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This is Donne from Darkless Lighting a professional LED Lighting solutions manufacturer with a sales and marketing office for 20+ years.

I live in Guangzhou city, for the bustling city, whenever to night, with a variety of bright color LED lights accompanied by me, I enjoy every day will have LED accompanied. So before I graduated from college, I bed interested in the LED industry.

After graduation, I chose to engage in the LED industry, committed to each city to provide the most professional lighting equipment, so that bright lighting every corner.

At Darkless Lighting Technology Co., Ltd, I help LED wholesalers, distributors grow businesses by providing LED Lighting solutions.

In order to be able to provide customers with the solutions they really need, I need to be familiar with the principles, details, functions, applications, etc. of each LED product, and then I communicate with customers and colleagues again and again. So I won the customer’s affirmation and satisfaction.

Our company’s strict requirements for product quality, precise control of delivery time, and perfect after-sales service have made me more confident to engage in the LED lighting industry.When I feel I have a firm grasp on the job, I scale up my efforts to make customers’days better by training teammates and taking an active role in their development.

I’ve grown in the process by serving 20+ customers in my 2 years. Because I see their own progress, so I am more passionate and enthusiastic about more new customers for professional services, While helping customers, I can also feel the value I provide.

In these 2 years of the LED lighting industry, I will adjust myself to a perfect state as much as possible. Because I know the premise that makes customers satisfied, we must first have a high demand.

I am in the position of digital marketing in darkless. I hope to provide more valuable content related to LED, so I created darklessled.com with the purpose of helping more people and letting more people know about our products. , To provide customers with professional solutions and finally improve the visibility of our brand.

In the next ten years, it may even be the next few decades, I will continue to engage in the LED lighting industry, continue to provide thoughtful services and professional programs for global buyers.

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