Where Can the Led Strips Be Affixed?

where can the led strips be affixed 2

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People appreciate LED strip lights for being energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and flexible. These are some reasons the global LED strip light market is growing swiftly.

However, what I like most about these colorful lights is, they give you a classy vibe. No matter where you install them, they grant an artistic look and enhance the ambiance. Furthermore, they quickly adapt to any surface.

In this post, I will talk about places where you can affix your LED strip lights. So without any further delay, let us get started.

where can the led strips be affixed 2

Where Can You Install LED Strip Lights?

Nowadays, decorative LED strips lights are in demand, thanks to their myriad of uses. You can use them to embellish your home in a variety of ways. For example, you can affix them under cabinets, under a bed, and in similar places. 

Besides home decoration, strip lights have been used to highlight architectural designs. You can find them adorning roadways, government buildings, and construction projects.

What would life be like if there was not any light? Whether it is natural or artificial, light is crucial for life. A study in 2015 concluded that accent lighting helps with anxiety. So get some good quality LED strips and spice up your home and office.

Let us discuss the use of LED strips in detail for both commercial and home decorations.

Some Great Places at Your Home Where You Can Install LED Strip Lights

Today, you can easily customize the entire look and feel of your home, thanks to modern LED strips. Let us get to know about some spots around your house where you can affix them.

Beneath Cabins

Strip lights are ideal to light up the underneath area of your cabinetry. It not only beautifies the space but also provides a good view of the counters below. 

You can give your kitchen an entirely new look by installing them under the upper cabinets.

I have made my kitchen a well-lit workspace after installing them. Moreover, I do not feel any strain because lights don’t shine directly on me.

Underneath the Bed

If you are like me, who likes a cozy ambiance in their bedrooms, LED strips can help you create it. LED lights with amber hues and warm tones can help you achieve that.

Behind Your Screens

You will have eye strain if all of the lights in your room are turned off, and you are watching TV. You can avoid this situation by affixing strips on the back of your TV screens.

Place the LED strip lights across the top, bottom, and both sides of your computer or television screen, and you are done. 

where can the led strips be affixed

Living Room

A living or lounge room is a space where your family members, guests, and friends get together. Therefore, you should leave no stone unturned to make it impressive.

You can install strips on the ceiling of your living room. Lights around it will give your room a new look. 

Measure the length of your roof accurately so that you can get how many strips you would require.

If you want to give your room a more stylish look, play with colors to make it fascinating. Modern color-changing strips can help you do that.

Give Your Stairs a Different Look

Do you want to give your stairways a classic or innovative appearance? You can do that by affixing LED strips on them. If you take my suggestion, use a low flashy light. You can fix them beneath handrails and stairs.

In Your Bathroom

According to research, bathroom pictures are more popular on social media platforms. If you love to go with the trend, take some pictures of yourself in the restroom. However, make it picture-friendly first with super cool LED strip lights.

It is also an excellent way to modernize your old bathroom. After installing lights, you do not need to do a major renovation to give your bathroom an appealing look.

LED lights not only function as a decorative light but also improve visibility. Make sure you are using IP65 strips for the bathroom.

where can the led strips be affixed 6

DIY Projects

A lot of people use LED strip lights for DIY projects. If you are a creative person you can do a lot of things. For example, you can use them for car lighting. With colorful LED strip lights, you can personalize your vehicle. 

Your friends and family will appreciate the sense of creativity you add to your automobile. Moreover, these lights will draw attention to the interior of your vehicle.

Select some important locations where they will make the most effect. For example, you can mount them near the driver’s feet, beneath seats, and such other places. 

Other DIY ideas with LED lights could be: 

  • LED-lit pictures
  • LED Chandelier lights
  • LED-lit Aquarium, and more.

Applications of LED Strips in Commercial Lighting

LED Strips are a simple and effective way to illuminate and improve the overall look of your commercial spaces. Below are a few places where you can affix them.

