Importing LED Lights from China: Cargo Insurance

cargo insurance to protect your led lights from loss or damage

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The LED lights business is becoming a lucrative business for companies worldwide. It uses less electricity than other alternatives, hence more energy-saving. You should definitely understand cargo insurance when importing LED lights from China. It will be worth your time and effort to protect your shipment and reduce your risks when ordering LED lights from China.

The insurance that often guards against shipment loss or damage while in route is known as cargo insurance. This coverage goes above and beyond any potential basic claims insurance. In addition, the designated value of the goods will be reimbursed. When a covered event occurs while the freight is moving, that is the situation. The price you pay to insure your possessions is typically a small portion of their actual value. Policies for cargo insurance can cover cargo transported by land, air, and sea.

The cargo insurance covers a wide range of policies and possibilities. The covered events include acts of piracy, war, terrorism, cargo abandonment, and natural calamities. It may not cover problems caused by factors over which the shipper has considerable control. For instance, harm from inadequate packaging, defective goods, or dangerous goods.

This article will cover all the information about cargo insurance when importing LED lights. Let’s get started!

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Why Do You Need Cargo Insurance When Importing LED Lights?

When you import from Chinese LED light manufacturers, you will need cargo insurance to protect your LED lights from loss or damage. It is because shipments from China are being involved in more accidents. In 2020, more than 3,000 containers were lost at sea, compared to more than 1,000 this year. Thus, you should find suitable cargo insurance when you purchase LED lights from Chinese LED light manufacturers.

Besides, the frequency of earthquakes, floods, and typhoons is highest in China. As China is one of the natural disaster zones, the chances of your shipments from China LED light companies would be lost due to the sank ship. With the cargo insurance, you will ensure your cargo safely arrives at your doorstep from Chinese LED light manufacturers. 

Next, peak season risks cause the LED light cargo to be lost or damaged. In the months leading up to the Christmas and New Year vacations, the peak season occurs every year and lasts from August to November. During this season, cargo volumes into and out of China increased significantly.  It is the busiest time of the year for cargo handlers, mistakes and accidents can occur, leading to lost and damaged goods. It causes carriers to compete for space and a sharp increase in cargo handling activities at LED light companies and warehouses.  You may stay composed throughout this chaotic time with cargo insurance and prevent mistakes and accidents.

Continue to read through the article to get on-hand insurance coverage that suits your LED lights wholesale business.

cargo insurance to protect your led lights from loss or damage

Type of Insurance Coverage When Importing LED Lights from China

  1. Single Coverage 

Single coverage, sometimes known as a voyage policy, is the reverse of open coverage. This marine policy covers one-time shipments. It is most suitable for LED lights wholesale distributors that ship infrequently or in low volumes. Small wholesale light distributors that ship goods frequently benefit the most from it. 

  1. Open Coverage

Comparable to trip transit cargo insurance is open cargo insurance. It offers coverage for all shipments rather than just one. From medium-sized LED light companies to large LED light companies that move goods often, open cargo insurance is ideal. Consider buying an open cargo insurance policy to cover all of your shipments if you send many shipments each week or every day. Covering your numerous shipments with an open cargo policy rather than on a per-load basis will be more affordable.

  1. All-Risk Coverage

One of the most comprehensive types of coverage with a wide range of protection from outside influences is the all-risk coverage. In general, it covers most physical losses and damages that a product may sustain from outside sources. This insurance coverage applies to purchasing LED light manufacturers from China. It is suitable for “authorized” or “generic” goods, which are brand-new and less likely to sustain losses and damages.

cargo insurance all risk coverage

What is omitted from All-Risk Coverage:

  1. Negligence-related Damage to the Cargo 

It means to deliver time-sensitive goods to a port known to experience congestion issues frequently.

  1. Inherent Vice

Some things degrade because of their intrinsic characteristics rather than outside influences. For instance, irons rust due to the moisture in the air. Some LED light product quality may be impacted by movements and temperature variations during transit too. These are two situations where this clause is frequently invoked.

  1. Customs Refusal

The goods are stuck in customs because of missing documents and other conditions. To prevent, you should understand better about customs clearance when importing LED lights from China.

  1. WSRCC 

They are also known as civil unrest, war, strikes, and riots.

  1. Cargo Abandonment 

It occurs most frequently at the discharge port when cargo interests neglect to pick up the cargo or take the delivery order.

  1. Loss of Market or Use. 

It is relevant when the damaged cargo results in financial losses.

