How to Choose the Best LED Lights for Christmas?

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The technology of LEDs brings decorative lighting to a new level. LED light manufacturers encounter massive demand for lights before Christmas. People are looking for decorative lighting compatible with Christmas vibes on the streets and at home. They often source Chinese LED light suppliers for a low price with the best quality.

In this article, I will bring to you the following: 

  • Why choose LED for Christmas lights 
  • Types of LED Christmas lights and popular colors 
  • Tips for impressive lighting decorations 
  • Precautions for using LED lights 
  • How many LED lights will you need for Christmas decorations 

You will get to know how to choose the best LED Christmas lights. Let’s get started. 

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Why Choose LED Lights for Christmas Lights

For everyone who celebrates Christmas, the arrangement of Christmas decorations is essential. Suitable lights create a warm Christmas atmosphere. From housing to streets, LED Christmas lights are hanging around. Why are LED lights the best selection for most Christmas lights?

  1. Energy-Efficient

In contrast with traditional incandescent filament lighting, LEDs are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. According to estimates, it can save 70% to 90% of energy, and saving energy leads to saving on costs.

  1. Durable and Safe 

LED lights work with lower voltage which makes them last longer and safer. With the same voltage, LED produces brighter lights compared to incandescent bulbs. LEDs last up to 50,000 hours, and their lifespan is more than ten times that of traditional lights.

  1. Multi Colors

The primary decorative colors of Christmas lights are red, green, and white. LED light suppliers do provide a variety of colors and sizes for selection. Also, the flashing speed, direction, and changes of LED lights are more than those of traditional lights.

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5 Common Types of LED Lights for Christmas Lights

1. LED Strip Lights

The LED strip lights refer to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC or PCB rigid board. These lights are easy to install as they come with adhesive backing and are used widely in indoor lighting.


  • Soft and can be curled easily.
  • It can be cut and extended.
  • Excellent insulation and waterproof performance.
  • Strong weather resistance.
  • Easy to create graphics, text, and other shapes.
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2. LED Bulbs

LED bulbs emit a pleasant warm white light and last longer. Some standard sizes produced by LED lights manufacturers include

  • C6 bulb: smaller bulb size, suited to use in indoor Christmas trees and small decorations
  • C7 bulb: medium size, universal applications
  • C9 bulb: larger size, suited to use in outdoor decorations

C7 and C9 LED Christmas Bulbs are well-known products in Christmas decor. LED light manufacturers produce high-quality lights to persist their durability. They are widely used to wrap posts, railings, bushes, or to outline door and window frames. The lights create a rich and festive atmosphere easily.

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3. LED Net Lights

These lights are typically seen in outdoor decorations. The net design can apply to various scenes, including walls, trees, and bushes. The commercial LED lights manufacturer produces lights with solid water and weather resistance.

As a result, the LED net lights are durable and safe to use. These kinds of lights are also popular among LED light suppliers. E-commerce platforms can find wholesale lights selling as well.

4. Falling Icicles LED String Lights

You can visualize the falling icicles as falling rain or a meteor shower. These lights produce a fairy and dreamy atmosphere, which go viral nowadays. They shine and hang on trees, gardens, parks, streets, squares, and shopping malls.

Here are some features of falling icicles LED string lights: 

  • A romantic and beautiful effect 
  • Low power consumption
  • Energy saving
  • Variety of colors and combinations
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5. LED Mini Lights (Battery Operated)

Mini in size, but it is not mini in illumination. Although it operates by battery, it can still last long due to the energy saving of LEDs. Compared to conical lights, it is dimmer; however, it is sufficient for decoration purposes.

With the battery operation, it does not rely on electricity plugs. LED light companies provide lights of high quality at low pricing, and LED mini lights are affordable and easy to install. 

Popular LED Christmas Lights Color

Christmas lights’ colors must match the Christmas decorations. The primary decorative colors of Christmas are red, green, and white. Let’s see what famous LED Christmas light colors people are using.

  1. Cool White – Christmas falls in the winter, representing snowy white.
  2. Warm White – Preferable for people who love soft lights. 
  3. Red – Symbolize red Christmas flowers, candles, and Santa’s hat.
  4. Green – Perfect match with Christmas tree and flowers.
  5. Blue – Mix and match with red and green lights. 
  6. RGB/RGBW/RGB+CCT – To have a fancy and dazzling look.

Alternatively, you can review this article to learn How To DIY The Color Of The LED Strip Lights.

