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green lights help calm down

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Although we may not think about it, colors have a significant effect on us. For example, the color of food can affect the way it tastes for you. The color of our room can affect how we think. The color of our clothes can affect how we feel. 

Every situation has a color attached to it. Such as yellow for Christmas to light up the tree. Black for funerals. White for weddings in the west while red for weddings in the east. 

They are most used in the following; 

  • Restaurants
  • Hotel lighting
  • Retail lighting
  • Refrigeration lighting
  • Signage lighting.

Thus giving you the experience of living a dream. 

Similarly, the colors of LED strip lights can be adjusted according to different situations. The three basic colors included are RGB (red, green, and blue). In addition, their saturation levels help make six secondary colors. 

Here are six colors that are best suited for the following situations.

1). Blue Light Helps Focus

Are you worried about not having the capacity to focus? 

Well, here is a little trick that can help you do just that. Studies have confirmed that blue light helps to focus. This is because the light blue color disrupts the circadian rhythm, also known as our biological clock. So it enables you to concentrate for a long time.

Since your brain’s cells are sensitive, studies show that brain cells are the most sensitive to blue Lights, you stay alert for a more extended period. This is the very reason why big businesses and powerhouses are investing in smart lights, also known as blue lights. This will help employees focus. It will also help stop them from falling asleep during work.

In addition, blue LED strip lights will help you brainstorm by keeping you well focused and alerted.

Many people use blue LED strips when preparing new products, designs, and assignments. These help to finish a task on time such as packing for a trip, writing down the grocery list, or memorizing a speech for work or school. 

So, wait no more. Change your lights to blue and help boost creativity.

blue light helps to focus

2). Red Lights Help De-stress, Unwind and Relax

Long days at work are tiring. These cause mood swings and exhaustion. Even though red is often depicted as an angry color, it is the exact opposite. Studies have revealed that people who sleep in red lights sleep far better than those who don’t. When exposed to red lights, people experience little to non-disruptions during sleep.

Red lights calm the nerves. They help one feel secure. Red LED lights will help you let go of negativity. They are often used in rooms of psychologists. It helps the patient relax and focus on their therapy. 

These red coloreds LED strip lights will help regulate sleep. Sleep regulation will help escape mood swings and mental exhaustion. Not only that, but they will also help de-stress after a long and tiring day.

relax unwind red light

3). Green Lights Help Calm Down

Why is it that every time you want a relaxing vacation, you dream of going to a place with greens all around you? You relate peace with the color green without even knowing it. 

It is because it is proven that Green is the most soothing and healing color. Plus it’s the color most visible to the human eye and denotes peace as well as prosperity. Also, Green is the most used color in hospitals. This is because hospitals want their patients to feel relaxed and at peace. You may have also seen hospital attires being green. This is because it reduces glare which helps in operating rooms. 

This color is proven to have magical healing powers. Hence in a situation where one falls sick, you can stick to Green LED strip lights. Likewise, in a situation where you are depressed and lonely, green lights will pull you out of your depression. 

Another situation where Green LED strip lights will work best is during learning. Most kindergarten classrooms are green. This is to help children learn at a faster pace. Green LED strip lights will help calm your child down and absorb more during learning. This will significantly help children with autism or other learning difficulties. 

green lights help calm down

4). Purple Lights Help Find Inspiration

Sometimes we lack inspiration. This delays projects, assignments, writings, and work. We all need a wave of motivation every once in a while. A rush in our blood, helping us reach the goals we set in life. 

Research shows that purple lights help catalyze human brains. Designers often work in purple lights to find inspiration for their projects. Many have been seen working in purple lights to feel catalyzed. It also gives a sense of magic. This is why you see them in clubs as well.  

Night clubs, bars, and dance studios have purple lights. It helps transform the environment making it look magical and inspirational. And you don’t even have to stress over the cost of these purple lights.

Instead, you can find inspiration at a friendly rate.  LED strip lights are worth investing in. You can invest money that will last for years. Not only do the lights look aesthetically pleasing, but they can be put to many different uses.

History shows how purple has earned the reputation of royalty. Five-star hotel rooms often have purple lighting to give the place a luxurious and rich feeling. Different tones of purple can make one feel inspired to be wealthy. 

So, transform your environment today by installing purple LED strip lights. Then, start feeling magical and never let go of it! 

purple lights help find inspiration

5). Orange Light Helps Maintain a Friendly Environment

Although orange light may not be seen much, yet it is a brilliant color. It is observed that orange light helps build a child’s appetite. Not only that, but it can help a fussy child incline towards food. Studies reveal the color range also increases oxygen supply in the brain.

In difficult situations where children either can’t eat or refuse to eat, this light can stimulate appetite. This is the reason behind most lunchrooms and lunch trays being bright orange.

Another situation in which orange strip light would help is when one feels suffocated.

Orange light helps increase oxygen in the atmosphere. And enables you to breathe better. It will also help maintain a friendly and fresh environment. This is why we ask you to turn on your orange lights whenever your friends come over. Orange lights will work great when you’re meeting someone for the first time. They will help freshen up the environment. 

Orange lights are also known for reflecting freshness, freedom, and friendliness. These lights will work great at family gatherings and birthdays. The bright colors encourage people to mingle better.

They are environmentally friendly. Since they run on low voltage, they save energy which equals saving resources for the future. In addition, these are made up of non-toxic, degradable material.

6). Yellow Lights Help Celebrate Joy

Warm tones are known to bring up the mood. You might have seen yellow-colored taxicabs. 

The reason why they’re painted yellow is that this bright and warm tone stands out. This is the very reason why yellow-colored LED strip lights are used to help celebrate joy. They are mainly used during celebrations such as Christmas and weddings for they help maintain a festive mood.

Good lighting can brighten up dim and gloomy days. That is why it is crucial to get the right kind of light for your house. 

Nothing beats LED Strip lights. Their popularity is because of their excellent quality, cost-efficiency as well as energy-saving technology. Yellow also helps to communicate better. The reason behind this is to support communication.

Additionally, Yellow is shown to help boost communication and bridge communication gaps. Plus, it’s a bold color. Research shows Yellow color stimulates the brain, helping you make bold changes and decisions. Yellow lights are used in South Asian weddings as well. The color holds a good reputation globally. 

yellow lights help celebrate joy

Although these lights come in all colors and tones. They have been divided into several sections according to their usage, such as:

1). Indoor Lights

2). Outdoor Lights

3). Underwater Lights

4). Under Cabinet Lights

5). 12- and 24-Volt Lights

6). High CRI (accuracy) Lights 

7). COB LED Strip Lights

8). Flexible Neon Strip Lights


The world is a beautiful place. It is painted in colors that affect us each minute. These lights provide a color wash. They brighten up your atmosphere, lifting your mood and overall energy. These consist of surface-mounted light-emitting diodes. And are mounted on a resilient circuit board strip. 

These can easily be stuck to your walls using a thin adhesive layer at the back of the lights.

It is human nature to exhibit different patterns of behaviors. These behaviors cause different situations, and each case must be dealt with differently. 

Hence, we’ve explained six colors that can help in different situations. Blue helps focus. Whereas Red lights help unwind, detangle, and de-stress. 

we've explained six colors that can help in different situations

On the other hand, Green light helps calm down. And Purple lights help find inspiration. Lastly, Yellow lights help maintain a friendly environment. 

We hope this helps you select different lights according to the situation.

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