Does LED Light Whiten Teeth?

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Have you ever imagined how some people have the most captivating smiles? How are their teeth sparkling and have a twinkle to them when the light hits? One of the most sought-after cosmetic dental treatments is teeth whitening with LED light.

Yes, LED lights help whiten the teeth during whitening procedures. LED lights speed up the chemical reactions that help remove stains from teeth without rough actions or grinding.

Our daily intake of coffee, wine, or other artificially colored beverages makes our teeth susceptible to staining. These stains can result in a yellowing smile. LED teeth whitening is an efficient and popular way of whitening teeth for a brighter smile.

led light whiten teeth

How LED Tooth Whitening Works?

As you probably know, tooth staining can be caused by the intake of certain foods and dyes. These dyes are a part of our daily routine and can cause tooth discoloration, such as

  1. Energy drinks, coffees, wine, or tea
  2. Medications or several health conditions
  3. Smoking
  4. Trauma or physical damage to the tooth
  5. Old age

No matter what causes your teeth to stain, many people wish to have their teeth whitened using a surefire way. LED tooth whitening is a quick and popular way to whiten teeth without unnecessary grinding or abrasive actions.

Tooth whitening includes bleaching. Bleaching is done using agents like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. Both materials strip the top layer of accumulated stain and expose the cleaner layer underneath. The bleaching agent is applied to the teeth, and an LED light is placed over the top to allow the heat to help the bleach develop faster.

This is very similar to hair bleaching when the hair is wrapped in tin foil and exposed to heat. The LED light is a pain-free way to speed up the bleaching process. The LED light breaks down the peroxides to help form free radicals that whiten the teeth.

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Effect of LED Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening seems like a harmless process akin to applying makeup or painting your nails.

But experts believe the procedure may not be as noninvasive as it looks. Even though teeth whitening boosts confidence and makes your teeth pearly white, it is a cannon ball to your dental health.

LED tooth whitening has had people feeling sensitive in their gums or teeth. The bleaching process strips away the layer, exposing it to hot or cold sensations. People usually feel a sharp pain after consuming hot or cold drinks immediately. And sometime they feel pain after the LED teeth whitening process.  

Frequent bleaching and teeth cleaning can cause excessive sensitivity and bleed from the gums. Limiting LED tooth whitening treatments to once or twice a year is the best way to reduce the risk of sensitivity and tooth decay ‌. It is also best to consult your dental health professional before proceeding.

Pros of LED Tooth Whitening

It’s okay. Don’t be discouraged while there are some disadvantages to LED tooth whitening, there are a lot of positives too.

Let’s see how LED Tooth Whitening is safe:

  1. Pearly whites: The most apparent advantage of having LED teeth whitening has beautiful teeth. Having beautiful clean teeth is an excellent way of showing that you are a neat and clean person. Your twinkly white teeth will do all the talking for you.
  2. Quick and Easy: LED whitening treatments can be done at home or in a dentist’s office, but the best part is the time it takes for the treatment to take effect. The process is quick and very convenient. If you are impatient, you won’t have to worry about spending hours in the dental chair. Undeniably, the time it takes is nothing compared to the long-lasting effect of the treatment.  
  3. Be your best self: It’s easy to get lost in self-doubt, and sometimes a slight change in appearance can do wonders for your self-esteem. Seeing your bright smile in the mirror can be the best way to start a day. You will feel the need to smile more, and the quality of your day will become infinitely better.
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How Does LED Actually Make Teeth Brighter?

So we know that LED teeth whitening is a popular method to brighten up one’s teeth.

But how does this process turn stained yellow teeth into shiny new white ones?

Here is a brief overview of the teeth whitening process:

  1. The dentist will first apply a layer of the bleaching agent onto clean brushed teeth. The bleaching agent may be hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. These are the most commonly used materials for this process.
  2. Once the bleach has been applied, a blue LED light is used to activate the agents. This starts a chemical reaction that creates free radicals.
  3. Once this reaction takes place, the blue light acts on the enamel and lifts any stains that may be present.

LED lights alone do not do anything to remove stains from the teeth. They need to be paired with these bleaching chemicals to start critical chemical reactions that do the whitening.

LED lights are the best option for a quick teeth whitening process, because of how fast the light reaches full intensity.

How Long Does LED Teeth Whitening Take?

Some at-home kits recommend using the LED light treatment for 15 minutes daily for 20 to 21 days. These kits are usually home-grade and are less intense than the chemicals used in a dentist’s office. This makes it safe to use often.

Professional treatment may last up to 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the dentist’s whitening agent and the intensity of the light they are using.

After whitening, depending on the aftercare, the treatment may last you anywhere from 2 to 3 years to 6 months. Suppose you stop staining foods such as artificial coloring, tomatoes, and coffee. In that case, your teeth will retain the whitening for longer.

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Cost of LED Teeth Whitening

Cosmetic dental treatment may cost more than conventional routine dental checkups. However there are now kits on the market that can produce satisfactory results at home. But a professional dental treatment’s efficiency and long-term effects are well worth it.

The treatment cost depends on the kind of treatment you choose. You can either have an in-office treatment or a take-home treatment. The cost changes because the services change.

In-office treatments can cost $200 – $1000. It depends on the stains, permanence, and the type of discoloration you have.

Take-home whitening trays can cost anywhere from $100 to $600, and refills can cost $10 to $300. At home, whitening trays are fitted to your teeth, a cast is cured, and you are sent home with the retainer-style trays and the fluid.

Another option is getting an in-office treatment and then taking home the whitening trays to follow up at home. This can cost $300 to $1200.

Since this is a cosmetic process, teeth whitening is not covered by dental insurance, so doing your research and finding the best prices may be best.

Aftercare of LED Teeth Whitening

In the first 48 hours after professional teeth whitening, avoid food that can cause staining. These include foods such as coffee, tea, sodas, etc. Another thing you want to avoid is anything acid based. This is because teeth are sensitive right after the whitening. To prevent intense sensations, avoid acid-based foods.

Also, avoid tomatoes, dark berries, red wine, beer, anything with artificial dye or coloring, turmeric, and chocolate. Essentially anything dark in color should be avoided.

This may be weird, but using colored toothpaste should also be avoided. White fluoride-based toothpaste is the best for aftercare. Smoking cigarettes, vaping, and E-cigarettes should also be avoided.

You can, however, consume neutral foods that are light in color, such as milk, potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, and yogurt. Meats like chicken and white fish can be consumed as well as tofu and soybean-based products.

After 48 hours, it is best to transition slowly to light-colored foods before entirely consuming dark foods. Brushing right after eating dark-colored foods such as beets, berries, or chocolate is best. Consume food at a mild temperature and avoid anything too hot or too cold.

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Considering LED Teeth Whitening? Here is what to Consider

We hope that you’re up to speed about LED teeth whitening and how it works. Here are a bunch of things to consider before you jump into the treatment.

  1. Make sure you research and schedule your appointment well before a holiday or an event. So that you have time to recover from the following sensitivity.
  2. Keep the treatment restricted to once or twice a year to avoid dental health risks.
  3. Make sure you follow up regularly at home after consuming coffee, tea, or wine.

Good luck with getting the perfect smile you always dreamt of.

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