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Leading LED Strip Light Manufacturer

One Bin / SDCM ≤ 2

High CRI(Ra) >98 / R9>90

LM80>98.35% / 85,000h

Bonding in 99% Gold Wire

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classic smd2835 60 led strip

Classic LED Strip

cob 320led/m led strip


constant current smd2835 70led/m led strip

Constant Current LED Strip

high efficiency smd2835 64led/m led strip

High Efficiency LED Strip

darkless multi row smd3528 240 led strip

Multi-Row LED Strip

ultra slim smd2835 60led/m led strip (s shap bendable & ultal slim 6mm)

Ultal-Slim LED Strip

darkless smd2835 www led strip 120led

WW+W LED Strip

rgbw 60led 1


special series flexible wall washer 60&90&120led series 2835 top led strip

Special Series LED Strip

darkless multi color smd4040 rgb 30led led strip

Multi Color LED Strip

darkless high voltage led strip

High Voltage LED Strip

darkless led neon strip

LED Neon Strip


Available to customize the wire with one end or dual ends. Whether the wire is connected to a single-sided wire or a double-ended wire. You can also customize the wire length, add custom numbers, and wire material. The length can be customized to 5/10/20 or the customer can customize the length. The width can also be customized (greater than or equal to 2 mm), supporting 3/4/5/6/8/10/12 mm, etc.
Content & Print on the FPC
Available to customize the content and print on the FPC. Can support logo printing and circuit board color. The color supports white, brown, and black. The specific position of LOGO printing can be customized, such as printing one every 0.5m or every 1m, or printing every section.
Available to customize the length within the maximum supporting range.
Label & Special Packaging
Available to customize label & special packaging.
CRI range(80-98 Ra)
Available to customize the CRI range(80-98 Ra).
Available to customize one specific BIN & MO ESD.
Lighting Angle
Available to customize the lighting angle 25 / 30 / 35 / 45 / 60 / 120°.
Color & Color Temperature
Available to customize the color and Color temperature.
Outlet & Bend Type
Available to customize the Outlet & Bend Type, facilitate the installation and positioning of LED Strip.
IP Process
Available to customize the IP process. Optional IP20 / IP65 / IP67 / IP68.
Test Reports
Available to customize the test reports, including integrating sphere and ies files.
Safe Low Voltage & High Votage
Available to customize the safe low voltage & high votage, Can be used as low voltage 3/5/12/24V, high voltage 127/220V.
Color Temperature
Available to customize the color temperature, controllable within ±100k.
DMX/SPI Dimming Systems
Available to customize the dimming DALI/TRAIC/0-10V/PUSH all support different dimming systems, suitable for DMX/SPI dimming systems.
LED Chips
Available to customize the LED chips can be customized according to the type and brand the customer wants, Cree, Osram, Epistar, Samsung and more choices are available.
LED Board
Available to customize the LED Board, supporting customization of circuit boards with different functions, lengths, widths, colors, thicknesses and materials, as well as other accessories required by customers. Circuit board thickness supports customization from 2 to 4 ounces.
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classic smd2835 60led/m led strip

Classic LED Strip

classic led strip​

● High efficiency and cost effective, The light effect range can reach 90~110

● Outstanding thermal management

● Low power consumption

● Standard strip is CRI 80 and provide high CRI 90/95/98 option

classic smd2835 60 led strip

Classic SMD2835 60LED/M LED Strip

classic smd2835 120 led strip

Classic SMD2835 120LED/M LED Strip

classic smd5050 60 led strip

Classic SMD5050 60LED/M LED Strip

classic smd2216 240 led strip

Classic SMD2216 240LED/M LED Strip

High Efficiency LED Strip

high efficiency led strip

● Up to 120-155Lm/W lighting efficiency

● High brightness, efficiency, and luminous flux per M

● Energy-saving, eco-friendly

● Cuttable and re-connectable, with various connectors

● Power utilization: 17% ↑

smd2835 64led high efficiency led strip

High Efficiency SMD2835 64LED/M Led Strip

high efficiency smd2835 120led led strip

High Efficiency SMD2835 120LED/M Led Strip

darkless high efficiency smd2835 168led led strip

High Efficiency SMD2835 168LED/M Led Strip

high efficiency smd2835 240led led strip

High Efficiency SMD2835 240LED/M Led Strip

Constant Current LED Strip

constant current led strip

● Ultra long to 20m,30m,50m

● High brightness, efficiency, luminous flux per M

● Constant currency design to avoid voltage dropping

● Cuttable and re-connectable, with various connectors

● One encapsulation SMD has packaging R,G,B W or WW chips,4 chips integrated design.

