What Color LED Strip Lights Are Best For Sleep?

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Most of you have heard the phrase “lights out” before going to sleep. So let us tell you a fantastic fact: you can have a peaceful sleep with lights turned on.

Some recent studies have revealed a connection between light colors and sleep patterns. Similarly, numerous colors affect your mood, temper, and sleeping pattern.

Usually, people choose those light colors that go well with their bedroom. Hence, aesthetics are given more importance than any other factor. But, no one pays much attention to how it influences our well-being.

So, if you are a restless sleeper, endeavoring to find a better way to sleep, LED strip lights can help you with sound sleep.   

Which Color LED Strip Lights Should Be Used For Sleeping?

Imagine going to sleep after a tiring and exhausting day? You are thinking about how you are going to spend another night with the same fatigue?

All these thoughts make you restless, and you are unable to sleep. You have tried everything from chamomile tea to soothing music, but nothing works.

We have a solution for that. RED LED Strip Lights.

Since there are light-sensitive cells called ipRGC in the retina of your eyes. These cells help in detecting lights that will enable your brain to regulate your body’s clocks.

In simple words, they help in determining whether people are sleepy or awake. And ipRGC cells are sensitive to wavelengths of blue lights but least sensitive to red lights.

Therefore, red is the most appropriate choice for light to be used while sleeping.

what color led strip lights are best for sleep #2

Why Are Red LED Strip Lights Best For Sleep?

First of all, red LED strip lights will not affect your melatonin level negatively. You can install dim red LED strip lights in your home to serve as night lights. It will also help you sustain your sleeping pattern at night during your short trip to the bathroom. Or it can comfort you in case you wake up from a bad dream.

Secondly, recent studies have proved that red light serves as a therapeutic feature.

So having red LED strip lights in your room would gradually enhance your mood. It will comfort your brain cells.  And provide you relaxation without needing to have a gloomy atmosphere.   

Use Red LED Strip Light With Respect To Psychology

Psychologically, red is the most stimulating color of all. It is widely used by designers to uplift your senses. Red color always stands out, is always captivating, and also increases metabolism.

So, overall if you want to fabricate a somber vibe, red is your color! Red LED strip lights enable you to create a calm and satisfactory environment for sleeping.

Let’s go through what red LED therapy is.

Red Light Therapy

According to recent research conducted by Brazil, diverse effects of red light therapy are studied. For example, red light therapy can act as a treatment for patients suffering from migraines or headaches.  

Consequently, red light doesn’t only help in curing the headache but also improves sleeping disorders. Hence, red LED strip lights are the best fit for sleeping.

Red light therapy also helps individuals to have a peaceful sleep.  It improves the quality of sleep in a very short time.

This therapy was tested among women basketball players. All the participants indulged in fourteen to thirty minutes of red light therapy sessions. It was conducted for fourteen nights straight.

Fortunately, the short-term results amazed the researchers. As it sufficiently improved the sleep pattern of participants. That’s why researchers regarded it as a non-invasive and efficient therapy to treat sleeping disorders.

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Types Of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is not only beneficial for sleeping disorders. It comes in various types to give other benefits as well.

For example, we see red light beds at salons. Have you ever wondered about their practical usage?

Those red light beds help in reducing skin issues caused by cosmetics. This kind of therapy is also used to reduce wrinkles and stretch marks.

Other than that, red light therapy is used in the medical field. For instance, it is often used to treat serious skin diseases like psoriasis and severe wounds.

Therefore, red light therapy is widely appreciated in multiple fields to benefit individuals.

Various Uses Of Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy has created hype among individuals. But it’s necessary to know its various attributes before using it.

For this very purpose, numerous clinical studies and hundreds of laboratory studies have been conducted. The core objective of this research has been to determine the benefits of Red light Therapy.

Let’s go through the astounding benefits of red light therapy:

  • Red light therapy helps in healing wounds and repair of tissues.
  • It also helps in stimulating the healing process of rash wounds.
  • This therapy also provides relief in pain.
  • It makes your skin complexion fair. It will also help in building collagen to diminish wrinkles on your skin.

So, to gain all these benefits in the time of your need, start installing red LED strip lights.

What Are Different Color Temperatures?

Color temperature is also known as correlated color temperature or CCT in the lighting domain. It simply tells you how much color is emitted from a light bulb. It is always measured in kelvin and is mainly between the ranges of 2200 kelvin to 6500 kelvin.

So let’s see what role color temperatures play.

Does Color Temperature Affect Your Sleeping Pattern?

The answer is yes!

Suppose you have a sleeping problem and spend your nights restless. In that case, you need to be very vigilant in choosing the right color temperature light.

The color temperature of light can have various effects on our personality. For example, some color temperatures make you feel more attentive, while some make you sleepy and dozy.

Let’s make you familiar with different color temperatures and see which one is best for sleeping.

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Warm Color Temperature

Depending on low or high color temperature, our mood could be affected.  Warm lights contain low color temperatures. Their color temperature range is between 2200 kelvin to 3000 kelvin.

So, they feature maximum light in the shades of red, orange, or yellow.

But, do we really need warm color temperature light to sleep well?  

Of course! The warm color temperature eventually makes you think of a warm, peaceful environment. Such as a dim lighting room with red LED strip lights luring you to sleep.

With a suitable warm color temperature range, red LED strip lights serve best for all those suffering from a sleep disorder.

Cool Color Temperature

Cool light sources mostly have a high color temperature. Their color temperature is approximately greater than 4000kelvin.

Cooler color temperature light features blue light.

The cool color temperature makes you think of the crisp blue light of hospitals or school hallways. It makes you more attentive and wide awake. Therefore this type of light is not suitable for sleeping.

Low Color Temperature

Every color possesses a certain range of color temperatures. This temperature diversely affects your mood. For example, since red has a low color temperature, it is best suited for sleeping.

Red LED strip light makes you fully immersed in that light.

The worst bedroom colors for sleep

Is there any need to avoid certain color lights while sleeping? The answer is yes!

Sleeping under the influence of purple, brown, or grey light could be unhealthy for sleep. Individuals only sleep seven hours per night if such colors are used in lighting.

  • Purple:  Purple color light is not suitable for sleeping at all. It mentally stimulates or boosts your creativity. It also contributes to nasty nightmares.
  • Gray:  Although gray is not prominent like purple, it can depress people. Several people with gray light color in their bedroom can’t get enough sleep.
  • Brown: other than gray, brown also accounts for dull, gloomy, and cozy colors. It creates restlessness rather than calmness.

Therefore, you need to be very cautious when it comes to light color.


Start using red LED strip lights if you really want to change your disturbing sleep pattern to a relaxing one.

You just have to make sure to select the right color temperature for your LED lights. To sleep well, a warm color temperature is the most suitable choice, such as red color. By choosing that, you can get a good night’s sleep and wake up freshly at dawn.

Other than that, red lights therapeutically help you to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

So, red light is widely used all over the world to sustain the sleeping schedule. To get yourself thrived with this fantastic opportunity, red LED strip lights are readily available.

Red LED strip lights are the most reasonable lights to illuminate your room before sleeping. It will not only improve your sleep pattern but also act as a directional light.  These lights are non-glaring.  So, it will help you see better in case you wake up from a nasty nightmare.

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s grab this opportunity and sleep in the most relaxing environment of red LED strip lights.  

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