To Beautify Highways

In various cities worldwide, local authorities use LED strips to beautify highway and flyover projects. They illuminate them with colorful LED strip lights to welcome the passengers and display the aesthetic value.

To Lighten the Bridge Design

A lot of engineers nowadays incorporate LED strips to enhance the design of their projects. You can see LED lights installed on bridges around your country. These lights make the bridge more appealing and consume low power in comparison to other lighting systems. 

LED strip lights on Swan Street Bridge and Lowry Bridge, United States are great examples of it. Apart from strip lights, engineers also use LEDs to enhance the beauty of notable bridges. You can witness this marvel at San Francisco Oakland Bay bridge and Skyway Bridge.

where can the led strips be affixed 3

According to authorities, they initiated the project for the safety and beautification of the bridge.

There are plenty of benefits of using LED strip lights for bridge design. Strip lights enable bridge designers to choose different light patterns. Moreover, they appreciate the other benefits of LED strip lights, such as quick installation, easy mounting, etc.

To illuminate Public Buildings

Government buildings have also been decorated with LED strip lights. You can see them used in various public structures and art galleries across your city.

Outdoor LED strips can transform any structure into a landmark.

Government authorities worldwide are using them to illuminate their buildings and architectural projects. The lighting of Wollaton Hall for Christmas is the epitome of it. 

As an Ambient Lighting in Malls

Strip lights have several uses in the commercial world. You can use them as ambient lighting in theaters, retail stores, and malls. Remember that lights may play a crucial role in setting the mood of your visitors. Additionally, some store owners use them to beautify their store signs and logo. It helps them entice more people to their stores.

Various researches confirm the impact of color and lighting on mood. For example, low overhead light provides relaxation. Red light in the evening promotes mental wellness. It aids in melatonin secretion that improves nighttime sleep.

Use of LED Lights in Theaters

If you have ever been to the theater, you’re aware of how important lighting is in depicting a character and a tale. The dramatic use of lights in theater changes the entire atmosphere.

Hotel and Restaurants

If you are into the hotel or restaurant business, you can affix LED strip lights at various locations to improve the ambiance of your place. You can use them around the deck area, the lobby, swimming pool, and banquet hall.

The use of dimmable LED strips is in trend to light up rooms in hotels. 

Concerts & Light Shows

LED strips with IP65 protection are tough enough to bear harsh weather. 

Therefore, you can see their uses in outdoor light shows and concerts. You might have seen colorful lights in the concert that keep changing the color pattern. Generally, it happens with the help of an RGB LED strip light.

You can use them to beautify your aquarium as well. At several places, waterproof LED lights are used inside fountains and to create illusions. 

Apart from this, you can use LED strip lights for decoration at Christmas and other major holiday celebrations.

where can the led strips be affixed 4

Things to Consider when Installing LED Strip Lights?

Now you know the places where you can place LED strips. However, before you do that, you should pay attention to the following things.

The Brightness of LED Strip Lights

Choose the accurate density of LED strip lights based on the size of the place you want to light up. 

Generally, a standard density LED strip comes with 30/60 LEDs per meter. On the contrary, high-density LED strips have 240 or even 700 LEDs per meter.

Length of Strip

Usually, the length of LED strips starts from 3ft. and can go up to 16 ft. Sketch out your entire project to figure out how many feet of strip you will require in total.

Choose Colors Wisely

Multicolor and single-color LED strip lights are available. Choose them based on the requirements of your project.

Buy LED Lights from Genuine Manufacturer

Whether you have to use LEDs for commercial or domestic use, you should invest in genuine, branded strip lights. Make sure your manufacturer is experienced and passes the required certifications.

where can the led strips be affixed 5

Final Words

So these are a few ways you can use LED strips to beautify your commercial and residential projects. The list is never-ending. It is up to you how creatively you can use LEDs to light up your surroundings. Let your imagination take wing, and you will come up with a lot of ideas.

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