Top 10 Location Of Installation Of LED Strip Lights At Home

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After graduating college, most of us decide to move back home. However, once we get back, we immediately start missing the mutual rooms we shared back at college. Memories of friends doing fun stuff rush in our minds.

In times like these, you should call them over to your place so that you would be able to make new memories.

A simple group activity can help. Such as moving furniture and redecoration. Even restyling can lift up spirits and help get rid of nostalgia.

So, wait no longer. Call up your friends and start installing these LED Strip lights with their help.

Here are the top ten places to install LED Strip lights at your home.

1). Behind Computer and TV Screens

LED Strip Lights installed behind your computer and TV screen are very affordable. They add beauty as well as visual help to your screens. It is suitable for your eyes to light up such devices that you might use in complete darkness.

The Halo effect created by putting LED Strip lights behind your screens makes it easier to see. It reduces the sharp contrast of lights and is especially useful for people with weak eyesight.

Say you use an orange LED Strip Light behind your screen. It will help you bias your brain, interpreting the color behind the screen and on the screen. White is also a bias color. This color can help you maintain a healthy level of brightness for your eyes.

bias lighting

2). Under, Over, and Top of the Cabinets

Accentuating cabinets is very important. LED strip lights will give you finished surfaces. These lights will provide an even spread. If you place these on top of your cabinet, you won’t need kitchen lights turned on at night.

They will provide enough visibility. Also, placing it over the top between the counter and the cabinet will give a more refined finish. It is usually used in restaurants and cafes to give an artistic feel to your experience.

By installing lights under your cabinets, you are enabling the light to spread at a wider angle. Bring an artistic touch to your environment. This place will also help hide all connections under the cabinet. Hence, no attached cables will be visible. LEDs will light up your walls, creating the perfect mood lighting.

3). Under the Bed

Installing LED Strip Lights under your bed will help you get rid of a night lamp for good. Instead, it will illuminate the room, giving you a better vision at night. This balanced lighting won’t disturb sleep. When needed, you’ll also be able to see around the room. It also helps create a warm and romantic environment.

It is a long-term, cost-effective way to light up your room at night. By doing so, you will get rid of the sharp glare of regular lights. In addition, you wouldn’t have to worry about changing batteries now and then.

led strip lights under bed ideas

4). Ceiling Coving or Corners and Walls

Ceiling corners are the best and most common areas where you can install LED Strip Lights. They help get rid of the space between the ceiling and the corners. Make sure to measure the length of the area you want to place the lights on.

We recommend having the lights go up to the walls of your room. Yet, for them, you might need clips or clamps to hold these lights up vertical towards your wall. The reflection also adds layers to your room, making it look brighter.

They are mostly placed there due to the spread of light, which is like natural lighting. As a result, the room seems far more pleasing and beautiful. Installing LED Strip Lights on your ceiling corners is a great idea.

5). Along the Stairs

Most LED Strip Lights are not dimmable. Their primary purpose is to light up dark areas, especially at night, such as stairs. It is pretty standard for people to fall off stairs while climbing up and down at night.

It is a subtle way to illuminate your stairs. You can use three basic ways to use LED Strip lights for your stairs. The stairs downlight extrusion, the stairs up light extrusion, and the tread extrusion.

along the stairs led strip

6). On Your Mirror Frame

LED Strip lights around mirror frames look amazing. For balanced lighting, you should stick the strip lights to all four sides of the mirror. Unfortunately, mirrors with attached lights are pretty expensive.

Replacing them with LED Strip lights is a more affordable option. Providing a better reflection, which is much needed when putting on makeup or shaving.

LED strip lights will give you an enhanced lighting experience. And an enhanced operation with a better-looking bathroom. Most of all, it’s a simple value boost. These are durable, and their anti-fog properties are an added advantage. Not only that, but it’s a far healthier light as it’s close to natural lighting.

mirror frame led strip

7). Top, Bottom, and Corners of Shelves

LED Strip lights give an exquisite look to many-layered shelves. Not only can you highlight parts of it using different lights. But you can color-code everything resting on your shelves since they emit no heat and UV radiation.

They will be environmentally friendly and safe for your house. They will also be energy efficient, so you can just keep them on at a dimmed level for better visuals at night.

What’s so remarkable is that they’ll work in cold conditions as well. So don’t worry about winter weather any longer!

8). On The Terrace

Bring wonders of lighting with these LED strip lights. These well-connected strips are what you need for a calm and fantastic night. They can switch up your mood by changing color and patterns. You can use them for a fun and crazy party night or a calm and romantic candle night dinner.

You can connect the end of each strip with the other and make a big strip covering all four sides of the terrace. You can also cut little pieces and adjust them to the size of your terrace sitting and tables.

Then, you can lie on the terrace and wander into the world of the stars above in the sky.

terrace led

9). Beautify your Garden

These lights are an excellent way to beautify and glorify a well-maintained garden! Lights will help bring out the best features of your lawn. In addition, they make it look far more aesthetically pleasing.

Your lawn lighting needs to be waterproof. Most tapes behind the LED strip lights are made to those specs. As a result, these LED strip lights fully protect against moisture. In addition, you can use weatherproof LED lights outdoors for lighting pools.

When planning to install LED strip lights, you need to note the Ingress Protection (IP) rating. It’s essential to know the exact length you’ll need. Because every LED strip has a maximum amount of strip that you can continuously power without a voltage drop. If you do this, your LED lights will not be bright.

Once you know the length, correlate it with the LED strip’s entire run. The higher voltage strips have a higher maximum run. Therefore, you’ll likely need more strips than the maximum run will allow. When it comes to this, you can simply connect the extra strip to the original power plug.

It’s also possible to utilize an amplifier instead of running each run of the strip back to the power supply. Instead, you connect the end of each run of strip lights to the beginning of the next run with the amplifier to avoid voltage drop.

10). On The Furniture

No more worrying about boring spaces in your home. You can use these beautiful lights to highlight, beautify, and display various pieces of furniture. With the help of these lights, you can now illuminate chairs, sofas, tables, trolleys, and even curtains.

What’s most important is finding a power source nearby, and you’re good to go. In addition, putting LED Strip lights won’t burn or ruin any fabric on your furniture.

LED strip lights are adjustable to every size through proper cutting after making measurements. Hence, they can be installed under and over various pieces of furniture. These bright lights would look as if they are high-cost custom-made.

No more bending down to adjust lights. Instead, you can simply use its handy remote to change the texture, color, and brightness. LED strip lights help decoration to glorify the overall look and essence of your sitting room. It’s a clever and smart way of accentuating good architectural features. 

furniture led strip
Modern ambient lights concept like hue. Changing colors ambient light in the modern matte black interior with mountain natural stone rock wall concept. Hotel lounge room interior. Modern long corner sofa with black gloss coffee table and armchairs. Black carpet and ceiling with downlighters. Light stone marble flooring. 3d rendering.


Lighting is a fundamental part of our life. Good lighting can brighten up dim and gloomy days. That is why it is essential to choose the right kind of light for your house. Nothing beats LED Strip lights. They have excellent quality, are cost-effective, and have energy-saving technology.

Use these ten ideas to light up your home. So that you never have to have dark days without coming back to a bright and happy house!

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