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6000k vs. 5000k led lights differences and uses (6)

6000K VS. 5000K LED Lights: Differences and Uses

Primarily, they are diverse in color temperature and daylight representation. Besides, the visual appearance of both lights is dissimilar. 6000K LED lights emit brighter bluish-white light. And 5000K LED lights have neutral white illumination.

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darkless led blue

Are LED Lights Safe?

LED lighting is safe when used properly and under appropriate conditions. But then again, potential safety concerns must be understood and addressed. The safety concerns include heat emissions, electrical hazards, and environmental impact.

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cob vs. smd led light strips 2 2

COB vs. SMD LED Light Strips: Comparing the Light Direction

COB (Chip-On-Board) LED light strips comprise many LED chips mounted onto a single board. The chips are arranged closely together to create a single lighting source. It makes them ideal for creating bright and powerful light beams in a specific direction. At the same time, the light produced from COB light strips is soft and not dazzling.

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do led lights hurt dogs eyes a detailed answer

Do LED Lights Hurt Dogs Eyes? A Detailed Answer

If we have to give a straightforward answer. No, LED lights do not cause any harm to dogs’ eyes. Under normal circumstances, these lights are safe for them. In rare cases, LED lights can hurt your pet’s eyes. For example, if they are flickering or the pet is directly under the light for several hours.

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are mosquitoes attracted to light (2)

Are Mosquitoes Attracted to Light?

However, we can say that certain mosquitoes are drawn to light. Though not in the same manner that other insects do. Mosquitoes are not attracted to a light source for the reasons spiders do. Neither the light provides a cozy environment to mosquitoes nor do they eat insects.

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What is an SMD LED?

SMD stands for surface mount device, while LED for the light emitting diode. SMD LED is a light-emitting diode mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with the help of surface mount technology. It does not use wiring as we see in regular LED lights. SMD LEDs are attached to the bracket having negative and positive electrodes on their ends. 

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smd vs cob

COB LED vs SMD LED: Which One to Choose for Your LED Lighting Needs?

COB chips typically have nine or more diodes concentrated in a single area. They all have one circuit and two contacts, regardless of the number of diodes. SMD LED chips can contain up to three diodes on a single chip. Each chip has its own circuit that has a cathode and an anode. As a result, the chip has 2, 4, or 6 contacts. 

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attract silverfish

Does an LED Light Attract Silverfish?

Nevertheless, I never noticed them roaming around my LED lights. Even no study suggests that a silverfish likes lights. There could be several reasons they are in your home but LED light is not among them.

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