constant current smd2835 70led led strip

Constant Current SMD2835 70LED/M Led Strip

constant current smd2835 120led led strip

Constant Current SMD2835 120LED/M Led Strip

constant current smd5050 60led rgbw led strip

Constant Current SMD5050 60LED/M RGBW Led Strip

constant current smd5050 80led rgbw

Constant Current SMD5050 80LED/M RGBW Led Strip

Ultal-Slim LED Strip

ultal slim led strip

● Mini size of LED chip but strong frame body.

● Standard strip is CRI 80 and provide high CRI90,CRI95 option.

● Ultra-slim strip with 2/3/4/5/6mm

● Smaller size,higher density up to 300LEDs/m

● Standard strip is CRI 90 and provide high CRI 98 option

ultal slim led strip smd2835 60led

Ultal-Slim LED Strip SMD2835 60LED/M LED Strip(Ultra-Slim 5mm)

ultal slim led strip smd2835 120 led strip

Ultal-Slim LED Strip SMD2835 120LED/M LED Strip(Ultra-Slim 5mm)

ultra slim smd2835 140 led strip ultra slim 5mm

Ultra-Slim SMD2835 140LED/M LED Strip (Ultra-Slim 5mm)

ultra slim smd2216 240 led strip (ultra slim 4mm)

Ultra-Slim SMD2216 240LED/M LED Strip (Ultra-Slim 4mm)

Multi-Row LED Strip

multi row led strip

● Multiple row LED strip offers broad luminous surfaceand ideal forinstalling in linear light

● Provide up to 56mm wide LED strip options

● High cost performance and excellent in heat dissipation

multi row smd3528 240 led strip

Multi-Row SMD3528 240LED/M LED Strip

multi row smd2835 240 led strip

Multi-Row SMD2835 240LED/M LED Strip

multi row smd5050 120 led strip

Multi-Row SMD5050 120LED/M LED Strip

multi row smd2835 480 led strip

Multi-Row SMD2835 480LED/M LED Strip


cob led strip

● Dot-free and perfectly homogeneous linear LED light line.

● Larger luminous area of phosphor, better luminous effect.

● High cost performance and excellent heat dissipation.

● Compatible with most of the RGB controllers in the market.

cob 320 led strip

COB 320LED/M LED Strip

cob led strip 480

COB 480LED/M LED Strip

rgb cob strip 576led


rgbw cob strip 784led


W+WW LED Strip

w+ww led strip

● CCT color tunable, white and warm white.

● CCT and brightness adjustable with dimming controller.

● CRI 90+ and CRI 98+ are available.

● High cost performance and excellent in heat dissipation.

smd2835 w+ww led strip 180led


smd2835 w+wwled strip 240led


smd2216 www led strip 240led


smd5025 w+wwled strip 60led led strip


Multi-color LED Strip

multi color led strip

● Smaller size RGB SMD than 5050, 4040 better heat dissipation.

● Integrated 3 colors in one LED, achieve smooth and colorful RGBmixing effect by RGB controller.

● Provide high brightness and uniform RGB light ilumination.

● One encapsulation SMD has packaging R,G,B, W,WW chips,4 chipsintegrated design.

smd5025 w+wwled strip 6oled

Multi-Color SMD5050 RGB STRIP 60LED/M LED Strip

multi color rgbwcw 60 led strip

Multi-Color RGB+W+CW 60LED/M LED Strip

multi color smd5050 rgbw strip 96led

Multi-Color SMD5050 RGBW STRIP 96LED/M LED Strip

multi color rgb(smd5050)+w(smd2835) strip 96led

Multi-Color RGB(SMD5050)+W(SMD2835) STRIP 96LED/M LED Strip

Special Series LED Strip

special series led strip

● Multiple angles, different beam angles for different environments.

● Can replace the traditional LED Tape Light to achieve the effect ofwall-washing,can also be used as a cabinet lamp or household lighting.

special series flexible wall washer 60&90&120led series 2835 top led strip

Special Series Flexible Wall Washer 60/90/120LED/M Series-2835 TOP LED Strip

special series flexible rgbw wall washer smd2835 42 led strip

Special Series Flexible Wall Washer SMD2835 42LED/M LED Strip

special series flexible wall washer smd5050 60led

Special Series Flexible Wall Washer SMD5050 60LED LED Strip

super efficacy strip smd2835 led strip

Super Efficacy Strip SMD2835 90/126180/216 LED/M LED Strip


20+ YRS of Experience

China Leading Led Strip Light Manufacturers. Since 1996, The rich experence has made us to be a reliable brand.

