How to Connect an LED Light to a Phone?

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LED lights are a great way to illuminate dark spaces in your house. They make your home more attractive and welcoming. However, managing all your lights manually could be a hassle sometimes.

What if you get control over your lights with a few taps on your smartphone? Is it possible? 

People ask this question over the internet- how to connect LED lights to a phone? A wide range of LED strip lights is available that you can control through your phone. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-featured strip lights make it possible.

This post will discuss different ways to connect an LED light to a phone.  

how to connect an led light to a phone (5)

Ways to Connect LED Lights to a Smartphone 

If you are a first-time buyer, learn what kind of LED strip lights can connect to a phone. 

Can an ordinary light get connected? No, only those that come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth features. 

So whenever you shop for an LED strip light, check with these specifications. 

Let us discuss different methods to control LED lights with a phone.

How do I connect my LED lights to the Phone through Bluetooth?

Introduced in 1999, Bluetooth is still a primary technology. It helps you share voice, music, and information data from one device to another without a cable. 

Nevertheless, over the years, technology has evolved. Today, Bluetooth has been used in home automation devices as well.

Bluetooth-enabled LED strip lights are a perfect example of it. These lights allow you to control them remotely via a smartphone or voice command.

Let us learn how to connect LED Lights to a phone with Bluetooth. Check out the following steps.

Get a Bluetooth-Enabled LED Strip Light

First, buy a high-quality LED strip light that supports Bluetooth. Therefore, you can connect it to the Bluetooth of your mobile.

If you are an LED strip light supplier and need guidance on importing lights from China, we recommend reading our guide

Switch On Your Light

Connect your LED strip light to the main switch and turn it on. Make sure you make all connections as per the instruction of your LED strip light manufacturer

The controller box, power adapter, etc., must be properly connected. 

We recommend switching on the light manually for the first time.

Install the App on Your Smart Device

No matter what LED strip light you buy, you will get a particular app to operate it. The name of the application will be on the packaging of your light. 

If you do not find it in the packaging box, check out the user manual. See the official website of the product as well.

Nowadays, LED strip light manufacturers give QR codes on the packaging box. You can scan this code from your smart device and download the app. 

Sometimes, there are different apps for Android or iPhone users. So you need to check it.

how to connect an led light to a phone

Connect the App

Once you have downloaded the app, it will show on your smartphone like other applications. Open it up and give the required permissions. 

Switch on your phone’s Bluetooth and follow the information popping up in the app. It will automatically connect your phone to the Bluetooth of the light. 

If it does not connect, try another way. Go to ‘My Devices‘ in your Bluetooth settings and connect it to the appropriate device. 

If you do not find your light name in the ‘My Devices’ option, make a fresh connection.

Use the Application

Once your device is connected, give the app a try. Depending on the interface of the app, you may find different options on the app to control your light. 

You will get an option for dimming, color changing, switching on and off, and more.

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How do I connect my LED lights to the phone through Wi-Fi?

Like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi is also a way to connect lights to a phone. Today, all smart electronics and electrical devices come with Wi-Fi features, and LED strip lights are no exception. 

You can buy these Wi-Fi-controlled strip lights online or from physical stores. 

Let us learn the connecting process through EZ mode. It is a way of connecting the device using a Wi-Fi network.

Download the Appropriate Application

Once you have purchased a Wi-Fi LED strip light, you need to download its particular application. 

Depending on your phone operating system, you can download it from Google Play Store or the iOS store. 

If the QR code is available, you can directly access the app. It is the same method we mentioned in the Bluetooth connecting procedure.

Do Settings in Your Strip Light

Turn your LED strip light On. Check the power button on the control system of your light. 

Long press it for about 3 seconds to enable its Wi-Fi. The light will flash twice every second. It is a sign that Wi-Fi has been permitted.

Connecting the Light to Application

Go to the app and do registration with your email/username and password. You have to create your username and password as we do with every application. 

Upon registration, login into the app. Now look for the “+” sign on the app. 

In most cases, it is in the upper right corner. Click on it and connect to the Wi-Fi network of your strip. Your Wi-Fi connection will show.

Connect to it by using your username and password. 

Take Control of Your Light

Now you can switch On and Off your light from your smartphone. Apart from this, you can choose various color combinations and set your light to daylight, cool light, warm light, and more.

how to connect an led light to a phone (4)

Connecting the Light through Access Point (AP) Mode

Several people complain that they cannot connect their lights to their phones with EZ mode. If you are facing this trouble, try AP mode.

AP mode, also known as Access Point Mode, works as a doorway for connection. It ensures easy connection for different devices. Let us get to know how we can use this method.

  • If your application shows the connection failed through EZ mode, Go to the Add device option on your application again. 
  • On the right top, click on the AP mode.
  • Next, you have to repeat the same method you did for the EZ mode. 
  • There is a Config button on the in-line remote of your light. Press and hold it for about 3 seconds. If you notice the light flashing slowly, press the confirm button.
  • Now come to the app on your smartphone. Select your Wi-Fi network and confirm it by entering the password. Next, connect your smartphone to your light’s Wi-Fi.
  • You might see the popup message: there is no internet. You have to confirm that you want to connect to this Wi-Fi network.
  • If you get any error, we advise you to connect your device to your home Wi-Fi.
  • Once the connection is formed, you will see the message Device Connected Successfully. 

You can change the name of your LED light by clicking on the pencil icon. If you use multiple lights in your house, give them different names. For example, you can rename them as bedroom lights, lobby lights, etc.

Some people ask if they can connect their ordinary LED strip lights to their phones. If you are one of them, try using an external Wi-Fi controller. You can buy it online and connect it to your LED strip light. 

Advantages of Smartphone-controlled LED strip lights

It’s in Trend

It might not be a good reason for some of you. However, it is a reality that remotely controlled LED lights are in trend. After all, they are convenient to use. 

Nowadays, people prefer using devices that they can operate through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or voice command. 

Wi-Fi-enabled doorbells, spotlight cameras, HVAC systems, and smart locks are good examples.

Individuals have also started using lights that can be controlled remotely.

Better Control on Brightness and Color

These LED lights let you control their brightness and color remotely. You can make your LED strip lights dimmable or change their color while lying in your bed. 

Is it not a great thing?

The control is so specified that you can even select a particular hue of color and light. In short, you can make an adjustment based on the requirement.

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Scheduling of Light

Another feature people get attracted to these LED lights is that they can schedule them. 

You can set a timer for your lights to turn them On and Off at a particular time. Moreover, there are lights that can adjust their thermostat based on the usage or occupancy of the room. 

You do not have to be concerned about forgetting to turn off your lights when you leave the house. 

These lights come with sensors for intermittent shutting and avoiding overheating. Using these lights, you can save on your electricity bill as well. 

So these are a few ways to pair your LED lights to your phone. It is crucial that you buy strip lights from a reputable supplier. Always choose certified and quality-tested products. They should meet international standards and come with a warranty.

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