  1. Not Paying or Collecting. 

Goods lost as a result of non-payment are not covered by insurance.

  1. Named Perils Coverage

A Named Perils Policy, formerly known as “With Average” and “Free of Particular Average,” gives more limited protection. In contrast to All-Risk Policies, it only covers the risks expressly listed in the contract. 

This coverage covers:

  1. Burning 
  2. Cargo Ship Sinking 
  3. Stranding
  4. Shipping Collisions 
  5. Derailment
  6. Weather Events
  7. Thefts. 
  1. General Average Coverage

It is the standard minimum necessary insurance coverage for shipments on the water. Sadly for the insured, it only covers a portion of losses. According to the policy, all cargo holding owners must compensate financially for any damages sustained at sea.

  1. Warehousing Coverage

It offers protection against the transportation risks involved in moving products between warehouses. The policyholder’s cargo are only covered in the specific case of warehouse transportation. Coverage begins and ends at the door.

all risk coverage

What is the Cost of Cargo Insurance for LED Light Imports?

Cargo insurance is typically inexpensive. Less than 0.5 percent of the shipment’s value goes toward the cost of cargo insurance. So, reducing it to save transportation costs doesn’t make sense. But how are the premium and quantity of insurance calculated? Insurance firms worldwide, including those in China, follow a straightforward formula.

You must first be aware of the consignment’s “insured value.” The insured value is typically CIF plus 10%, or 110 percent of CIF. Cost, Insurance, and Freight is the acronym for the CIF Incoterm. If the cargo is lost, the extra ten percent pays for ancillary expenses, such as the cost of filing an insurance claim. Therefore:

                Insured value = CIF + 10%

The insurance company’s maximum liability is the insured value if cargo loss or damage is covered by the insurance policy. You pay a premium based on the insured value determined by the insurance provider.

How to Get Cargo Insurance for LED Lights from China?

Freight forwarders who handle your shipments from LED light manufacturers in China can also help insure your cargo. 

Besides, most LED light suppliers in China are connected to brokers, agents, and insurance companies. They provide various cargo insurance products. It includes “All Risk” policies, which provide the broadest risk coverage. 

But if your LED light company in China does not connect to any insurance company, you may find the insurance company yourself. 

You may find an insurance company that best suits you below.

  1. CyberPolicy

It is suitable for small firms sending packages that require quick quotations from reputable carriers.

  1. CoverWallet

It is best for entrepreneurs who seek quick, cost-free estimates to weigh their options.

  1. Travelers

They provide reasonably priced, full-risk cargo insurance for international shipping. It is perfect for manufacturers, freight forwarders, and importers seeking the factors above. 

  1. Chubb

Appropriate for small business owners just starting with international shipping.

  1. CargoCover

It is the best fit for owners of small businesses that want to submit an application and download safe insurance certificates online.

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  1. Will the cargo insurance cover the full sales value of my LED Lights?

It depends. The claim evaluation is based on several variables. For instance, the claim’s timeliness, the supporting evidence, and its merits. The applicable conventions and their liability restrictions will affect the insurance claim too. The Basis of Valuation must be followed when making a declaration or adjustment. 

Assume that the basis of valuation for an open policy or cover is “Cost + Insurance + Freight + 10% + Custom Duty.” These values should be used when making the declaration.

  1. What are the things not covered by cargo insurance?

Cargo insurance will usually cover the loss in most circumstances. It excludes damages of items by poor packaging and faulty goods. Certain types of shipments such as hazardous materials and specific electronics are not protected too. 

  1. What is the waiting period to receive my insurance claim?

Most claims will be resolved and reimbursed to you in a matter of days or even seconds. But as we all know, some claims might be complicated and call for additional research. The final settlement may take a little longer in these challenging situations. So, our claims representative can thoroughly evaluate and reconcile your claims payment.

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Cargo insurance is an essential cost for shipping, logistics, or transportation companies. Even more seasoned businesses may falter in such circumstances due to gaps in insurance coverage.  Shipping companies are accountable for their fair share of damages. So, ensure to take precautions to shield yourself from liabilities. 

It is less expensive to get insurance on each item and file claims. Otherwise, when things are lost or damaged, replacing them will cost you more. that is the sweet spot for purchasing cargo insurance.

You must also ensure to conduct the quality inspection and know well about payment methods and how to find LED light manufacturers in China.
Darkless LED is an experienced LED light distributor for companies worldwide. Do not hesitate to talk to us if you need more information about cargo insurance for your LED lights.

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