Authoritative Certificate

CE / ISO / ROHS / UL / TUV / FCC / MSDS / EPA Certified

Customizable Design

Customize product appearance, functions and packaging to fit different needs for customers.

Independent R&D

Adhere to the business philosophy of independent R&D and intellectual property management.

Manufacture Base

Self built factory, stable production,good quality,strong production capacity, and delivery capacity.

50+ Patented Design

National Certified Innovative Design

30+ Large-Scale Projects

Multiple project collaboration and professional cycle testing

1500+ Global Partners

Products are sold to 60+ countries and regions all over the world. Dominates the European market and cooperates with many major brands.


DARKLESS has been pursing in imovative design and advanced technologies into functional LED Lighting products and aimed to provide high quality and bes-n-class LED lighting products. The self-owned LED components factory would also allow us to maintain the LED quality.

color consistency one bin 1

Color Consistency: One BIN

Color consistency is one of the main factor for choosing a high quality LED stripWe have self-owned component factory for LED package production which canallow us to have fully control over the LED quality and the binning consistencyCustomers can choose the CCT range and even select only ONE BIN per eachCCT range of our LEDs.

Color Consistency: less than or equal to 2-Step MacAdam

We provide flexible LED strip binning in 2-step MacAdam base on EnergyStar@ standard to minimize the color differences of LED lights and we havetesting machines to test the SDCM for maintaining a good quality and uniforminear LED lighting fixture.

color consistency less than 3 step macadam
standard led crivalues cri 95+

High CRI(Ra) >98 and R9>90 available

Color Rendering lndex (CRl) is a rating system that measure the accuracy of how well a light source reproducethe colors of various objects. The higher the CRl rating, the higher acuratelycolors will be produced.

Many LED strip light have a high CRI value butthe critical R9 performance may be missing.Energy star defines an acceptable CRI as havinga value greater than 80 and an R9 value greaterthan zero and this produces very good lightquality and color reproduction.

DARKLESS LED Strip Light Manufacturer  can achieve High CRI(Ra)>95 and >98.

Reliable Long Life of LEDs

The lifetime of LEDs affects the durabilty of l ED strip light. Our LEDs are proved to have up to 83,000 hours lfetime and it has been tested by LM80 with the
result below :

SMD2835 @60mA


Calculated L70 70,000h

SMD3528 @20mA


Calculated L70 70,000h

SMD5050 @60mA


Calculated L70 77,000h

SMD2216 @20mA


Calculated L70 83,000h

COB @60mA


Calculated L70 85,000h

Inspection Process

《Production Process Inspection》 full inspection

inspection process​

( full inspection)After the SMT process, check if have problems,such as missing, wrong direction, loose etc.

inspection process 2​

( full inspection)After turning on the power, check if the SMD be lit,If there are problems, they will be repaired in time.

inspection process 3​

( full inspection)Check if there is a problem with the welding.

inspection process 4​

( full inspection)Light up, use high voltage 12V, low voltage (8-9V), and test again, Check if there are leakage or cold solder, occurred during inspection. If there is a problem, repair it locally.

inspection process 5​

(If the lamp bead is broken, replace the lamp bead,If it is a cold solder, move the lamp bead or the resistance,If the panel is broken, change the panel)

inspection process 6

( full inspection)Packaging correctness, integrity check.

inspection process 7

Put in storage


darkless strip ce certificate 1
darkless strip rohs certificate 00
tuv ce emc certificate darkless strip 00
darkless strip en62471 certificate 00


darkless led strip light manufacturer
darkless led strip light manufacturer (5)
darkless led strip light manufacturer (6)
darkless led strip light manufacturer (3)
darkless led strip light manufacturer (2)
darkless led strip test
darkless led strip light manufacturer (7)
darkless led test



Darkless Lighting is committed to providing lighting solutions for importers, wholesalers, traders, engineers, design companies, contractors, etc. to help customers design, produce LED luminaires, and expand their markets.

We have a professional production system costing 8 million dollars, 10,000+ Sqm Workshop, Raw material testing time 1W+ hours, 20+ million Piece Per YRS. Covered 100+ Countries, 1000+ Global Partners. Professional R&D Team, Strong Technical Power.

