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LED UVC lamps are in high demand all over the world. They utilize ultraviolet radiation to kill germs and bacteria. In comparison to traditional disinfectors, UVC lamps are more effective. These lamps can kill various allergens, viruses, and bacteria. Additionally, they remove harmful microorganisms from the air and surfaces.

The best part about UVC lamps is that they do not use toxic chemicals for disinfection. They use ultraviolet light to sterilize. Therefore, individuals can use them on different surfaces, including food. 

You can use UVC lamps in homes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, and other commercial settings.

According to a report, the global ultraviolet disinfection equipment market value will be around USD 5.7 billion by 2027.

It can be a massive opportunity for retail companies and distributors who deal in LED UVC lamps.

This post lists some of the leading LED UVC lamp manufacturers worldwide. You may collaborate with them to manage your inventory and orders.

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OSRAM UV-C is one of the leading UVC lamp manufacturers in the world. It is a part of the OSRAM Group, the global leader in optical solutions. 

The group has more than 110 years of history. It came into existence in 1919, having headquarters in Munich, Germany. More than 27,000 employees are working with OSRAM. 

OSRAM makes LED UVC lamps for a wide range of applications. People use their UV-C products in homes, offices, restaurants, warehouses, and hospitals. 

The company’s UV-C solutions can eliminate 99.9% of harmful viruses and microorganisms.  

OSRAM UV-C solutions ensure clean air, water, and surfaces. They can purify the air by killing SARS-CoV-2 germs and other microorganisms. 

They also sterilize the water with UV-C technology. You can also use OSRAM UVC lamps to disinfect various surfaces.

osram uvc

2. Darkless

Darkless is one of the well-known UVC lamp manufacturers in China. The company has been manufacturing UVC lamps for more than 20 years. 

Darkless came into existence in 1997, having head office in Guangdong province, China. It has a well-equipped UVC lamp factory where hundreds of professionals work. The company produces more than 20 million pieces per year. 

Darkless makes UVC lamps for a wide range of applications. You can use them in hospitals, restaurants, universities, bedrooms, and home kitchens.

Darkless accepts custom orders. They have professional designers. Therefore, you can ask them to customize the design of UVC lamps according to your project’s demand. People can use their custom-fit germicidal lighting equipment for different application scenarios. 

Darkless produces a wide range of LED UVC lamps. Their most-selling UVC lamps include disinfection sterilization lamp boxes and millet disinfection lamps. They also have handheld sterilization lamps. Apart from this, they also make portable deep UVC sterilizers, and plastic disinfection lamps. Moreover, they have portable deep UVC sterilizers, and plastic disinfection lamps.

Darkless is known for its premium-quality products. The company uses raw materials from international brands like CREE, Philips, and ORSAM. Furthermore, their LED UVC lamps are easy to install and consume low energy.

The company provides you with LED UVC lamps of international standards. They meet numerous quality and safety standards, such as CE, ROHS, FCC, MSDS, and EPA. They also pass Gmicro testing.

Darkless UVC light supplier claim to offer 99.9% sterilization on all surfaces. The company ensures safe and on-time delivery of sterilization lamps. As they carry out quality inspections before packaging and shipping.

darkless uvc lamp manufacturers

3. Trojan Technologies

Trojan Technologies is a Canada-based company that offers UVC clean water solutions. Their innovative technologies ensure clean water. After all, it processes water through several stages of treatment.  

The company sells its residential and commercial UV water systems under the brand name VIQUA. 

They have installed 600,000 water systems worldwide to date. You can buy their water system for a single tap or entire home.

The company got established in 1977. It has specialization in advanced oxidation, UV-oxidation, and UV water treatment. Moreover, the company provides municipal water treatment, drinking water treatment, and wastewater treatment. The company treats billions of gallons of water every day.

Trojan Technologies makes ultraviolet germicidal irradiation products for industrial, residential, and municipal purposes.  Their primary brands include VIQUA, Aquafine, Salsnes Filter, and TrojanUV. 

trojan technologies uvc

4. American Ultraviolet

American Ultraviolet is among the top UV sterilization lamp manufacturers in the world. It came into existence in 1960 and has witnessed substantial changes in UV technology. 

Today, American Ultraviolet is the leading provider of UV Sterilization lamps. The company provides UVC lamps to several industries. It has 7,000 square foot headquarters in Lebanon, Indiana. 

Moreover, they have additional offices in Georgia, Hackettstown, Atlanta, New Jersey, and Torrance.

