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COB vs. SMD LED Light Strips: Comparing the Light Direction

COB (Chip-On-Board) LED light strips comprise many LED chips mounted onto a single board. The chips are arranged closely together to create a single lighting source. It makes them ideal for creating bright and powerful light beams in a specific direction. At the same time, the light produced from COB light strips is soft and not dazzling.

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What is an SMD LED?

SMD stands for surface mount device, while LED for the light emitting diode. SMD LED is a light-emitting diode mounted on a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) with the help of surface mount technology. It does not use wiring as we see in regular LED lights. SMD LEDs are attached to the bracket having negative and positive electrodes on their ends. 

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led strip lights behind tv screens

7 LED Strip Lighting Ideas for Home

LED strip lights create an excellent ambiance in a home. And it naturally leads to a peaceful atmosphere.
Modern LED strip lights are versatile and create a wide range of lighting effects. Moreover, they are easy to install. This post will give you some ideas for where you can put strip lights in your home.

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rgbw 60led

Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers in WORLD

If you are looking for an LED strip manufacturer or supplier, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of 7 leading LED strip light companies worldwide.
Whether you are an architect, engineer, wholesaler or retailer, you can check out their inventory.

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led strip light diy remote

How To DIY The Color Of The LED Strip Lights?

Depending on the LED strip light brand, the remote you own can be a bit different. However, the button and usage pattern tends to be similar. In order to DIY your LED strip light, start by perfectly installing it in your desired location.

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darkless digital led strip

How LED Strip Light Works?

Although digital LED strips have become popular recently, they are fairly versatile. This is due to the fact that each LED in the strip can be controlled individually. So, you can change each LED to the desired color.

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how to import led strips from china (2)

How to Import LED Strips From China in 2023

To import LED strips from China, you must get import rights and understand the right product that needs to be purchased. After calculating the costs, use specific criteria to filter out a reliable supplier. Then, select the suitable shipping method and terms. Finally, wait for delivery of goods and make final check upon arrival.

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can led strip lights be hardwired (2) (1)

Can LED Strip Lights be Hardwired?

The answer is yes. Still, it is crucial to follow the purpose of how these LED lights are designed for. You should only hardwire the LED strips with wire nuts end and not the temporary lights. You must also take note of the steps to hardwire LED strips, as well as the safety tips.

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