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Tips for Impressive LED Christmas Lights Decoration

The structure, intensity, and light quality make Christmas LED decorations impressive. Here are the tips I would like to share with you:

  1. Use graded LED Christmas Lights

Do you know that 350 people are hurt by Christmas tree lights yearly?

It reflects how important it is to choose the graded LED Christmas lights. Most of the time, people choose low price Christmas lights without considering safety and quality. The reason being is that it is used only once a year.

There are tons of Chinese LED light manufacturers that wholesale lights. The LED light suppliers need to pass the verification to get graded. Thus, customers can get high-quality and graded LED lights at low prices.

  1. Empty Socket Light Line for more creativity

As the name says, the lights come with empty sockets. Users can customize their light lines to build a creative and unique lighting design. 

Also, users can customize the line length freely to match their decorative locations. It makes DIY easy with flexible bulb installation. 

  1. Stringer Sets for more simplicity

Stringer sets are fixed-length light lines with molded bulbs. They are easy to use and install. Yet, the disadvantage is also obvious. The intensity is pre-set and non-adjustable. Also, the fixed length of stringer sets may be troublesome if you have any left out or insufficient.

In short, the stringer sets are beginner friendly as they won’t cause any hassle on installation.

  1. Consider twinkle lights

Twinkle lights create eye-catching blinking effects. Twinkle LED lights wholesale obtain great sales due to high demand. These gentle pulsations of lights that twinkle on and off are incredibly pleasant for decoration.


Safety Precautions to Use LED Christmas Light

Users should be cautious during installation and use to avoid injury due to improper handling. Let’s look together on what are the precautions for using LED Christmas lights:

  1. Look for Certification.

Purchase from verified Chinese LED light manufacturers with certification. Before installation, find the certification sticker for safety assurance. 

  1. Check before Use.

Check on the lights and make sure there is no defection. Pay attention to electricity consumption during installation, and install the lights with the power supply off.

  1. Use it the Right Way.

Do not switch it on and off too frequently. It may cause the premature end of life of the light. Handle it well by reading the user manual provided by the LED light supplier.

  1. Stay away from Flammable Items.

If you prefer to decorate with a real tree or a plastic tree, make sure to keep it away from heat sources. 

  1. Switch Off When Not In Use.

Users should turn off decorative Christmas lights before leaving or going to bed.

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How Many LED Christmas Lights Do You Need?

In the next section, we will dive deep into how many lights you need inside and outside your house.

Inside Christmas Lights

Indoor typical decorations include Christmas trees, tree skirts, candles, stockings, gifts, and wrappers.

Christmas trees would be the visual center of your indoor decorations. Let’s take it as an example.

For a 7-foot tree, we suggest using a minimum of 500 small lights; add 100 for every 1-foot taller. If you prefer a more splendid look, you can use 150 bulbs per foot. Of course, the Christmas tree’s width is also considered. The larger the circumference, the more bulbs it will need.

Outside Christmas Lights

Outdoor typical decorations include walls, doors, roofs, trees, and bushes.

There are many outdoor lighting decorations ideas to illuminate the space. Good lighting brings good festive vibes. People can install different Christmas lights in other areas and combine them to perform layering.

For example, people can install net lights on bushes, icicles on ceilings, and spotlights on steps. They can also fill feature displays like Santas and reindeer with LED lights. 


Spacing between lights will determine how bright the decorations are, and compact lamps will form a more colorful space.

4-inch or 6-inch spacing is standard for most LED Christmas lights. The most commonly used spacing for Christmas trees is 4 inches, and the rule of thumb is 2.5 inches for decorations that require leading lights.

The lesser the spacing, the more LED lights you need. LED light manufacturers produce lights with various spacing, depending on personal preference for the spacing of lights.

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How to Choose the Best LED Christmas Lights

People decorate their homes when Christmas is approaching to welcome this festival. Among them, LED decorative lights are the most festive and one of the must-have items that every family will buy. Christmas enthusiasts spend effort in finding the best LED Christmas lights.

You can purchase the best LED Christmas lights from reliable Chinese LED light manufacturers. Apparently, the Chinese LED light industry is mature and demanding. Make a wise decision to buy the best LED Christmas lights from trusted suppliers. Remember to check the transportation and payment method available so your LED light products don’t get stuck upon delivery.

Looking for trusted Chinese LED light suppliers for your needs? You came to the right place.

Darkless LED has supplied high-quality LED lighting for companies worldwide for decades. We provide step-by-step guidance to choose suitable lighting based on your requirement. Contact us today for more lighting solutions!

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