Our 20+ experienced servicing and engineering teams always strive to improve and bring better light to our partners.

Company Culture

Embrace change for continuous improvement


Make light and space integrate perfectly by means of technology and innovation.


Become an innovative lighting enterprise with a global reach.


Simplicity is on account of trust


LED Linear Lighting Solution Provider

production equipment & process
labs & testing equipment

Production Equipment & Process

Labs & Testing Equipment

Darkless LED Strp, adopting self-encapsulated LED, which passed LM80 and TM30 testing, and high-speed SMT, it is shaped by means of automatic mounting to offer different choices of power, colorCCT and CRI. We have more than 30 high-speed automatic encapsulation pipelines and 15 automatic mounting and applied weldingpipelines, characterizing complete LED strip production processes, such as LED encapsulation, high speed SMTautomatic welding, and full series of waterproof line, Set up new modern luminaries manufacturing factories so as torealize a whole chain of production processes including precision machining, automatic assembly, color spraying anoree customization, with average monthly production capacity of 1.2 million, in order to deliver high-quality and cost-effective products to customers.

We upgrades labs, forges professional teams, and establishes entire test & detection systems, covering validaterequirements of LED strip, neon strip, luminaire and power supply. Equipment like raw material inspecting, safety EMC, IP waterproof, lK impact, electrical properties of photoelectric, product reliability, packing reliability and othertesting requirements, so as to verify and guarantee the reliable quality of the company’s products. lt passedCECB,ROHS, UL and other certifications, applying to indoor and outdoor lighting, furmiture, vehicle advertising, and other supporting usages.A wide range of protection gradesof IP55, IP65, IP67, and IP68 can be achieved byadopting silicone integrated, extrusion, spraycoating and other protection processes. 


LED Strip Light Manufacture purchasing tips

LED strip lights have become a popular choice for both residential and commercial lighting projects due to their energy efficiency, flexibility, and versatility. As the demand for these lighting solutions continues to grow, many individuals and businesses are turning to the LED strip light factory from China as a key source for LED strip light procurement.

In this guide, we will provide valuable tips and insights for anyone looking to import LED strip lights China products. These procurement tips will cover essential aspects, from understanding import rights and selecting the right products to calculating costs, choosing reliable suppliers, and optimizing the shipping process. Whether you’re a seasoned importer or new to the world of LED lighting, this guide will help you make informed decisions, avoid common pitfalls, and maximize the benefits of sourcing custom LED strip lights from China.

Below are the tips and insights for choosing the best LED lights, even for industrial or commercial purposes:

Choice of LED Chip

LED strips in China use domestically produced chips, Taiwanese chips, and imported chips (including American, Japanese, and German chips). Prices vary significantly based on the chip type. American chips are currently the most expensive, followed by Japanese and German chips, while Taiwanese chips are moderately priced. 

The quality of the LED chip directly affects the quality of the LED strip; hence, choosing the right LED chip is crucial. Imported chips like CREE, ORSAM, and PHILIPS are generally the best. The products that DARKLESS LED strip lights manufacturer uses high-quality materials, like LED chips from CREE, OSRAM, and Philips. Our raw material testing takes about 10,000 hours, ensuring quality for your LED strip wholesale needs.

2. LED Encapsulation

LED strips come in resin and silicone encapsulation. Resin encapsulation is more affordable but has slightly poorer heat dissipation, while silicone encapsulation offers better heat dissipation and is slightly more expensive. In general, the LED silicone encapsulation that DARKLESS LED strip lights manufacture is up to 0.5mm in thickness.

3. LED Color Consistency

There are thousands of large and small packaging factories in China. Among all, DARKLESS LED Strip Lights manufacturer has always followed high requirements for color consistency. 

Color consistency is crucial in LED strips. However, many smaller LED strip factory in China lack the equipment for color sorting and separation, resulting in poor color consistency in their products. It affects the quality and appearance of LED strips, which causes even greater price differences. DARKLESS LED Strip Lights manufacturer ensures no chromatic aberration, glare, or color temperature drift.

4. LED Welding Quality

LED strips can be assembled through manual soldering or machine soldering. Manual soldering, which uses a soldering iron, can result in several issues, like uneven solder, soldering points covering the soldering legs, and tin tips appearing in varying degrees. 

The final products often have a less satisfying appearance due to inconsistent size and lack of smoothness in solder joints, a lot of flux residue, and burned LED packaging. LED chips could also be spoilt due to bad electrostatic protection, resulting in slight or no light when the power is turned on.

