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Which LED Light Colour Helps With Headaches?

Green-hued light is the best hue of light to cure headaches and reduce the effects of migraines. Unlike blue or other light colours, green light does not activate the retinal pathway. Thus making it less likely to cause headaches.

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led light therapy#3

LED Light therapy: Everything You Need to Know About it

LED light therapy cures various skin problems. Numerous people misunderstand that it utilizes ultraviolet light. However, LED light therapy uses wavelengths and colors of infrared light. It is a low level of light that is safe on the skin.LED light treatment uses Blue, Red, Green, and Amber color lights.

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lighting design process

Importing LED Light from China: Lighting Design Process

In short, light affects our daily life, including leisure and work time. Lighting design is the soul of indoor environment decoration. Thus, you should discuss and choose your Chinese LED light manufacturers correctly. You can also refer to this article for more lighting ideas.

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led aluminum profile

How to Install LED Aluminum Profile

Nevertheless, they might need permanent concealment at times so that they can appear more professional and stylish. An LED aluminum profile is a popular choice for the same. This post discusses how we can stick LED strip lights to an aluminum profile and then an aluminum profile to different surfaces.

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led package

Importing LED Lights from China: LED Packaging

Many LED light companies in China are distributing wholesale lights. Before making a purchase, people would search and compare the LED lights in terms of pricing and functionality. To compete against other competitors, the packaging of LEDs is crucial. Good packaging technology could lead to better durability and efficiency.

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importing led lights from china after sales service

Importing LED Lights from China: After Sales Service

There are still many more to purchasing LED lights from Chinese LED light manufacturers. After the purchase, they will also need services to maintain their effectiveness. The services are called after-sales services. After-sales services are crucial when it comes to product functionality and customer satisfaction. Hence, you need to know all the after-sales services required for the LED lights wholesale business.

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cargo insurance to protect your led lights from loss or damage

Importing LED Lights from China: Cargo Insurance

The insurance that often guards against shipment loss or damage while in route is known as cargo insurance. This coverage goes above and beyond any potential basic claims insurance. In addition, the designated value of the goods will be reimbursed. When a covered event occurs while the freight is moving, that is the situation. The price you pay to insure your possessions is typically a small portion of their actual value. Policies for cargo insurance can cover cargo transported by land, air, and sea.

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check for led products

Importing LED Lights from China: LED Light Inspection

It is vital to carry out a pre-shipment Chinese LED light inspection and stringent on-site lighting testing. By doing so, LED light distributors can better meet the LED lighting safety standards and trade laws. You’ll be able to prevent safety, functional, and performance issues. LED light manufacturers should keep in mind this when importing LED lights.

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examination of customs paperwork

Importing LED Lights from China Manufacturer: Customs Clearance

The process of purchasing wholesale light products from China requires completing several formalities. Every importer must prepare all necessary documents for the customs officers or other authorities. However, depending on the place, the document list may differ slightly. The most common documents required example, commercial invoices, Air Waybill (AWB), and Bill of Lading (B/L).

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