Quartz tube disinfection UVC Lamp 18W/26W/38W/50W 254nm 220V/110V

The function of PIR sensor: When lamp lighting,if people within 5 meters distance of lamp,lamp will power off automatically;When people left,the lamp will restart after about 55 seconds automatically.


Quartz tube disinfection lamp (no ozone) Sensor


18/26W:100*100*310MM, 38/50W:100*100*482MM

Optical Band

254nm (UV Sterilization)


Hardware + baking paint

Remote control

Adjustable 15-30-60 minutes

Light Source type

Quartz ultraviolet light source




1 year




18/26W:15, 38/50W:18


18/26W:17, 38/50W:20

Product Details


1.How many sterilization modes does a sterilization lamp?

 Have two ways :  UV   and    Ozone

2.What’s the difference between them?

 UV : wavelength: 253.7nm

          How to Sterilize : ultraviolet radiation to sterilize,  Destroy or change DNA

          Sterilization Type : Physical sterilization

 Ozone :wavelength: 185nm

How to Sterilize : It turns oxygen into ozone ( O2→O3 ),  Strong oxidation

Sterilization Type : Chemical sterilization

3.How does the sterilization lamp work?

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp.Low-pressure mercury lamps are made using a lower mercury vapor pressure.10-2pa) is activated to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines: one is wavelength of 253.7nm;The other is at 185nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye.

4.What are their advantages and disadvantages?

UV:Advantage: Simple, convenient, broad-spectrum and efficient, without secondary pollution, go inside room immidiately after turn off light

       Disadvantage: Cannot kill all the bacteria and viruses where is out of light range, the shadow place might rest of bacteria.

Ozone:Advantage: O3 can kill all bacteria and viruses in the air

      Disadvantage: O3 is danger for body, people need around 15-30mints to open window for ventilation

5.Can I choose UV+Ozone ?

No, because they are in different wavebands, they cannot exist at the same time.

UVC : 253.7nm      Ozone:185nm

You can choose UV or Ozone according to your needs.

6.What is the workflow of sterilization lamp?

UV:Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—

Enter the room

Ozone:Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—

Open windows for ventilation 15-30mins—Enter the room

7.Why is the tube of sterilization lamp quartz glass?

Because UV can only penetrate quartz glass, can not penetrate any other material.

8.What function does the sterilization lamp with sensor?

The function of PIR sensor: when lamp lighting, if people within 5 meters distance of lamp, lamp will power off automatically;

When people left, the lamp will restart after about 55 seconds automatically.

9.Does the sterilization lamp have timing function?

Yes, adjustable 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes.

10.Can people stay in the room while the sterilization lamp is working?

No, both UV and Ozone harm human body.

Product Specification

Multi-function high-efficiency sterilization lamp isa new designultraviolet sterilizing lamp with the functions of sterilization, disinfection, mites removal and formaldehyde removal, mainly forhome and public environment use. Ultraviolet kill microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, sporesand other pathogens) through radiation damage to microorganisms and destroy the function of nucleic acids, to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

      Matters attention:

  1. This product is only for indoor use, to avoid moisture and vibration.
  2. Do not cover when using the lamp.
  3. People and animals are not allowed on site when using the lights,please do not look at the lamp with your eyes to avoid eyeand skin damage.
  4. Long time to contact the ultraviolet can harm to the humanbody (animal)/ eyes,so the doors and windows need to be closed when sterilization is dosed, and people and animals need to leave.
  5. After sterilization, please ventilate the space for 30-60 minutes before entering, if smell irritant smell need to extend the ventilationtime to enter again.
  6. Please wipe the lamp with a clean towel to keep the sterilization effect.
  7. Frequency of use: it is recommended to use it once or twice a week for about 30 minutes each time. 8.1n the case of remote control broken or lost, can be inserted twicein succession plug. The second time after the sterilization lamp will flash,delay 15 seconds light automatically on, work 30 minutes automatically off.
  8. Note that the remote control is used in one-to-one pairing.lt is recommended to pull the plug after use and avoid switching on and off lights with the same products in the nearby area.
  9. Buy of two or more sterilizing lamp, if one of the remote control is lost or damaged, other remote controls can be used as follows,long press the 60-minute timing button of the remote control (press it all the time), then insert the plug of the sterilizing lamp, after the light flashes for 3~5 seconds, the button can be released, indicating that the remote control and the light complete the automatic code program,and then press ON/OFF can be used normally.(Note: if one remote control is needed to control multiple lights, the disinfection lights should be separated from each other in different rooms.)
  10. Press on on/off first when using, the light will flash to indicate that the light has been turned on; Then press the button to set the timingfat the same time the light flashes),then the sterilization lamp will automatically delay the start of work after 15 seconds, after reaching the set working time will automatically dose.(the sterilizing lamp has three timing: 15/30/60 minutes, and the time set by the product will not stack)


Sensor Function
1) The indicator light flashes for 10s, and reminds people should leave as soon as possible to ensure safety;
2) When people get into the induction range, the light turns off automaticly, when people stayin the induction range activities, light keeps off, when people leave, the lights will turn on and start to steriliz 55s later after people leave;
3) Intelligent accumulation time is 60 minutes, to ensure the sterilization effect. The automatically turn off the light induction distance is 6-8 meters
4) 360 degrees of induction

Details about Quartz tube disinfection UVC Lamp 18W/26W/38W/50W 254nm 220V/110V


Transmit 253.7NM ultraviolet short wave 3600 super sterilization.
UV rays destroy biological DNA and RNA, rendering it incapable of reproduction.
Thereby dying and reaching the effect of sterilization.

Principle Of Ultraviolet Sterilization
UV is divided into four bands A / B / C / D, and band C has a bactericidal effect, among which the UV with a bactericidal capacity of about 254nm is relatively strong.

Warm Tip: when disinfecting, you should avoid looking directly at the ultraviolet lamp, and do not use the ultraviolet lamp to irradiate the human body and other animals.

Quartz tube disinfection UVC Lamp

15 minutes
General bathroom, balcony, kitchen, area of about 5 square meters, it is recommended to disinfect for 15min.
30 minutes
Bedroom, study, area 10-20m². suggest disinfection for 30 minutes.
60 minutes
Large living room with an area of 30-40m², it is recommended to disinfect for 60 minutes.

Third Gear Timing. Set the corresponding disinfection time according to the size of the space.

Our Certificate

CE / UL / TUV / ROHS / FCC / MSDS / EPA / Gmicro Testing Certified.


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