On the other hand, machine soldering, using SMT surface mount technology, offers smoother soldering with a lesser amount of solder yet better quality. The solder joints extend from the FPC pad to the LED electrode in an arc shape. 

Hence, the end products look beautiful after soldering. The solder joints are of the same size, smooth, with no flux residue, and the LED package is intact. Not only that, but the chip will not be electrostatically charged, avoiding chip burnout problems. The position and direction of the LED also have a better appearance.

DARKLESS LED Strip Lights manufacturer uses professional and automated production processes. We are a renowned LED strip light manufacturer in China, with over 5 million dollars invested in the production system and over 800+ production lines. Besides, DARKLESS LED strip lights manufacturer uses bonding in 99% gold wire. As a result, there is no chromatic aberration, glare, color temperature drift, and spot problems.

5. FPC Material

Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) materials come in rolled copper and pressed copper types. Rolled copper is cheaper but can lead to solder pad detachment when bent, while pressed copper is more expensive but remains secure when bent. The choice depends on the usage environment of the LED strip light wholesale purchases.

6. Certification and Patents

LED strips and FPCs with environmental certifications, UL certifications, and patents tend to be more expensive than non-certified ones.

7. LED Brightness

LED strips with different brightness levels vary in price. High-brightness LEDs are more expensive than standard ones. Hence, importers must identify the brightness they need when importing custom LED strip lights from an LED strip manufacturer in China.

8. LED Color

Different LED colors have different prices. White and green LEDs are usually more expensive due to color mixing and separation difficulties. Red, yellow, and blue LEDs are cheaper due to more straightforward color separation and consistency. Custom LED strips with colors like brown and purple color have the highest cost due to the color mixing process.

9. LED Size

LED strips of different sizes have different prices. For example, 0603 and 1210 (also known as 3528) LEDs have significantly greater price differences, while 1210 and 5050 LEDs also have a huge price gap.

10. Aluminum Base Material

The material quality of the aluminum baseboard is vital for LED strip lifespan and heat dissipation. A better quality ensures a better working environment for LED lighting and avoids overlord operation. So, it is advisable to choose imported LED light panels when conducting LED strip light wholesale purchases. 

How to Identify Quality

The LED strip market varies significantly, with a substantial difference in price between products from legitimate LED strip light suppliers and those from counterfeit ones. Many customers may not have the technical expertise to assess the quality of custom LED strip lights, but a preliminary assessment based on appearance can help distinguish between good and poor quality.

1. Uniform Illumination:

The brightness between individual LED chips on the strip should be consistent, as it is related to the quality of LED chips. A quick method for judging this is visual inspection. Turn on the LED strip at night and observe the brightness. A good LED strip should have consistent brightness from end to end, which is related to the voltage drop issue. When LED strips have significant voltage drops due to long connections, you may notice inconsistent brightness between the beginning and end of the strip.

2. Consistent Color:

Color consistency, also known as color rendering, is a parameter that determines the quality of an LED strip. You can judge this by looking directly at the LED strip or placing it close to a white surface. Visual inspection is usually the most straightforward method. 

Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer has our self-owned LED strip factory with an LED package production facility, allowing complete control over LED quality and color binning consistency. LED strip wholesale customers can choose the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) range and even select LEDs with consistent color bins within that range.

3. Selecting the Right Color Temperature:

LED strip China with color temperatures of 3000K and 4000K are commonly used for general spaces. However, for some spaces, especially high-end hotels and villa clubs, lower color temperature LED strip China products may be necessary. 

Darkless LED Strip lights manufacturer offers customizable LED light strips with color temperatures within a ±50K range, ranging from 1700K to 10000K.

4. Color Rendering Index (CRI) Above 80:

CRI is essential for professional LED strips for general or display lighting. For large-area cove lighting or display cases, a CRI of Ra>80 is a requirement. If you’re looking for LED lights with a high CRI of over 98, Darkless LED strip lights manufacturer is your right choice. Our LED strip light factory produces LED lights with CRI over 98 for your needs.

5. Continuity of Light:

The continuity of light in LED strips is vital for lighting designers, requiring uninterrupted and shadow-free illumination. In both indoor and outdoor applications, continuous LED strips are preferred to maintain a consistent lighting effect. Therefore, you must identify the required length when purchasing custom-length LED strip lights and purchase an appropriate distance of continuous LED strips.

