What Is The Difference Between UV & Ozone?

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It’s a question that you may ask many people around. So today, we are here to explain the difference between UV and Ozone in a simple way.

Sterilizer Lamps have two sterilization methods, UV sterilization, and Ozone sterilization. Both these methods are widely used in different applications. Additionally, UV and Ozone have disinfection and sterilization effects.

So, without further delay, let’s dig in to find out the difference between UV and Ozone.

What’s The Difference Between UV and Ozone?

Both have two differentiating points, which are as under:

Different wavelength :
UVC has a wavelength of 253.7nm, whereas Ozone has a wavelength of 185nm.

Different sterilization methods :
UV affects physical sterilization. It destroys the molecular structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) or ribonucleic acid (RNA). And this molecular structure is in the cells of microorganisms.

Thus, causing DNA strands to break. It also causes nucleic acid and protein crosslinking to rupture. This causes the death of growth and regenerative cells needed for the sterilization effect.

the principle of uv sterilization

So, Ozone splits the two oxygen atoms and recombines them after breaking. This process is considered as solid oxidation of O2 into O3. So, we can say that Ozone is a strong oxidant and does chemical sterilization.

What Are The Advantages Of UV And Ozone?

Now let’s take a look at the advantages of both UV and Ozone.

Advantages of UV

  • It is convenient and straightforward to use
  • It has efficient sterilization
  • Does not use chemicals
  • It does not cause secondary pollution
  • Once the UV Sterilizer Lamp finishes sterilization, you can enter the sterilized area. Then you have to switch off the UV Sterilizer Lamp.

Advantages of Ozone

  • It kills viruses and bacteria completely
  • It is used in a vast range of applications
  • It can be used for sewage and wastewater treatment
  • Removes peculiar smells
darkless led lighting uv sterilizer lamp

What Are The Disadvantages Of UV And Ozone?

Both UV and Ozone come with a set of disadvantages as well. Let’s explore them together.

Disadvantages of UV

  • UV can’t kill all bacteria and viruses.
  • The shadow parts of the UV Sterilizer Lamp can’t irradiate. Thus, it does not let it achieve the purpose of sterilization.

Disadvantages Of Ozone

  • O3 is harmful to human bodies.
  • You need to open the windows for 15-30 minutes after Ozone sterilization. It is needed to ventilate the room.

Darkness LED Lighting has achieved a sterilization rate of 99% and above. You can achieve this rate when the UV light reaches places.

Also, the UV sterilizer Lamp products of Darkness LED Lighting have both UV and Ozone sterilization methods. Thus, it integrates all the advantages of UV and Ozone. While avoiding the shortcomings of the original sterilization method. With this, we aim to provide customers with professional sterilization lighting solutions.

ozone sterilization

Can I Choose UV + Ozone?

UV and Ozone have different advantages and disadvantages. Most people want a UV Sterilizer Lamp that can combine the benefits of UV and Ozone.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. 253.7nm band and 185nm band can’t exist at the same time. So, come up with a solution according to your situation.

What Is The Difference Between The Workflow Of UV And Ozone?

You must be contemplating, what is the difference between the workflow of UV and Ozone. Well, let’s clear that confusion as well.

You have to turn on the sterilization switch in UV sterilization and leave the area for 15-30 minutes. Once you finish it, turn off the UV Sterilizer Lamp. Then, you can directly enter the sterilized area.

But, Ozone differs slightly. Like UV sterilization, you have to switch it on in Ozone sterilization. Then leave the room for 15-30 minutes. Then you have to switch it off and ventilate the room for another 15-30 minutes. You can’t enter the room without ventilating it.

uvc fluorescent tube

Will UV And Ozone Be Affected By Obstacles To The Sterilization Effect?

UV Sterilizer Lamp is a unique, low-pressure mercury lamp. The low-pressure mercury vapor (<10-2Pa) is activated to emit ultraviolet light. And UV is irradiated along the straight line.

Ozone has the function of removing formaldehyde’s peculiar smell. Ozone is gas, can be full of the whole room, does not suffer the influence of obstacles, If any object blocks UV, the ultraviolet light gets reflected. So then the place can’t be irradiated and disinfected.

But the ultraviolet rays can penetrate quartz glass. That is why the UV Sterilizer Lamp Tubes are made of quartz tubes.

Whereas Ozone is concerned, it plays the role of removing formaldehyde’s peculiar smell. Ozone is a gas and can fill up the whole room. It does not have any influence on obstacles and doesn’t have any dead angle disinfection.

difference between uv & ozone

We hope our article helped clarify the differences between UV and Ozone.

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