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jumper cord connectors led strip

How To Connect Multiple Led Strip Lights?

Yes. You can connect multiple LED strip lights. Every LED strip has marked lines in the form of small dots. To adjust the length of the LED strip lights, you can just simply cut the strip lights at these points and join them either by using a connector or solders. Simple process!

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led strip coating

Why Do My LED Strip Lights Smell?

Poor and cheap circuitry is the prime cause of bad smell lingering from your LED strip after each use. The LEDs tend to heat up in the unventilated fixtures. This leads to the burning of delicate electrical chips inside the core of the LED strip.

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5 disadvantages of led strip lights

5 Disadvantages Of LED Strip Lights That You May Not Know

But, regardless of this fact, LED strip lights to have some insurmountable shortcomings. The possible reason behind this could be that LEDs strip lights have gotten famous because of their unique features. But, you have to acknowledge that LED strip lights also lack in several aspects.

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do led strip lights get hot

Do LED Strip Lights Get Hot? Will They Make The Room Hot?

Nowadays, most LED lights can convert at least 80 to 90% of their electrical energy into light energy. Still, there is an electro-optical loss of 10% to 20%. And this wasted electric energy is the culprit behind the heat; though it is significantly low in comparison to other lights.

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how to keep led strips from falling off #5

How To Keep LED Strips From Falling Off?

Choose LED strips that are sturdy and manufactured well. Make sure you have followed the instructions on how to install the lights properly. Also, make sure that you have cleaned the surface where you are going to stick the LED. make sure to find the right product to keep your LEDs from falling and LED strip clips.

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what color led strip lights are best for sleep #2

What Color LED Strip Lights Are Best For Sleep?

RED LED Strip Lights. Since there are light-sensitive cells called ipRGC in the retina of your eyes. These cells help in detecting lights that will enable your brain to regulate your body’s clocks. In simple words, they help in determining whether people are sleepy or awake. And ipRGC cells are sensitive to wavelengths of blue lights but least sensitive to red lights.

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is led strip light harmful to the eyes #6

Is Led Strip Light Harmful to the Eyes?

Yes, LED strip light might be harmful to your eyes. However, not in the way you are thinking. According to the France health authority, excessive blue light from LED lights may damage the retina. Also, they can disrupt sleep cycles. The good news is that most electronic devices release blue light in a limit.

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how to install led strips #2

How to Install LED Strips – Easy DIY Project

One of them is to remove the backside sticker and use the adhesive to mount the strip on the wall. You can use a ruler, measuring tape, or a pencil line as your guide to install the strip straight. While in the other case if the LED strip doesn’t have any adhesive then you need to use tape.

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advantages of led strip lights #3

The Top 13 Advantages Of LED Strip Lights

Because of such effective advantages, LED strip lights are turning out to be more famous in commercial and modern light fittings. These are perfect for commercial use, housing, and medical care. LED strip lights serve as the most appealing decision for exhibition purposes.

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cut led strip light

Can I Cut My Led Strip Lights?

Yes, you can cut LED strip lights and they will still work. But you need to make sure that you cut them in the right way and the lights on the strip aren’t damaged. In the above guide, we’ve explained how to cut LED strip lights in the safest possible way. We’ve also mentioned the required tools for the job.

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