6. High Luminous Efficacy:

The importance of luminous efficacy in LED strips depends on the application. For LED strip lights China products used in indirect cove lighting, the efficiency requirements may be lower than those used in large-area cove lighting or display cases. As a professional LED strip with a CRI of Ra>80, the luminous efficacy should be at least 60 lm/W; achieving 80 lm/W is an excellent result. 

Darkless LED strip lights manufacturer is one of the most reliable LED Strip Light manufacturers in China. We offer customizable LED light strips with custom light effects, with a maximum of 250 lm/W.

Besides that, there are some additional points for identifying quality in LED strips:

1. Inspecting Solder Joints:

Reputable LED Strip Light manufacturers in China, like Darkless LED strip lights manufacturer, use Surface Mount Technology (SMT) for soldering. It results in smooth and appropriately soldered joints with a moderate amount of solder, forming an arc shape extending from the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) pad to the LED electrode.

2. Evaluating FPC Quality:

FPC can be of two types: pressed copper and rolled copper. In pressed copper FPC, the copper foil is raised and visible at the connection points with the solder pads. In contrast, rolled copper FPC integrates closely with the PCB and is resilient to bending without losing solder pads. 

Excessive bending of pressed copper FPC can lead to solder pad detachment, and high-temperature repairs can also cause solder pad issues.

3. Assessing Surface Cleanliness:

LED strip China lights produced using SMT technology have excellent surface cleanliness and are free from impurities and stains. Counterfeit LED strips produced with hand-soldering may have visible stains and cleaning marks that persist regardless of cleaning attempts.

Excessive bending of pressed copper FPC can lead to solder pad detachment, and high-temperature repairs can also cause solder pad issues.

4. Checking Packaging:

A legitimate LED strip supplier produces LED strip lights that are packaged on anti-static reels, typically in 5-meter or 10-meter rolls and are sealed in anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags. Counterfeit LED strip light suppliers may use recycled reels without anti-static or moisture-proof bags, often revealing traces of label removal or scratches on the outer surface of the reel. 

Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer offers customizable packaging. You can contact us to discover more about custom-length LED strip lights and packaging.

5. Inspecting Labels:

Authentic LED strip packaging will feature printed labels, not stickers. Darkless LED strip lights manufacturer can help you customize labels and special packaging too. Talk to us today to personalize your lighting products with the top LED Strip Light manufacturers in China.

6. Examining Accessories:

Reputable LED strip manufacturer includes user manuals and strip specifications and may even provide LED strip connectors or sockets inside the packaging box. In contrast, a counterfeit LED strip supplier typically lacks these accessories to reduce costs.

7. Validating Certifications:

Reputable LED strip manufacturer includes user manuals and strip specifications and may even provide LED strip connectors or sockets inside the packaging box. In contrast, a counterfeit LED strip supplier typically lacks these accessories to reduce costs.

LED Strip Installation Guide

1. Indoor Installation:

When using custom LED strip lights for indoor decoration, installation is straightforward as they aren’t exposed to the elements. For example, custom LED strips produced by Guanghong LED Strip Light manufacturer have a self-adhesive 3M double-sided tape on the back. To install, simply remove the protective film from the 3M tape, position the strip where you want, and press it down by hand. If you need to navigate corners or need a longer length, it’s simple to cut and use individual segments. LED strips are designed with groups of 3 LEDs that can be cut and used separately.

2. Outdoor Installation:

Outdoor installations are exposed to wind and rain, which can reduce the effectiveness of 3M adhesive over time, potentially causing LED strips to detach. Therefore, outdoor installations often use a slot or groove system for secure mounting. The process for cutting and connecting LED strips is the same as indoor installations, but it’s important to use waterproof glue at connection points to enhance water resistance.

3. Power Connection:

LED strip lights China products typically operate on a 12V DC voltage, so a switching power supply is required. The size of the power supply depends on the power and length of the LED strip. If you don’t want to control each LED strip separately, use a higher-powered switching power supply as a central power source. 

Connect all the LED strips to this central power supply (extending the wires if necessary) and control them collectively. This centralization allows for unified control, but you can’t individually control or switch on/off each LED strip. You can discuss the choice of power distribution method with your LED strip manufacturer based on specific needs.

4. Controller Connection:

LED running light strips and RGB full-color LED strips require controllers to achieve dynamic lighting effects. Different controllers have varying control distances. Typically, basic controllers have a control range of 10 to 15 meters, while remote controllers can reach 15 to 20 meters, with some capable of controlling up to 30 meters. If your LED strips cover a longer distance than the controller can handle, you may need to use power amplifiers for branching.