American Ultraviolet makes various types of UV curing, germicidal, healthcare, and coating solutions. Their UVC germicidal solutions meet the requirements of laboratories and hospitals. People also use them in food processing units and clean rooms. 

american ultraviolet uvc


UVDI is one of the most popular UV lamp manufacturers in the world. They have been making UV disinfection products since 1949. 

The company was founded to protect public health through UV technology. The journey that began in Los Angeles over 70 years ago is still ongoing. 

Today, the company has IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)-HVAC distributors worldwide. More than 11, 00 hospitals worldwide use UVDI surface disinfection. Their indoor air quality products have been installed in over 10,000 commercial facilities worldwide.

UVDI surface disinfection equipment can kill 99.99% of microorganisms in almost 5 minutes from 2.44 meters away. Besides this, it can kill SARS-CoV-2 at 3.65 meters. 

The company also produces an innovative UV-C air disinfection system. It destroys 99.99% of SARS-CoV-2 in moving airstream testing. Their indoor air purification system can control common pollutants in the air inside a building. 

UVDI works with several prestigious healthcare leaders in more than 25 countries. Their advanced UVC lamp can kill fungi, bacterial spores, and viruses.

uvdi uvc

6. LightTech LightSources

LightTech LightSources is one of the notable UVC light supplier. Christian L. Sauska and his business partners founded this company in 1983. 

LightTech LightSources has several affiliate companies in North America, Europe, and Asia. The company has over 1,000 employees worldwide.

LightTech LightSources makes customized products that feature state-of-the-art technologies. Their germicidal lamps prevent the spread of various diseases. 

These lamps are the primary sterilization system in several industries. 

LightTech LightSources produces UVC lamps for water sterilization, air purification, and surface disinfection.

Their UVC surface disinfection system has UVC lamps that minimize the spread of diseases on the surface. You can use them in kitchens, research labs, surgical settings, and hospital rooms. 

Similarly, their air purification system improves air quality in homes and commercial places. 

Individuals can also mount their UVC germicidal lamps in HVAC systems for effective air purification.

LightTech LightSources water sterilization system has a range of water sterilization applications.

The company has a team of experienced professionals. As a result, it makes international standard UVC germicidal lamps and air purification systems.

LightTech LightSources is an OEM-focused specialty lamp company. It offers affordable products and ensures short turnarounds. Furthermore, their custom products meet the specific requirements of their clients.

lighttech web

7. Stouch Lighting

Stouch Lighting is an American company engaged in LED distribution and Implementation Company. The company has headquarters in Aston, PA, United States.

Stouch Lighting is known for its high-quality, high efficiency, and cost-effective products. Their germicidal UV-C light sterilization system is suitable for several premises. 

It is suitable for homes, offices, hotels, schools, and medical and dental hospitals.

Stouch Lighting UV lamps can kill different types of viruses, bacteria, and superbugs. In several medical settings, they have been used to kill microorganisms. They kill bacteria that are resistant to conventional cleaning systems.


8. Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation is one of the most reputed UVC lamp manufacturers worldwide. The company supplies its UV-C lamps and other products worldwide. 

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation was founded in 1963 and has headquarters in New York, United States.

The company makes germicidal UV lamps, water purification equipment, and surface disinfector.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation UV lamps produce short wave radiation. They can kill lethal microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses. The company’s instant start germicidal UV lamps use coil filament. The electrodes decide the life of UV lamps.

These UV lamps help with air purification and water disinfection.

Besides this, the company also has preheated germicidal ultraviolet lamps. These lamps use preheat circuit that employs compact ballast.

The distributors can also order cold cathode germicidal ultraviolet lamps. Instead of a tungsten filament, these lamps use a large cylindrical cathode. They can operate in places with reduced temperatures, such as walk-in refrigerators and holding rooms.

Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation has several UV lamp series. These include Medium Pressure, Preheat Smart Lamps, Synthetic, and Twin Tube lamps.

ultraviolet uvc

Final Words

LED UVC Lamps have several benefits over the conventional sterilization methods. They are affordable, easy-to-use, toxic-free, and environmentally friendly. 

They have been used in a variety of industries all over the world. After all, they stop the spread of microorganisms and fatal viruses like covid, SARS, and more.

So these are the top UVC lamp manufacturers in the world. If you are looking for UVC lamp manufacturing partners, you can get in touch with them.

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