Does an LED Strip Light Attract Spiders?

does an led strip light attract spiders

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From highlighting signages to decorating building exteriors, people have been using LED strip lights in several ways. However, there is a question people keep asking over the internet. And that is – does an LED strip light attract spiders?

Yes, I have seen a lot of spiders around my LED strip light installed in the garden. Nevertheless, I noticed that they come after bugs (their food) who like the warmth of the light. 

What I can say is that it is true that strip lights entice spiders, but they are not directly responsible for it.

In this blog post, I will discuss some potential reasons why spiders get attracted to LED lights. Apart from this, we will learn ways to keep them away. 

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

does an led strip light attract spiders

Why do Spiders Get Attracted to LED Strip Lights?

There are several possible reasons for it. I have put together some common reasons below. 

Insects/Bugs Draw Their Attention Toward Them

It is one of the primary reasons spiders get attracted to an LED strip light. Various insects are drawn to an LED strip light due to its warmth and brightness. And spiders come near the light to eat them. 

It means your LED strip light acts like a food chain for spiders. So whenever you see these unwelcome guests around your light, there is a good chance that they are hungry.

LED Strip Lights Give Spiders a Cozy Environment

If there are no insects near your light and you still notice spiders, the heat of your strip light could be the culprit. 

While LED strip lights do not heat like conventional lights, they produce a little heat. Spiders like this warmth. They feel comfortable and cozy. 

During the night, when the temperature drops down, LED strip lights provide warmth to spiders. 

Usually, you will see them sitting around the light till the morning. They feel and find heat-emitting objects due to their thermal receptors

If you are wondering how much heat an LED strip light produces, read this post.

Spiders Can Feel the Mild vibration of LED Strip Lights

An LED strip light produces a tiny amount of moving heat that causes delicate vibrations. This shaking is so subtle that you and I cannot feel it. 

Nevertheless, spiders can sense it – thanks to the sensitive hairs on their legs. Spiders do not move toward the LED strip light willingly. However, if they are close to a light source, they will sense the moving heat and try to come close to it.

does an led strip light attract spiders #2

What Colors are Attractive to Spiders?

Not only humans but spiders also find colorful lights attractive.

LED strip lights come in a wide range of colors. Do you know some colors that draw the attention of spiders? 

Every color in an LED light emits a certain level of heat. And this level of heat influences the number of spiders. It means the color, which produces more energy, can attract more spiders.

Generally, the colors that fall in the shorter wavelength are more visible to spiders and bugs. 

Wavelength is a light within the electromagnetic spectrum. It indicates the light that is visible to human eyes. 

Green and ultraviolet are primary colors that fall under this wavelength. These color lights are more visible to bugs. Therefore, they get attracted to them. 

Spiders are born with dichromatic vision. Therefore, they can see green and ultraviolet colors. However, green is their favorite color. 

In addition, cool white light can also invite insects like flying pests, mosquitoes, moths, and others.

So if your LED strip light has more green color lights, it may attract insects and spiders. Such lights help insects to navigate at night also. 

Now you know what colors spiders like. Let us learn what colors they do not like.

What Color Lights do Spiders Hate?

Amber, yellow, and red LED strip lights are less visible to bugs. You will see some spiders if you use strip lighting in these hues.

However, the one color that spiders hate most is Blue. While there is no evident reason behind it, spiders do not like the blue color at all. 

According to one theory, because spiders have receptors on their eyes, their brain gives them a signal to release venom during the dark. Because blue light blocks other colors, strip lights of blue color might aggravate spiders.

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Ways to Keep Spiders Away from LED Strip Lights

I do not hate spiders as long as they are not trying to come near me. However, if your strip light installed in the living or bedroom attracts too many spiders, it can be problematic. 

No one likes to wake up at midnight with a featherlike sensation on their body.

Below are a few tried-and-tested methods to prevent spiders around strip lights.

Use Insecticide around Your LED Strip Lights

As mentioned above, spiders come near lights following their food (insects). If you can find a way to keep insects away from LED lights, you have won half of the battle. 

Spraying insecticide is one good way to keep bugs at bay. You can use it around your strip lights. Do not spray it straight on the light. You have to use it on its surroundings. 

Avoid overdoing it if you have installed strip lights inside your house. 

For example, I have LED strip lights installed on the balcony. I spray insecticide during the day when I don’t have to use the balcony area.

Read some clever ways to keep bugs away from an LED light. When you learn ways to deal with insects, you can prevent spiders.

does an led strip light attract spiders #6

Use Strip Light with Wavelength of 700nm 

It is another practical way to prevent spiders from coming near your lights. Use LED strip lights with a wavelength above 700 nm. 

According to a study by Amy Chang and Chris Fang, spiders have spectral sensitivity to light ranges between 300 nm to 700 nm. 

So if you are using lights above that range, it can be problematic for spiders to see their food.

does an led strip light attract spiders #4

Stick Strip Light at Appropriate Locations

I would suggest you choose locations smartly for your lights. Consider the places at your house where bugs are less likely to come. 

For example, you can use them in your living area, bedroom, etc. Avoid the kitchen, garden, etc. Insects can come there in search of food, and spiders will follow them.

Try Using Citronella Candles

Citronella is an essential oil made from the concentration of Cymbopogon. The oil is the main ingredient in several perfumery chemicals, including citronellal, geraniol, and more. 

Citronella oil works as an excellent insect repellent. You can try lighting up citronella candles near your lights to prevent insects. 

Usually, I light up this candle at the entrance and windows of my house.

Clean Your Space 

Ensure the area around the LED strip light is clean enough. There should be no food particles left. 

If you have LED strip lights in the kitchen, ensure the sink is clean. In addition, ensure you dispose of all the trash before sleeping.

If you can prevent insects and bugs from coming to your house, it will naturally reduce the number of spiders.

If you notice dust particles near your LED strip light, clean it. In case you need to remove the strip, go for it. Clean your strip from both sides and re-fix it with the help of double tape. 

Be careful when removing it. Otherwise, it can cause damage to your wall’s paint. If you do not know how to remove the LED strip light from the wall, read this post.

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Switch off Your Strip Light

If it is just one or two predators (spiders) roaming around, you can do this trick. Switch off your strip light for a minute or two. Let spiders go. In the absence of food, they won’t stay there. 

Use Fly Swatter

I prefer to use fly swatter for places where I can’t use insecticide, such as my bedroom, living room, etc. 

All-in-all, I would say an LED strip light does attract spiders, but not directly. They are not interested in lights. In most cases, they come near light because of insects.

However, strip lights do not seem to draw as many spiders as regular incandescent bulbs. It is because LED strip lights do not produce high heat like them.  

I use yellow strip light that gives a goldish tint. It helps me keep spiders away and create a sophisticated environment too.

Keep your windows and the main entrance closed, especially in the evening. At this time, insects enter the home. As dark prevails outside, insects try to come close to the lights in the house.

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