Do LED Lights Hurt Dogs Eyes? A Detailed Answer

do led lights hurt dogs eyes a detailed answer

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LED lights have become an essential part of modern lighting systems. Be it homes, offices, or streets, LED lights are everywhere. 

Over the years, these lights have evolved and become increasingly widespread. However, there are concerns raised about the impact of LED lights on dogs’ eyes. 

Several people, especially dog lovers, want to learn if an LED light hurts dogs’ eyes.

If you are among them, read this article till the end for a comprehensive answer. It will explain whether or not an LED light badly impacts dogs’ eyes. Additionally, you will learn ways to prevent this scenario. 

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Can LED Lights Harm Dogs Eyes?

If we have to give a straightforward answer. No, LED lights do not cause any harm to dogs’ eyes. Under normal circumstances, these lights are safe for them. In rare cases, LED lights can hurt your pet’s eyes. For example, if they are flickering or the pet is directly under the light for several hours.

Also, over-exposure to LED’s Blue light can be a concern. It can disturb your dog’s circadian rhythm as it does for humans. The impact on dogs’ eyes is comparable to that of human eyes. Excessive blue light is damaging to humans as well as dogs.

We will learn about the impact of LED lights on dogs’ eyes in detail. Before we proceed, let us get some crucial information about light and dogs.

Dogs and Light: Do Dogs See the World as Human? 

Many individuals are unaware that dogs do not see the world as humans. While human eyes possess cones in the retina, dogs have Tapetum lucidum cells located behind their retina. 

These cells are reflective layers within the eye, much like a mirror. Therefore, dogs have better night vision compared to us. However, they cannot observe all colors.

Dogs perceive two color variations, which are blue-violet and yellow. Dogs cannot see a difference between green, yellow, and red colors. They rely on the level of brightness to differentiate between different color lights. 

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When Can LEDs Hurt Dogs’ Eyes?

Both LED lights and LED strip lights are safe for dogs’ eyes. They are designed with keeping all safety points in mind. However, there are some situations when these lights can be problematic for dogs. 

Direct Staring

When you buy products from a reputed LED light manufacturer, it ensures safety. However, make sure your dog does not stare continuously at a bright LED light. 

Automotive headlights and industrial lights emit intense light. It can lead to discomfort and permanent damage to dogs’ eyes. As a result, you need to ensure your dog does not get exposed to such light for an extended period. 

Your pet must have a place to stay safe from direct light exposure. Moreover, the dog’s bed should not be directly beneath a light fixture.     

Flickering Light

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights do not flicker a lot. But some cheap quality LED lights may have this issue. Rapid and repetitive flashing of light can cause discomfort to the eyes. In rare cases, prolonged exposure can do major harm. 

The flickering light can prompt seizures in dogs with epilepsy. It can cause various other neurological conditions. It happens because the rapid flashing over stimulates the visual cortex of the brain. Flickering of light has neurological effects in humans too.

Improper Use of LED Toys

LED dog toys are getting popular in the market. They are designed to be thrown and caught. Such toys feature blinking lights to attract dogs. Sometimes, such toys can be problematic for the health of dogs. Therefore, when you buy such toys, make sure they are safe. 

do led lights hurt dogs eyes a detailed answer

Blue Light Spectrum

Dogs, like humans, can be harmed by blue light exposure. The eyes can be negatively impacted by exposure to blue light. 

In the visible light spectrum, blue light has a shorter wavelength than other colors. Therefore, it has the potential to penetrate deep into the eyes. As a result, it can affect the health of cells in the retina. The condition is known as blue light toxicity.

Prolonged exposure to blue light can contribute to eye discomfort. In rare cases, it can cause vision problems, redness, and inflammation. The risk of harm depends on the intensity of light and exposure duration.

Dogs have circadian rhythms similar to humans. It informs their bodies when to wake up and sleep. It is regulated by sunlight. Blue light features the same color spectrum as the sun. 

