13  Amazing Bedroom LED Light Ideas for a Pleasant Ambiance 

bedroom led light

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The bedroom is one of the most significant personal spaces in our house. It is where we sleep, relax, study and escape from the stress of day-to-day routine. 

So why not make it a dream bedroom with beautiful LED lights

Below we have put together some of the best bedroom LED light ideas. These will help you make your chamber more eye-appealing, relaxing, and delightful. 

bedroom led light

13 Spots to Install/Stick LED Lights in Your Bedroom

Background Wall of Your Bed

The wall behind your bed is a notable space in your bedroom. With minor customization, it can make your overall room more stylish. 

If you want to give your bed area a romantic atmosphere, install LED lights at the back wall of your bed. 

Strip lights on the background wall of your bed will turn your ordinary bedroom into a magical personal space. 

Furthermore, these lights will give you a sense of security. After all, they will work as table lamps too. 

If you want to avoid the lengthy process of installing LEDs behind your bed, you can opt for LED strip lights. Installing LED strip lights is straightforward. Pull off their adhesive from the back, cut it as per the required length, and stick them behind your bed.

bedroom led light #3

The Ceiling of Your Bedroom

Some people do not realize it, but the ceiling can become the most impressive area of your bedroom. When you are lying in bed, your eyes will naturally go toward the ceiling. 

So why not make some effort to decorate it? 

Eye-appealing ceiling LED lights can add charm to your bedroom. A well-installed light can offer another dimension to your space. 

You can affix LEDs on the hidden areas of your false ceiling so that light does not fall on your eyes directly. No, LED lights do not cause any harm to the eyes until you are staring at them continuously for a long time. However, avoid direct contact.

To give your space a unique appearance, combine LED lights that are bright and dark.

bedroom led light #6

Backlight Your TV or Computer

If you have a TV or computer desk in your bedroom, don’t forget to backlight them. It will enhance the aesthetics of your room. At the same time, it will minimize eye strain while watching the screen. 

Moreover, the screen image will look richer due to the enhanced contrast.

Depending on your choice, you can install an LED strip light or an accent light. However, with strip light, you can cut it according to the length of your TV or computer frame. However, first, learn how to cut a LED strip light.

Beneath Your Bed

It is another one of the best bedroom LED light ideas you must try. LED lights beneath your bed will take your bedroom aesthetics to the next level. 

Under-bed lights provide a pleasing and warm glow to your bed. If you wake up at night, the light will help you move around in the dark. 

Under-bed lights are available in a wide range of designs. Choose them as per your color preference, style, features, budget, and bed size. There are lights that you control with your voice.

bedroom led light #5

On Windows

You can give your bedroom the feel of a luxury-end hotel by installing LED lights on its windows. It will also work as backlighting for your curtains. We recommend choosing light colors as per the color of your curtains. It will help you create a beautiful color scheme. You can go for LED light with dimming capabilities for more control over brightness.

Study Table

If you have a reading corner or study area in your bedroom, you can also illuminate it with LED lights. LED floor lamps are ideal for this situation. They look futuristic and come with several features and color combinations. 

You can also buy a directional LED lamp. It can produce lights in any designated direction. If you want direct light on your laptop or book, it will be beneficial.

On Indoor Plants

If you have kept indoor plants in your bedroom, don’t forget to decorate them with LED lights. Any regular LED lights can transform the appearance of your plants, but if you want your house plants to thrive as well, choose LED Grow lights. These lights offer a sun-like spectrum to plants.

If you have no idea how to use LED grow lights and how close they need to be, do some research on the internet. They ensure the optimum growth of your plants.

DIY Artworks on Wall

If you are creative or know how to play with LED strip lights, you can make your bedroom more inviting. The good thing is that you don’t need to spend a huge amount of money on these lights. 

One popular DIY idea you can try for your bedroom is making a night sky with strip lights. You can install color-changing lights on the ceiling of your bedroom to create an illusion of stars and outer space. Go for blue or deep purple lights to create a night-sky feel. Read our post i.e., How to DIY the Color of the LED strip lights for more clarity. 

bedroom led light #4

On the Corners of Your Bedroom

If you have got bored with the dark and haunting corners of your bedroom, highlight them with LED lights. LED floor lights can add interest to the corners of your room. Always invest in color-changing lights so that you can match them with the color of your bedding and bedroom walls.

Also, incorporating  LED skirting board allows for an atmospheric and ambient lighting effect that effortlessly illuminates the corner portions of your bedroom.

Around Dressing Table

If you have a dressing table in your bedroom, you can make it more stylish and elegant with LED strip lights. You can affix strip lights either in front or back of the mirror. These lights will work as supplementary lights. And if you make TikTok videos or take mirror pictures, it will give a special effect.

On Your Closet

If you do not find your closet attractive enough, you can install LED strip lights. Depending on the style and interior of your wardrobe, you can choose warm white or daylight LED lights. 

The good thing about strip lights is that they do not take up extra space. Simply unwrap the strip and stick it to the wall of your closet. You can install lights above, beneath, and inside your closet. 

If you stick lights inside your closet, you can see your clothes in the dark. Moreover, shadows of ceiling light won’t disrupt you any more. 

bedroom led light

Illuminate The Architecture of Your Bedroom

If you find ceiling and wall lighting harsh on the eyes, you can install LED lighting into the interior architecture of your room. 

For example, you can highlight the corner of the false ceiling and your bedside table. It will create a soft glowing atmosphere at night and promote healthy sleep. For more user-friendliness, get lights with dimming and color-changing features. 

Light Up Your Drawers 

Make your ordinary drawers luxurious by installing LED lights inside them. It will offer a sophisticated look to your drawers. And at the same time, it will illuminate dark corners. 

You can use LED lights with motion sensors. So whenever you open your drawer, they will light up. It means you do not need to turn on lights at night when taking essentials out of the drawer.    

bedroom led light #2

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing LED lights for your Bedroom


LED lights are available in a wide range of lumen capacities. The brightness of LED lights is measured by lumens. Generally, a bedroom requires less brightness, in comparison to the kitchen and living room. 

As a result, buy a strip light with dimming capability. It will help you adjust the brightness to a level pleasing to your eyes. Besides this, the dimmer will also help save energy.


Like lumens, LED strip lights come in a wide range of color combinations. Depending on the style of your bedroom, you can go for RGB, natural white, warm white, and other LED lights. Since the bedroom is a place for resting, choose soothing colors. An amber light could be a good choice. It creates a cozy environment, which is pleasant for sleep.


Don’t forget to check out if your bedroom lights provide you with an app control, remote control, or voice control features. This alone will make your lights exceptionally user-friendly. You will be able to On/Off and control the brightness and colors of your light from a distance.


Safety is another aspect you should keep in mind when selecting an LED light for your bedroom. Make sure your LED strip lights meet all international safety standards. It is advisable to purchase them from a reputable LED strip light manufacturer. Also, check for their IP ratings. These ratings show their protection capabilities against liquid, dust, and solid objects.

So these are a few bedroom LED light ideas that you can try to make your bedroom more inviting and impressive. If you want LED strip light ideas for the entire house, read this post.

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