FAR Disinfection UVC 222nm Tube Lamp

  • The 222nm far-ultraviolet lamp can be safely used in various places, can coexist with man and machine, and will not harm human health when used.
  • Recent studies have shown that the 222rm ultra-violet lamp has the smallest health risk to human skin or eyes, and can be used in densely populated places such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, hotels, airports, restaurants, etc.
  • It can reach 100% output in less than a second, while traditional germicidal lamps only start at 50% output, and it takes several minutes to achieve 100% output.

FAR 222nm UVC Lamp





sterilization area

60 M2

Product reality

FAR Disinfection UVC 222nm Tube Lamp Product Details


1. How many sterilization modes do a sterilization lamp have?
    Have two ways:  UV   and    Ozone

2. What’s the difference between them?
    *UV : wavelength: 253.7nm     How to Sterilize: ultraviolet radiation to sterilize,  Destroy or change DNA      Type: Physical
    *Ozone :wavelength: 185nm      How to Sterilize: It turns oxygen into ozone ( O2→O3 ),  Strong oxidation      Type: Chemical

3. How does the sterilization lamp work?
    Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps are made using a lower mercury vapor pressure.10-2pa) are activated to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines: one is a wavelength of 253.7nm; The other is at 185nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye.

4. What are their advantages and disadvantages?
    *UV :Advantage: Simple, convenient, broad-spectrum and efficient, without secondary pollution, go inside the room immediately after turn off light(Disadvantage: Cannot kill all the bacteria and viruses where is out of light range, the shadow place might rest of bacteria).
    *Ozone :Advantage: O3 can kill all bacteria and viruses in the air(Disadvantage: O3 is dangerous for the body, people need around 15-30mints to open window for ventilation)

5. Can I choose UV+Ozone?
     No, because they are indifferent wavebands, they cannot exist at the same time. (UVC: 253.7nm; Ozone:185nm)You can choose UV or Ozone according to your needs.

6. What is the workflow of sterilization lamps?
    *UV: Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—Enter the room
    *Ozone: Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—Open windows for ventilation 15-30mins—Enter the room

7. Why is the tube of sterilization lamp quartz glass?
     Because UV can only penetrate quartz glass, can not penetrate any other material.

8. What function does the sterilization lamp have with the sensor?
     The function of PIR sensor: when lamp lighting, if people within 5 meters distance of lamp, the lamp will power off automatically; When people left, the lamp will restart after about 55 seconds automatically.

9. Does the sterilization lamp have a timing function?
    Yes, adjustable 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes.

10. Can people stay in the room while the sterilization lamp is working?
     No, both UV and Ozone harm the human body.

Details about FAR Disinfection UVC 222nm Tube Lamp

About the 222nm far UVC Radiation

Japan’ s Kobe University and Ushio, the Japan-based LED component maker find 222nm UVC Radiation Safe for Human Skin.  Researchers found that a smaller wavelength of 222nm is comparable to 254nm in terms of ability to eradicate bacteria on human skin –After testing on irradiating the mice, it’s found that 222nm UVC does not induce an inflammatory response in mouse skin and eyes.Setting the same dose of the UV lights, it found that there’ s obvious inflammatory under the irradiating of 254nm UVC, but 222nm UVC itself is much less inflammatory.


Comparison of cross-sectional images of tIVC-induced pre-mutagenic skin lesions CPD (cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer) and 6-4PP (photoproduct) in the back epidermis of mice. The doses of254f11222 nml are 157 mJ/ cm2.

The average percentage of dimeric keratinocytes measured in the DNA damage before UVC-induced mutagenesis in 9 fields randomly selected for each mouse.Under the con of UV ultravio light has a stro than 254nm.

Wavelength 222nm Far UV light canbe aborbed by the dead skin cells, but cannot be penetrated to the corneum. And canbe aborbed by the outer surface of the Keratitis,which is much less likely to cause cataracts.

Our Certificate

CE / UL / TUV / ROHS / FCC / MSDS / EPA / Gmicro Testing Certified.


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