Consequently, if your dog is under blue light, it might feel restless and depressed. In short, blue light can interrupt the nocturnal habit of dogs. 

According to a study, prolonged exposure to blue light can impact a dog’s physical and mental health.

The good news is that LED lights produce negligible blue light. In comparison to traditional lighting, LED light has very low Blue light. 

Still, you should follow a strict bedtime routine for your dog. The lights should not be harsh during bedtime. Also, take your dog for a walk before sleeping. Also, try to eliminate all unnecessary distractions. 

If you use lights for your dog’s shelter, use longer wavelength lights. For example, amber or orange lights have long wavelengths in the visible light spectrum.

UV Light

Some LED lights may produce a negligible amount of UV. The phosphor coating on the LED chip blocks most UV emissions. Still, a small amount of UV can be released by certain blue LED lights. While these lights are safe for your dogs, if you are extra cautious, avoid them.

Pre-existing Eye Conditions

You must be extra careful with your dog’s eyes if it has pre-existing eye diseases, such as corneal ulcers or cataracts. Dogs with such conditions are more susceptible to getting damaged by LED lights.

do led lights hurt dogs eyes a detailed answer

Tips to Choose LED Lights for Dogs

People who want to ensure the safety and well-being of their dogs must choose lights wisely. Below are some factors to consider when choosing LED lights for dogs.

Low Blue Light Emission

As discussed above, prolonged exposure to blue light can cause discomfort and eye strain. Therefore, go for LED lights with low blue light emission. 

Modern LED lights produce a minimal amount of blue light. They come with screen protectors and filters to minimize the amount of blue light.

Create a Cool Environment Inside Your Dog’s Shelter

You can try amber or warm white lights to create a calming effect. A warm white LED light mimics natural daylight and offers excellent visibility. Orange/amber lights are known to offer a calming atmosphere. 

Avoid too bright light as it can be too harsh for your dog and cause eye strain.

Use Dimmable LED lights

Dimmable LED lights enable you to customize lights as per your dogs’ comfort. You can create a calming lighting environment for your dog, especially at night. 

You can also use LED strip lights to improve the environment of your dogs’ shelter.

If you want to adjust the brightness of your LED strip lights, use dimmers. It lets you make your strip light dimmable.

Use Smart LED Lights

Nowadays, smart LED lights are available in the market. You can control them remotely with the help of a mobile application. 

These lights allow you to adjust the color and brightness as per need. Moreover, you can set the timer to switch them off at a particular time. 

Some lights feature a PIR motion sensor that activates automatically when a dog enters the area. Connecting an LED light to a phone is straightforward. You can do it with the help of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi features. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for the correct pairing.

Install Light Accurately

How you install an LED light plays a significant role. A correctly installed LED light can turn 100% safe for your dogs. Install the light in a location where it does not shine directly into your dog’s eyes. There must be adequate ventilation in your dog’s shelter. Heat must pass properly.

Invest in Quality LEDs

Invest in quality LED lights for maximum safety. Buy them from a professional and experienced manufacturer. Check all the quality certifications to ensure the safety and quality of the light.

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Are LED Strip Lights Safe for Dogs

People who have concern for the safety of their dogs want to learn if strip lights are safe. Yes, they are as safe for dogs as for humans. Generally, these lights do not irritate dogs or cause any threat. 

Nevertheless, take the following precautions.

  • Use LED strip lights that are safe for indoor use.
  • Avoid strips that produce a lot of heat and may become a fire hazard. 
  • AnLED strip lights should not contain toxic chemicals.


There is no significant evidence that suggests that LED lights may be harmful to dogs’ eyes. The risk is considered negligible, and that too in certain conditions. If you have concerns about your pets’ eye health, consult a veterinarian. Monitor your dogs’ behavior around an LED light. If you notice signs of anxiety or discomfort, talk to an expert.

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