7 LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Home

led strip lights behind tv screens

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Someone correctly stated that there is no place like home. It is where you live and spend time with your family. Every home is beautiful in itself. However, you can make it more eye appealing with LED strip lights. 

LED strip lights create an excellent ambiance in a home. And it naturally leads to a peaceful atmosphere.

Modern LED strip lights are versatile and create a wide range of lighting effects. Moreover, they are easy to install. People across the world prefer them to enhance the beautification of their homes.

This post will give you some ideas for where you can put strip lights in your home. If you want to decorate your house with strip lights, read this post till the end.

1. LED Strip Lights for a Living Room

Undoubtedly, the living room is one of the most crucial rooms in a house. Here you entertain your guests and spend lovely moments with friends and family. 

As the living room reflects your lifestyle, you should leave no stone unturned to make it more eye-appealing.  LED strip lights can help you with it.  

Find out what can improve the atmosphere of your living room. Try different DIY projects with LED strip lights. 

You can light the ceiling of your living room without changing its layout. Choose strip lights for the ceiling depending on the overall theme of your living room.

Go for LED strip lights that give you wireless control. Apart from the ceiling, you can install LED strip lights under the couch, bookshelves, and other living room furniture.


  • Get high-quality LED strip lights that can brighten up the ceiling. You can use strip lights on both fixed ceilings and wall-to-wall ceilings.
  • Measure the length of the ceiling and cut your LED strip lights. If you need to connect strip lights at some place, you can use LED connectors. 
  • Connect your LED Strip lights to the power supply and control colors and brightness using the remote.
modern living room and television set at night with neon lights

2. LED Strip Lights for Bedroom

Who does not like to relax after a long day in an adorned bedroom? A well-decorated bedroom ensures that you have a comfortable and healthy sleep.

LED strip lights are an ideal way to make your bedroom calm and alluring. There are plenty of ways you can use LED strip lights for your bedroom.

For instance, you can install an RGB LED strip light beneath your bed. You can also decorate the dressing mirror and dressing table the same way. 

Additionally, you can install lights on the ceiling of your bedroom as well. Warm white strip lights also look perfect on the bedside table.

Wherever you place LED strip lights in your bedroom, they should not shine on your eyes. Otherwise, they might disturb your sleep. Install strip lights properly. You may read our guide to learn the complete installation procedure.


  • Go for LED strips having a strong adhesive backing.
  • Your strip light must have an option for dimming. Thus you choose the intensity level as per your preference. You can also get a dimmer switch.
  • You can also make your LED strip lights dimmable with PWM DC Dimmers and RF Dimming Controllers.
  • If you want to connect sets of lights, get a power strip with multiple outlets.
  • Also, get adhesive tape to attach the wire to ceilings or walls.
led strip lights for bedroom

3. LED Strip lights for Staircase

When it comes to decorating a staircase, we consider adding panels, artwork, or other architectural features. Of course, they enhance the beauty of your staircase; these implementations can cost you an arm and a leg.

So is there any budget-friendly way to beautify stairs? Yes, you can do the makeover of your staircase with LED strip lights.  They will make your stairs aesthetically appealing and safe to use at night. By adding LED strip lights, you make your stairway look wider as well.

While you can use any color light for your stairs, bright white LED strip lights provide a classy look. If you want to decorate a staircase for a festival or any special occasion, you can use multi-color LED strip lights.

You can install strip lights with or without extrusions. If you are installing exposed LED strip lights, stick them underside of the stair.


  • Mark the area where you to install your LED strip lights.
  • Get the strip according to your measurements of the area.
  • Buy strips from a reputable LED strip light manufacturer.
  • Fix your LED strip lights to a flat and smooth surface using its 3m adhesive.
  • Connect the strip lights to the power supply.
  • Make sure your strip light produces a uniform and bright light.
  • Check your light to ensure everything is okay.
led strip lights for staircase

4. LED Strip Lights for Kitchen Cabinet

Have you gotten bored of your old kitchen shelves and cabinets? Give them a new life without spending a fortune. LED strip lights in kitchen cabinets not only illuminate dark areas but also help to set the right mood.

If you have a row of wall cabinets in your kitchen, place your lights along the bottom. Choose the color of strip lights according to your kitchen’s decoration.

In case your cabinets are fixed to the ceiling, it is advisable to fix strip lights at the joint. It will hide the small gaps between the cabinets and the ceiling. It will make the overall kitchen interior alluring.


  • Get waterproof LED strip lights for Kitchen. It should be at least IP 65-rated strip light. These strip lights can bear water jets from any angle. If you don’t know how to choose the waterproof IP rating, read our comprehensive guide.
  • Check out the size and length of the strip your kitchen requires and buy strip light accordingly.
  • Clean the cabinet surface before fixing the strip lights.
  • Stick strip lights onto the cabinet.
  • Cut the excess strip along the crop mark on it. If you do not know how to cut the strip, read our in-depth article on the same.
  • Connect your strip light to the power supply to operate it.
led strip lights for kitchen cabinet

5. LED Strip Lights for Bathroom

Do you want to turn your bathroom into a personal luxurious spa? The soothing low light of an LED strip light can assist you in accomplishing this. You can also fix LED strip lights as accent lights in your bathroom. Strip lights can be installed beneath bathroom vanities, bath panels, and behind mirrors.


  • As for the kitchen, you also need IP-rated LED strip lights for the bathroom. IP67 LED strip lights would be sufficient for the bathroom. 
  • These strip lights are water-resistant. They can withstand a 10-minute submersion in water.
  • As per your preference, choose between single-color or multi-color LED strips.
  • Connect strip light to the power supply.
  • Check the connection properly and then switch on the light. 
led strip lights for bathroom

6. LED Strip Lights behind TV Screens

Placing LED strip lights behind TV and computer screens is in trend. The area behind your TV screen might be looking dark and dull. Nevertheless, you can light it up in a creative way. LED strip lights behind the TV screen can set off a unique environment in your TV room. 

Besides aesthetic improvements, LED strip lights behind TV screens to prevent eye strain and fatigue. When you fix LED strip lights at the back of your TV, it increases the brightness in your room. 

With strip lights on, you can watch your TV without switching on the main light. There would be no strain on your eyes. You can use any color strip light to enhance the contrast.


  • Clean the back of your TV carefully. Make sure the surface is not dusty and damp. 
  • Measure your TV and cut strip lights accordingly.
  • Fix LED strip lights with the help of their self-adhesive backing tape.
  • Connect the strip lights to the power supply
  • Switch on to check if they are working desirably
led strip lights behind tv screens

7. LED Strip Lights for Outdoor Garden in Your House

You can make your house alluring inside out with LED strip lights. If you have a garden or patio in your house, add ambiance to it with multi-color strip lights. There are several ways you can play with strip lights in your outdoor space.

For instance, you can fix strips to your garden furniture and trees planted. Besides this, you can stick strip lights around your pots in the garden. Also, you can decorate the pathways and garden walls.

Make your garden more welcoming with creative LED strip light ideas.


  • Get a waterproof LED strip light, preferably IP-67 for outdoors.
  • Check out what color strip lights will go right with the overall theme of your patio or garden.
  • Get an extension wire in case you have to connect multiple strips.
  • Stick LED strip lights after cleaning the surface properly.
  • Connect strip lights to the power supply and you are good to go.
led strip lights for outdoor garden in your house

LED strip lights can double the beauty of your home if you install them in the right place. These are a few LED strip lighting ideas for a home. We hope it will help you make your home more alluring. To read more articles about LED strip lights you can visit our blog section.

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