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LED strip lights are in demand worldwide. After all, these luminaries enhance the ambiance of residential, architectural, and commercial spaces. They make homes, offices, public buildings, and other structures more vibrant and appealing. Some individuals also use LED strip lights in various DIY projects.

Today, LED strip lights to have applications in a wide range of projects. And why not? They are easy to install, adjustable, and available in various colors and sizes.

If you are looking for an LED strip manufacturer or supplier, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of 7 leading LED strip light companies worldwide.

Whether you are an architect, engineer, wholesaler or retailer, you can check out their inventory. Learn their prices and buy quality LED strip lights.

So, without further ado, let us get to know about them.

rgbw 60led

1. GE Lighting

GE Lighting is one of the oldest LED strip light manufacturers and suppliers in the United States. It is a part of Savant Systems Inc., headquartered in Ohio, United States.

Established in 1876, GE Lighting produces a wide range of lighting products. The company traces its roots back to Thomas Edison’s lighting research in the 19th century.

The LED strip light is one of its primary products. The LED strip light manufacturer provides you with several types of strip lights. The best thing is that you can cut or extend strips to fit your project.

Their strip lights come with features like dim and brighten, scheduling, and more. Their other major products include LED smart bulbs, LED grow lights, vintage LEDs, and sun-filled LEDs. Apart from lights, GE Lighting also sells sensors, fixtures, switches, remotes, and CNYC smart cameras.

GE Lighting has been serving the lighting industry for more than 130 years. The company provides its retail partners and customers with innovative and valuable products.

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2. Flexfire LEDs

Flexfire LEDs is one of the most popular LED strip light manufacturers and distributors across the world.

Flexfire LEDs has headquarters in Costa Mesa, California, United States. The company makes a wide range of interior and exterior LED strip lights.

The company produces strip lights for residential, architectural, and commercial applications. Therefore, notable design and construction companies worldwide trust this strip light supplier.

Flexfire LEDs offers a wide range of products that are well-liked by consumers. These include static white LED strips, RGB, RGBW color-changing lights, and single-color strips.

Aside from strip lighting kits, the company also sells control sensors and power supplies.

Flexfire LEDs designs its LEDs for proper color rendering (CRI up to 99), brightness, and consistency. The company claims to design its LED strip lights for prolonged use. As a result, they offer a 15-year warranty on most of its LED strip lighting products.

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3. Darkless

Darkless is one of the reputed LED strip light manufacturers from China. The company has been supplying its products to all primary locations worldwide. Apart from strip lights, the company also makes sterilization lamps, LED plant grow lights, and more.

If you are wondering about how to import LED strips from China in 2022, read this comprehensive guide.

Darkless has been making international-standard strip lights for 20 years. Today, the company has 1000+ global partners and 50+ original design patents. All their products are allergy-free, powder-free, and latex-free.

Besides this, Darkless strip lights do not cause color temperature drift and chromatic aberration. The LED strip manufacturer has a spacious LED strip factory in Jiangmen, covering an area of 10,000+ sqm. On average, the company produces 20+ million pieces of LED lighting products per year.

Darkless supplies LED strip lights in 100+ countries. Their strip lights have been used in various commercial spaces. For example, in schools, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels, etc.

Darkless is a trustworthy LED Strip light supplier. It has cooperative Research and Development cooperation with South China Agricultural University, National Science and Technology Agency.

The company allows you to check the quality of strip lights before purchasing in bulk. The company offers free samples. You also get efficient after-sales service and on-time product delivery. Their support staff is available 24/7 for your service.

Darkless has cooperated with several internationally renowned brands in different industries. These include Marriott, Epistar, OSRAM, JCL Philippines, and more. The strip light supplier gives you a 5-year warranty on strip lights.

Furthermore, you get after-sales service. If you have any query or question about warranty, return, or replacement, you ask their after-sales team.

Darkless gives your peace of mind. After all, they carry quality inspections for each step. No matter, whether it is packaging, shipping, and transportation. As per the demand of customers, the company can customize the exclusive packaging boxes and labels.

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4. HitLights

HitLights is another popular LED strip light manufacturer on the list. The company came into existence in 2010 as a result of the Business Incubator Program of Louisiana State University.

The company has its head office in Baton Rouge, LA, United States. Today, the company is a primary player in the American strip lighting LED market. It has a partnership with several contractors, electricians, designers, and fabrication firms.

HitLights makes LED strip lights for industrial as well as residential purposes. People can use their strip lights in homes, offices, art projects, and various other commercial spaces. The company has knowledgeable LED experts designing energy-efficient for different applications.

The company has UL-certified LED strip light factory that ensures that all its products are safe.

The company has a wide range of strip lights for different purposes. Depending on your project type, you can place an order for single-color, multi-color, indoor, and outdoor LED strips. They also have high density and IP-rated waterproof LED strip lights.

Read our post if you are wondering how to choose the waterproof IP rating for LED light strips.

The company also sells portable batteries, dimmable drivers, and RGB and dimmer controllers.

The LED strip light manufacturer gives you a 3 -5 year warranty on its products. For extra peace of mind, the company also offers 30-day money-back guarantee.

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5. Mineglow

Mineglow is among the largest LED strip light suppliers in the world. This Australia-based company was founded by Roy and Carinne in 2014. The company has headquarters in Brisbane, Sydney.

Mineglow is worldwide popular for its revolutionary industrial LED strip lighting solutions. It is the first corporation in Australia to produce LED strip lights for underground mining in Australia.

At present, Mineglow has been making LED strip lights for industries such as mining, tunneling, oil and gas, coal ports, and conveyors. The company produced the world’s first explosive-proof LED strip light certified by ATEX and EXM IECEx.

The LED strip light supplier provides high-quality strip lights. Their lights meet Australian and International standards. Furthermore, their lights can bear extreme temperatures.

Besides lights, the company sells various LED strip light accessories. For instance, retailers can buy power supplies, UPVC channels, and repair & connector kits.

Mineglow has been supplying strip lights to various prestigious companies. Some noteworthy names include Evolution, Glencore, RUC Cementation Mining, Anglo American, and more.

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6. Diodeled

Diodeled is among the notable RGB LED strip manufacturers headquartered in Nevada, United States. The company sells its LED lighting products through distributors and retail outlets.

The company produces LED strip lights of different outputs, colors, and performances. You can get a warranty of up to 12 years, depending on the LED tape and strip light you buy. They have precision-engineered, high-density tape lights.

Diodeled also makes LED fixtures, mounting channels, LED power supplies, LED switches, and dimmers. Diodeled produces lighting products for homes, offices, hospitals, public buildings, bridges, and more.

Diodeled is the leading LED strip light supplier in the United States. Their strip light factory equips modern equipment to make safe yet performance-efficient products.

Diodeleds has tie-ups with Several renowned architects, lighting designers, and general contractors.

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7. Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands is one of the leading providers of industrial and commercial lighting. It is also the top LED light manufacturer in North America.

Established in 2001, the company has headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Neil Ashe is the CEO of the company.

The company designs and makes lighting products for residential, industrial, and institutional use. Their product range includes luminaires, lighting components, controls, and integrated lighting systems.

Acuity Brands has more than 13,000 employees across 7 countries. The company is also on the NYS stock exchange.

So these are some of the top LED strip light manufacturers/suppliers in the world. They have years of industry experience and offer international-standard LED strip lights. You can contact their sales team to learn more about their inventory and prices.

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