Importing LED Lights from China: After Sales Service

importing led lights from china after sales service

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LED lights have become essential to many industrial buildings all around the world. It consumes less energy than other alternatives, making it popular for lighting purposes. LED lights also have a long lifespan with low voltage operation. Hence, the industry of manufacturing and distributing LED lights is booming globally. Many LED lights manufacturers produce and wholesale light in LED forms. We can see many LED light suppliers from China, with their LED light factories built in the country.

There are still many more to purchasing LED lights from Chinese LED light manufacturers. After the purchase, they will also need services to maintain their effectiveness. The services are called after-sales services. After-sales services are crucial when it comes to product functionality and customer satisfaction. Hence, you need to know all the after-sales services required for the LED lights wholesale business. It will help reduce the risks when importing LED lights from China.

This article will cover all the information about after-sales services for LED lights. Let’s begin.

after sales service

What is After Sales Service?

After-sales services are often carried out after the purchase has been made. Every product has its terms and conditions for after-sales services. It is also used on products that need installation by the company as the customers cannot do it themselves. These services are to ensure that the customers are satisfied with the product.

After-sales might not generate any revenue for the company. However, it will bring benefits for the company amongst the customers. It shows that you can care for the customers post-purchase. It can hold customers for repeat purchases or get back lost customers. So it is crucial that a LED light company provide these after-sales services.

Challenges Involved for After Sales Service During LED Light Importation from China

  • Travel Costs

Traveling will take a certain amount of cost for the LED light manufacturer. The maintenance specialists need to travel to provide the after-sales services. The cost in the process can be quite a challenge for LED light manufacturers.

  • Language Barrier

The LED light is imported from China which commonly uses Chinese. It could be hard for the LED lights supplier to communicate with customers. They can’t discuss the after-sales services together, especially if there isn’t a translator present between them. It could cause misunderstandings between both parties during the communication process.

  • Product Warranty Issues

All the LED lights have a certain period of warranty. Each user will only receive the after-sales services if the LED light is still in the warranty period. However, some customers might require them after the warranty period. It can be a problem as customers might still demand the services even though the LED light supplier might not be able to provide them. It would lead to customer dissatisfaction.

after sales service

Types of After Sales Service For Imports of China LED Lights

  • Warranty Service

Warranty service is the most common after-sale service. Almost every product that has electric materials are equipped with warranty service. It is a period of replacing or repairing faulty products. The customer does not bear any cost in warranty services. It allows customers’ purchases to be used when there are any problems.

  • Training

Training is a process where the company provides services that teach users to use the product. It will enable users to understand the product further. They will also know how to install the product accordingly. It is vital if the product requires the customers to install it themselves. With the training, users will not have problems managing the bought product. That is why it is crucial that customers find the right LED light company in China.

  • Product Repair

Product repair services are services that are given if the product has any kinds of faults. The company will send a maintenance specialist to check the products and provide any repairs needed. The repair is often done on the spot or soon after the repairers acquire the required materials or tools. It is also a typical after-sales service as the company wants to ensure that the products work.

  • Pre-installation Service

When the LED light is bought, they come with the manual for installation. However, if the customers need someone to install it, the pre-installation services come in handy. The customers will not have to install it themselves, and the LED light manufacturers will install it safely and accordingly.

  • Return / Replacement Service

In a period, LED light manufacturers will provide returns or replacements for customers. However, it must follow the term and conditions stated. If the faulty LED light suits the terms, the LED light manufacturers will provide new LED light or repairs for the customers.

  • Email / Call / Chat Support

Email, call or chat support can be helpful to customers when they need any after-sales services. As they may have many inquiries, these tools can let LED light companies provide help. Customers would not have to ask for help physically. The services can be done online quickly. 

  • Feedbacks

Feedback is crucial so that LED light manufacturers can correct mistakes in the LED light, whether the glass is broken or it cannot be lit up. Customers can upload pictures and videos for the LED light companies to understand the problems. It will also enable customers to voice out their issues instantly. That way, LED light suppliers can solve the customer’s issue to ensure satisfaction.

importing led lights from china after sales service

Why is After Sales Service Important When Importing LED Light from China?

  • Customer Satisfaction & Retention

After-sales service is important because it can guarantee customer satisfaction and retention. It will show the LED light companies’ capability to solve customers’ problems. If the LED light companies can provide good services for the problem, they will be satisfied. Hence, to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, after-sales service is needed.

  • Better Company Reputation

Customer satisfaction will result in a good company reputation. It is because the LED light manufacturers will be portrayed are reliable to the customers. It will also bring many sources of customers as the company’s reputation is boosted. Many clients will source their LED lights from this particular LED lights supplier. 

  • Word of Mouth Referrals

After-sales can contribute to the word-of-mouth referrals of individuals, which can be beneficial. The company’s services can be spread wide by the referrals of many satisfied customers. It can generate more sales for the LED light manufacturer as they got word of the excellent services that they can provide.

After Sales Service by Darkless LED

Who are we?

Darkless LED is a professional LED lighting solutions manufacturer. We have a sales and marketing office in Guangzhou with two production facilities in Jiangmen. Our team serves several industries, including architectural, interior, landscape, and decorative lighting.

Our professional servicing and engineering staffs provide excellent products and after-sales service. We strive to offer better lighting solutions to our partners worldwide. You’ll find the following quality from us:

  • Experienced & Professional
  • Reference Checked
  • Interviewed In-Person
  • Honest And Dependable
  • Insured & Bonded

What type of after-sales services do we provide?

  1. Warranty Services

Our services included warranty services for the LED lights. We are happy to repair or replace the LED light under warranty.

  1. Product Manual Guidelines

The product manual is part of our after-sales service for you. It will help you to understand the LED light should you have any inquiries, such as steps to hardwire LED strips.

  1. Repairment Services

We can deliver repair services if you discover a faulty LED light after installation! It allows your LED light be working correctly after repair. 

  1. Call / Chat Support

Our call and chat support will be available when you need us. We will try our best to help you with the importation and transportation of the LED light.

led product manual guidelines

Final Thoughts

In summary, there are many after-sales services that you should know when importing LED lighting from China. These services can be beneficial in different situations. You’ll be able to keep the customers informed about the products to ensure customer satisfaction. Don’t forget to check the quality inspection, payment methods, and customs clearance

We are an experienced LED light distributor for businesses globally. If you have any other inquiries about the after-sales services for LED lights, feel free to talk to us anytime!

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