How UVC Disinfection Lights Can Make Indoor Air Safe To Breathe?

uv c disinfection lights

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One of the simplest and most amazing feelings we can experience is breathing in fresh, unadulterated air. Generally, we associate clean and pure air with some outdoor place away from our everyday lives, but why not bring clean air to your home?

Air purifiers exist in many forms, and all exist to provide clean air by purifying indoor air. Air purifiers have now been around for some time, and most people are familiar with how they work and what they are. In this article, we will be looking at UV-C disinfection lights and how they work. UV-C disinfection lights serve the same purpose as many other air purifiers; to clean and purify the air. So how do they work, and how can they make the air better to breathe in?

How do UV-C lights work?

It might seem pretty far-fetched for some people to think that lights can kill bacteria and make the air cleaner to breathe, but the way UV-C lights work is very interesting and practical at the same time. UV-C lights emit ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength ranging between 200-280 nanometers. UV radiation within this range damages the genetic material of the harmful bacteria and viruses found in the air. The damage to the genetic material of these harmful bacteria and viruses ensures that they can not reproduce, and that eliminates their ability to cause disease or infection.

UV-C lights aim to kill or inactivate harmful bacteria and viruses, which makes them different from many other purifiers like the commonly found HEPA filters. This does not mean that they are outright better, but it is still important to note that they attack the viruses.

uv c disinfection lights

How are UV-C lights used?

For use in air disinfection, UV-C lights are commonly installed in air filtration systems. The location is crucial because you want them to be installed in a place where they can properly clean and disinfect the air. You can find UV-C lights in two forms, coil sterilization, and air sterilization. The coil sterilization ones are typically installed near an HVAC coil, and the air sterilization one is in the ductwork to treat the air as it passes through the system.

One vital thing to note is that UV-C lights should always be installed safely and correctly to prevent them from being damaged and to protect you as the user. You want the person installing your UV-C lights to be trained at what they are doing and be familiar with the technology they are working with. UV-C lights also require regular checks to ensure they function as intended. For optimal performance, regular maintenance is a must.

Important things to remember regarding UV-C lights

For people wanting to install UV-C lights in their homes or offices, you must be fully aware of all the goods and also the limitations and issues you might run into. One of the most significant issues you might find is the availability of components related to UV-C lights, as they are increasing in popularity but not in all places worldwide. You will be able to find a lot of what you need in an electronic components shop, but for some components, you might need to go to a specific supplier.

UV-C lights can also be harmful in some cases when not installed correctly. As humans, UV-C lights won’t damage or cause us harm unless we are exposed to them for long periods. Improper installation that exposes humans to the lights can be dangerous sometimes and should be avoided.

Lastly, the fact that UV-C lights kill bacteria and viruses is a positive most of the time, but there can be the drawback of UV-C light not being able to kill all viruses or bacteria. When COVID came around, UV-C lights saw a large spike in popularity due to many people looking at them to help decrease the spread of COVID. The lights are not a definitive solution to COVID, but they can help and alongside other tools, are very useful.

UV-C lights, in general, are most effective when used alongside other air purifiers and technology. Air purifiers are usually most effective when used in conjunction with other devices and technology, as various devices can mask each other’s weaknesses and limitations.

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