operation and energy costs (refer here for LED lights’ electricity consumption)
  • Value-added quality assurance 
  • Complete O&M documentation
  • Mutual understanding between project owner and lights constructor with detailed documentation 

Lighting commissioning aids LED light suppliers in guaranteeing the quality of lights delivered. The more satisfied the customer, the more demand in the market. Further, integrating with the commissioning process increases the durability of the lighting system. Thus, Chinese LED light manufacturers should learn the commissioning process.

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Common Phases in Commissioning Process

We can divide the commissioning process into 4 phases:

  1. Pre-Design Phase

Commissioning is applied during the initial phase. It confirms the lighting system’s overall design, documentation, and construction.

In most cases, the commissioning authority (CxA) performs the commissioning. They are third-party professionals separated from the design and construction team.

They work with the project owner to determine the lighting project scope. Documentation is written to present the owner’s project requirements (OPR). With detailed planning, you can carry out the project with fewer issues.


  • To choose the commissioning authority (by the project owner).
  • To determine the commissioning scope. 
  • To write out the initial commissioning plan. 
  • To plan the project budget and timeline. 
  • Reviewing the design intent document (by CxA)
  1. Design Phase

The design phase commissioning plan includes the review of the lighting design. The lighting design needs to go through a review session for construction considerations. It prevents any technical concerns in developing the lighting system. 

In the design document, detailed drawings and specifications are stated. CxA reviews and gives feedback based on the design document. 

The scope of the design review includes: 

  • Design criteria and assumptions
  • Equipment locations and capabilities
  • Lighting control in each area
  • Type of lights, like LED strips, LED light bars, or others.
  1. Construction Phase

In the construction phase, direct communication happens with those involved in the project. It includes:

  • lighting designers
  • construction team 
  • commissioning authority (CxA) 

Each team member supports the commissioning process and achieves a quality installation. Here are the key goals in this phase:

  • Track Construction Issues

CxA needs to log issues like the safety of the light installation in the report. It ensures the in-charge party follows up and resolves the issues raised.

  • Monitor Installation 

All contractors and light suppliers supply and install work following the design documents. Also, it keeps track of project schedules to avoid delays.

  • Functional Performance Test

The purpose is to verify the functionality of the lighting equipment installed. It confirms satisfactory results before proceeding to the next phase.

  1. Occupancy and Operations Phase

All lighting equipment needs to be thoroughly tested. Then, the project will be handed over to the owner. It is where the occupancy and operation phase starts. Commissioning activities involve:

  • Resolving any remaining defects 
  • Evaluating the lighting system performance 
  • Performing seasonal testing 
  • Updating system manual 
  • Preparing the O&M guideline for users
  • Finalizing the commissioning report

After project delivery, the project owner manages the lighting system. Commissioning in this phase helps review and close up the lighting project. 

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Guidelines for Commissioning Process

As mentioned earlier, the commissioning process is illustrated as documentation by professionals. Below are the standard verified guidelines for the commissioning process. 

ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005

ASHRAE stands for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers. Their 50,000 members are involved in researching heating systems design and construction. Accordingly, this guideline is published by the technical committees at ASHRAE. 

You can apply it to all commissioning phases in new constructions and renovations. ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005 is the first version released in January 2005. Guideline 0-2019 is the most recent version published in 2019. Its full title is Guideline 0-2019 — The Commissioning Process.

The purpose of this guideline is to describe the complete commissioning process. It documents some topics as below. You can use it to verify that the lighting system meets the owner’s project requirements.

  • Overview of the commissioning phases 
  • Elaboration of the processes in each phase
  • Conditions for acceptance of each phase
  • Requirements for training of O&M personnel

There are three versions of ASHRAE Guideline 0, which include 2005, 2013, and 2019. Each version updates the commissioning with valuable approaches and principles.

The Commissioning Process

The Commissioning Process Applied to Lighting and Control Systems” was published in 2011. 

Its guideline code is IES DG-29-11, which IES stands for Illuminating Engineering Society. This society, founded in 1906, is dedicated to developing lighting technology.

IES DG-29-11 is the Design Guide 29 published by IES in 2011. It is often used as a companion with ASHRAE Guideline 0-2005. You can get the details of the commissioning process of lighting and control systems. It includes the basic elements or approach that applies in construction projects.

On top of that, it describes the importance of commissioning and lighting controls. Chinese LED light companies can review the construction checklists for lighting control systems. Overall, the guideline aims to explain each commissioning phase’s technical requirements.

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ACG Commissioning Guideline

The first edition was published in 2002 by the Associated Air BalanceCouncil (AABC). This association focuses on industrial machinery manufacturing. AABC Commissioning Group (ACG). They are founded in 2004 to manage its commissioning certification program. 

Its primary focus is on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) commissioning. Here is the scope of the ACG commissioning guideline:

  • Provides details on the ACG commissioning certification program
  • Describe the commissioning process in both new and existing constructions
  • Covers HVAC systems in commercial and institutional buildings
  • Provides standards for proper documentation and reporting
  • Responsibilities of all commissioning team members


In short, these published guidelines educate the industry about the commissioning process. These standardized methodologies ensure that the lighting project is always within the scope.

Besides the guidelines mentioned above, there are other commissioning guidelines available, such as:

  • ISO/TS 21274:2020
  • ASHRAE Standard 202-2013


With commissioning, you can well manage everything in the lighting design process. Chinese LED light manufacturers that wholesale lights deal with many lighting projects. Thus, commissioning helps maintain good collaboration with designers and constructors. This valuable tool enhances the lighting project by finalizing requirements and ensuring quality.

Looking for trusted Chinese LED light suppliers for your business needs? Darkless LED is the name you can trust. 

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