UV Mosquito Repellent Devices

The use of high-efficiency mosquito-trapping lamps or violet LEDs has a high-efficiency attracting effect on mosquitoes, and can instantly kill flying mosquitoes through high-voltage electrostatic shock.


2W, 4W, 6W, 8W, 2×10W, 2×15W, 2×20W




1 Year

Light Source

LED UV Tube, T8/BL UV Tube



High Voltage Output




Details about UV Mosquito Repellent Devices

Mosquito Repellent Devices is divided into 3 series: Iron Man Series, Spiderman Series, Batman Series.

1. Iron Man Series

iron man series

2. Spiderman Series

spiderman series

3. Batman Series

batman series

How to Use & Scope

1. Place the mosquito repellent devices in an open space one meter high. When the environment is dark and static, the mosquito repellent devices has the fastest mosquito killing speed and the best effect.

2. The use area is 50㎡-60㎡ indoors and 100㎡ outdoors. For the first time use, it is best to choose when it is just dark in the evening, close the doors and windows or screen doors and screen windows, turn off the lights and leave, concentrate on killing mosquitoes for 2-3 hours, and return indoors Non-stop, until the next morning, for 1-2 weeks.

Specification2 X 10W2 X 15W2 X 20W


1. After the mosquito repellent devices is lit, there should be no other light sources in the room, otherwise it will affect the mosquito repellent devices effect.

2. When the mosquito repellent device is working, it is normal for mosquitoes and flies to make a “crack” sound when it shocks the electric net.

3. Mosquitoes on the power grid should be cleaned frequently, the power supply should be disconnected when cleaning, and the product should not be washed in water.

4. The mosquito repellent devices should be placed in a place that children can’t touch. When working, you can’t reach into the high-voltage mesh with your hands to avoid high-voltage electric shock.

5. Mosquito repellent devices will produce electric shock sparks when working, so all places and places with large dust, flammable and explosive possibilities are strictly prohibited to use to avoid accidents.

6. The mosquito repellent devices that has just been unplugged should not be touched by the human body. It needs to be discharged first, or it can be touched after standing for 10 minutes.

Plug type

uv mosquito repellent devices plug type                                                 uv mosquito repellent devices plug type #2

Our Certificate

CE / UL / TUV / ROHS / FCC / MSDS / EPA / Gmicro Testing Certified.


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