Is Led Strip Light Harmful to the Eyes?

is led strip light harmful to the eyes #6

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LED lights have grown in popularity during the last decade. You, I, and everyone else enjoy the sparkling and energy-saving LED lights in our homes and offices. 

They consume approximately 50% less energy than traditional halogen and incandescent lights. Furthermore, they are comparatively environmentally friendly.

Without a doubt, LED lights have several advantages. However, a lot of individuals have concerns about their impact on the eyes. 

The American Medical Association (AMA) research recognizes the negative impact of LED lights on human health. 

Also, a Spanish study discovers the impact of LED lights’ radiation on the retina.

It is shocking for someone like me who loves to brighten the space with eye-catching LED strip light.

So what is the truth behind these studies? What exactly do studies say about LED lights? Is led strip light harmful to the eyes? Is there a way to reduce the dangers of LED strips?

In this post, we will find out answers to these questions. So without any delay, let’s start it.

is led strip light harmful to the eyes #6

Is LED Strip Light Bad to Our Eyes?

Yes, LED strip light might be harmful to your eyes. However, not in the way you are thinking. 

According to the France health authority, excessive blue light from LED lights may damage the retina. Also, they can disrupt sleep cycles. The good news is that most electronic devices release blue light in a limit

As a result, they do not cause any harm to the retina or other parts of the eyes. 

The LED strip light is also not that powerful to cause damage.  

However, we can not overlook these studies completely. We should take precautions while using LED strip lights. We should buy branded LED strip lights that comply with international standards.

is led strip light harmful to the eyes

How Does An LED Light Damage Our Eyes?

Note: As LED strip light is also an LED, we will look at the overall impact of LED lights on the eyes.

Lights are more complicated than we think. It is often a blend of several colors. It might surprise you, but even sunlight is a blend of yellow, red, orange, green, and blue lights. 

The blue light is everywhere. We all consume it through sunlight, TV sets, laptops, and mobile screens.

As I mentioned above, most concerns are from the Blue light of LED light. 

So what is it?

As the name indicates, blue light is blue. Nevertheless, it might be present in white and other color lights. Generally, blue light has a wavelength between 400 to 450nm.

So what is wrong with this light?

Our eyes react to blue light during the day. The light sends signals to our circadian cycle to stay awake. It is a natural process. However, prolonged exposure can affect the sleep-inducing hormone and melatonin production.

While it might not bother an average user much, it can be a problem for those who already have eye problems.

An average person exposed to blue light for a long time can complain about redness in the eyes, mild headaches, and eye itchiness. 

It happens because LED lights generate flickers. Since this flickering happens at high speed, you can’t detect it.  

The research published in 2014 concluded that continuous exposure to LED light had a bad effect on the retina of rats. 

Apart from sleeping disorders and general eye problems, the blue light may cause other medical conditions. 

An animal study also confirms that exposure to blue light during the night may lead to depression.

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Melatonin Production and Blue Light

The prolonged exposure to intense blue light can have a detrimental influence on melatonin synthesis in the body. Melatonin is a crucial hormone in the human body, produced at night by the pineal gland.

The hormone is accountable for managing the sleep-wake cycle. However, it might also trigger various physiological reactions. Generally, it influences blood pressure and digestive enzymes.

According to various studies, exposure to strong blue light can inhibit the synthesis of melatonin. As a result, it may induce insomnia and worrisome thoughts at night.

You must understand that blue light exposure is not limited to LED strip lights. It is available on smartphones, computers, and televisions. 

Most studies warn about the blue light of LEDs not about the LED light itself. Furthermore, the percentage of damage to the retina depends on the amount of wavelength and exposure duration.

So we can say, LED strip lights are safe if used carefully. 

Is There Any Relation Between Blue Light and Macular Degeneration?

The retina of our eyes deteriorates as we age, known as macular degeneration. Retinal degeneration makes us lose the capacity to perceive the center of our field of vision.

An animal study raised a doubt whether blue light may hasten the progression of macular degeneration. 

Most researchers do not agree that there is a relationship between blue light and macular degeneration.
How to Protect Your Eyes from LED Strip Light

Now you know the possible threats of blue light in LED strips to the eyes.  But do you know you can easily stop or minimize their bad impact? Let me share my secrets to avoid the negative impact of the LED strip light.

is led strip light harmful to the eyes #2

Invest in Branded LED Strip Lights

I have a passion for home décor. The LED strip light is my go-to solution to embellish my space. With gorgeous-looking LED strips, I have tried a plethora of DIY LED projects.

Like most of you, I was also worried about the health of my eyes. Since I wanted to buy LED lights for various locations in my house, I was afraid about the health of my eyes.

During my research, I found that only high-energy blue light with wavelengths ranging from 415 to 455nn is hazardous. So my goal was to invest in LED strip lights with the least amount of blue light.

You can also find a reliable LED light supplier who specializes in LED strip lights that ensure minimal blue light.

Read All the Warnings from Manufacturer for the Use of LED Strips Lights

You must read all the caveats from the manufacturer regarding the use of LED strip lights. All reputable manufacturers provide information on lumens, wattage, and the density of LED lights.

Since LED lights are used for various purposes, you should buy them as per your lumen requirements.

For example, the lumen requirement for bedroom lighting should be between 180-500 Lumens per foot. Similarly, under cabinet lighting should not be more than 360 Lumens per ft.

When you know which LED strip meets your Lumen requirements, you won’t buy LED lights with intense blue light.

Since we use LED strip lights as mood lighting they are not as bright as regular LED lights. Therefore, they pose no threat to the eyes.

is led strip light harmful to the eyes #2

Install LED Strip Lights at Right Places

It is another simple technique to reduce the risk of LED strip lights to the eyes. I have placed all of my LED strip lights in locations where they would not hurt my eyes.

In my kitchen, I have placed LED strip lights under cabinets. They give me even lighting and do not glare in my eyes.

You may also put them beneath the bed from where they will not fall directly into your eyes. Moreover, LED strip lights under the bed will also work as a night lamp.

It is also a good idea to install LED strip lights along your staircase. These stunning LED lights will illuminate your staircase and assist people in climbing up and down the stairs at night.

I suggest you install LED strip lights in locations where they don’t bother your eyes.

Do Not Stare at LED Strip lights

Most studies suggest that LED lights cause discomfort to the eyes only when an individual is exposed to blue light for an extended length of time. 

I suppose there is no reason for you to gaze at them unnecessarily. 

Furthermore, most LED strip lights on the market do not emit enough blue light to damage your eyes. Electronic devices such as laptops, computers, and smartphones do not have enough blue light to harm your eye retina.

However, you should avoid staring at LED lights as a precaution.

is led strip light harmful to the eyes #3

Final Thoughts

Overall, I believe that LED strip light is safe to use. It is not at all harmful to the eyes. All of the identified risks and concerns are related to extended exposure to blue light.

LED strip lights are safe for two key reasons. First, they do not exceed a specific limit in terms of blue light production. The second reason is that they are for decoration purposes. As a result, there is no reason for you to stare at them.

Furthermore, according to certain studies, LED strip lights are relatively new goods. Therefore, there are no long-term studies to assess the influence of their blue light on eyes.

However, take precautions to be on the safe side and reduce the potential dangers of blue light.

I hope this in-depth article resolves your queries on the dangers of LED light to the eyes.

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