5. Consider LED Strip Connection Distance:

In general, for 3528 series LED strips, the maximum connection distance is 20 meters, while for 5050 series LED strips, it is 15 meters. Exceeding these connection distances can lead to overheating, impacting the LED strips’ lifespan and performance.

Therefore, it’s crucial to follow the installation guidelines from your LED strip light wholesale supplier and avoid overloading the LED strips. Overall, The LED Strips that Darkless LED strip lights manufacture are easy to install, preserving their advantages.

Advantages of LED Light Strips

  1. Flexibility: Custom LED lstrip lights are highly flexible and can be bent and coiled like electrical wires. Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer produces light strips that can achieve 360° bends.
  2. Cuttable and Extendable: LED light strips can be easily cut and extended, making them user-friendly for installation.
  3. Insulated and Waterproof: LED bulbs and circuits are fully encased in flexible plastic, providing excellent insulation and waterproofing. Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer  supports the IP (Ingress Protection) process, with a maximum rating of IP68, ensuring safety.
  4. Weather Resistance and Durability: LED light strips are highly weather-resistant and durable.
  5. Long Lifespan: LED strips are not prone to breakage and have a long lifespan. Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer‘s LEDs have been tested with a lifespan of up to 83,000 hours, as verified by LM80 testing.
  6. Versatility: LED light strips are versatile and can be used for creating various shapes, text, and designs. They are widely applied in decorating and lighting buildings, bridges, roads, gardens, courtyards, floors, ceilings, furniture, cars, ponds, underwater features, advertising, signs, and more.
  7. Cost-Effective: LED light strips have low maintenance costs and low power requirements, making them cost-effective.
  8. Programmable and Customizable: LED light strips can be programmed and customized to adjust lighting modes, colors, and timing options. Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer offers customization of power per meter and programs, supporting features like DMAX SPI and beam angle adjustments.
  9. Remote Control: LED light strips can be connected to Wi-Fi or mobile applications, allowing for remote control.
  10. Environmentally Friendly: LED light strips do not contain harmful substances like lead or mercury, making them environmentally friendly.

You can also learn more about the differences between LED and LCD here, and discover more advantages about LEDs.

Manufacturing Process of LED Light Strips

  1. Incoming Inspection: This step is crucial in controlling the quality of light strips. Whether they are flexible, rigid, daylight tubes, panel lights, or ceiling lights, rigorous inspections of PCBs, LED chips, and FPCs are essential.
  2. Material Dehumidification: After preparing the materials, an LED strip manufacturer needs to dehumidify these LED components. Failure to do so can result in cracks on the LEDs during reflow soldering, causing the internal gold wires of the LEDs to disconnect and rendering them non-functional.
  3. Initial Sample: The initial sample is crucial. After creating the initial sample, an LED strip manufacturer should check it against the order for specifications and other requirements. Electrical properties like voltage, current, power, and efficiency must be tested to meet the requirements. Besides, optical parameters like luminous flux, illuminance, beam angle, color temperature) should also match the order specifications. Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer allows LED strip light wholesale customers to customize the color for your LED strip China bulk purchases.
  4. Surface Mount Technology (SMT): The first production step is SMT, which includes solder paste application, solder printing, machine placement, component calibration, and inspection. It ensures that every component is correctly placed, without any gaps, missing parts, or misalignment. The LED strip light manufacturer must rectify any components with issues like “insufficient solder,” misalignment, excessive solder, or missing parts, as these are significant sources of potential problems.
  5. Reflow Soldering: Before reflow soldering, the LED strip light manufacturers should adjust the oven temperature. The oven should operate for an hour to ensure the temperature reaches the solder’s melting point. This process guarantees stable soldering connections.
  6. Post-Oven QC Inspection: After passing through the reflow oven, the boards are electrically tested. The LED strip manufacturer must address any defects. Subsequently, the LED strips are connected into longer sections of 5 meters or other lengths. Finally, the PCB is cleaned for testing.
  7. Aging After Connection: LED flexible light strips typically require 10-12 hours of aging. Aging allows the strips to work continuously for an extended period, revealing potential hidden issues and resolving them to improve product quality. Note that some small LED strip light suppliers often skip aging to expedite product delivery, resulting in many subpar products.
  8. Bottom Adhesive Attachment (3M Adhesive): This step is for the convenience of installation.
  9. Full Inspection of Products:  Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer has the capacity of over 2 million tests per day.
  10. Packaging: The LED strip light manufacturer will package each roll of LED light strips in an anti-static aluminum foil bag.
  11. Label Attachment: Ensure that all anti-static bags have labels affixed to the outside.
  12. Warehousing: The LED strip light suppliers will store the finished products in the warehouse.
  13. Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) Sampling: The LED strip light manufacturer will check random samples for quality.
  14. Shipping: Darkless LED Strip Lights manufacturer provides pre-shipment services, offers various freight rates, and manages different factory collection sources, replacement labels, and packaging.

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Steps to Import LED Strips from China

Importing LED strips from an LED strip light manufacturer in China can be profitable if you follow a structured process. Here are the key steps to consider when importing LED strips from an LED strip manufacturer in China:

1. Check for Import Rights

  • Before you start, ensure you have the necessary import rights for your country. For instance, European countries require an EORI number.
  • Avoid customs issues and warehousing costs by having the proper documentation.

2. Choose the Right LED Strip China product

  • Research and find the right LED strip products to import from China LED strip light suppliers.
  • Consider specifications like length, color, power supply, CRI, brightness, stability, capacitor quality, dimming, heat dissipation, LED density, and power draw.
  • Ensure you understand the market prices for different types of custom LED strips.

3. Calculate the Costs

  • Budgeting is essential for business profitability.
  • Consider various costs:Product costs: Estimate reasonable costs, but don’t compromise on quality.
  1. Inspection costs: Plan for third-party inspection if necessary.
  2. Shipping costs: Different methods have varying lead times and costs.
  3. Taxes and duties: Understand import duties, tariff classifications, and customs clearance costs.
  4. Miscellaneous costs: Account for currency conversion, port charges, and other potential extra charges.

4. Choose a Reliable LED strip light wholesale Supplier

  • Find a suitable LED Strip supplier to place your order with:
  1. Utilize search engines, trade shows, referrals, social media platforms, and online marketplaces to identify potential LED strip light manufacturers in China.
  2. Verify the suppliers’ reliability and honesty.
  3. Consider hiring sourcing agents in China for experienced assistance.

5. Select the Best Shipping Method

  • Consider various shipping methods:
  1. Express shipping is cost-effective and fast, ideal for small volumes or samples.
  2. Airfreight offers the fastest and most secure transport.
  3. Sea freight is cost-efficient for larger goods but has a longer lead time.
  4. Rail freight is secure and suitable for bulky goods, with a moderate shipping time.
  • Define shipping terms (Incoterms) with your LED strip light manufacturers in China to establish responsibilities and prevent unnecessary costs or delays.
  • Common shipping terms include FOB (Free on Board), EXW (ExWorks), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight).

6. Prepare for the Arrival of Goods

  • Ensure you have the necessary documents, such as the Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, and Proof of Import.
  • Deal with custom tariffs, including import duties, value-added tax, excise duties, and other charges.
  • Consider using licensed customs brokers or freight forwarders, especially if you’re new to importing, to help navigate customs laws and the shipping process.

Reason for LED Strips to Not Light Up

  1. Incomplete Packaging: The packaging protection of the LED strip light is incomplete, causing the lamp beads to be damaged due to impact during transportation.
  2. Weak Soldering: The weak soldering on the welding joints can cause the solder joints to fall off due to the vibration during transportation, causing the light strips not to light up.
  3. Inadequate Soldering: If the amount of solder in the LED strip light is too low, the joints can easily fall off.
  4. Low Quality of Solder: If the LED strip light manufacturers use low-quality solder, the solder joints of the LED strip lights are prone to brittleness and falling off during the bending process.
  5. Overly Large Bending Angle: When the bending angle is too large, the solder joints of the LED strip light might fall off from the copper foil, resulting in no light.
  6. Excessive Squeezing: Excessive squeezing of the product when installing the LED strip light causes damage to the LED chip, or the solder joints deform and fall off and become non-luminous.
  7. Thick Solder Mask Layer: If the solder mask layer of the LED circuit board is too thick, the solder and circuit board cannot be integrated entirely during welding, which is also a virtual soldering phenomenon.
  8. Twisted LED Strips: The LED strip lights cannot be twisted during installation; otherwise, the solder joints will fall off, and the the LED strip light will not light up.
  9. Static Electricity Burnout: LED is an electrostatically sensitive component, hence failure to take electrostatic protection measures will cause the chip to burn out.

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