Quartz Glass Disinfection Sterilization Tube UVC

TtureUVC Quartz Glass Disinfection Sterilization Tube UVC offer almost constant UV output over their complete lifetime, for maximum security of disinfection and high system efficacy.


Quartz Glass UVC Tube


110V / 220V

Lamp holder model

G5, G13

Tube length

135mm, 212mm, 288mm, 331mm, 435mm, 589mm, 896mm, 1200mm

Tube diameter (mm)

15 (T5), 19 (T6), 19 (T6)

Current (mA)


Product Details

Product nameLamp holder modelTube lengthTube diameter (mm)PowerVoltageCurrent (mA)1 meter uv intensity μw/cm2
Quartz glass TubeG5135mm15 (T5)4W110V1709-11
Quartz glass TubeG5212mm15 (T5)6W110V16013-15
Quartz glass TubeG5288mm15 (T5)8W110V15017-20
Quartz glass TubeG5331mm19 (T6)10W110V33021-24
Quartz glass TubeG5435mm19 (T6)15W110V35033-37
Quartz glass TubeG13589mm19 (T6)20W110V36062-69
Quartz glass TubeG13896mm19 (T6)30W110V37085-90
Quartz glass TubeG131200mm19 (T6)40W110V440120-130

Product Manual

There is a kind of glass that penetrates ultraviolet ray, namely the borosilicate glass that says commonly, its to ultraviolet ray transmittance is about 60% of quartz glass,Its manufacturing processes are the same as energy-saving lamps, It can be mass-produced on a production line, making it far less expensive than a sterilizing lamp made of quartz glass, Of course, its performance is far less than quartz sterilization lamp.

Performance in the following aspects:

  • The transmittance is different. In the same specification and tested by the same ballast, the ultraviolet intensity of the quartz glass sterilizing lamp is more than 1.5 times that of the borosilicate glass sterilizing lamp.
  • Borosilicate glass glass lamp uv light intensity is very easy to decay, it lit a few hundred hours after its uv light intensity drops sharply, down to the initial 50-70%. In the user use process, although see the light tube is still bright, but it may have no effect.

However, the light attenuation degree of quartz glass is much less than that of high boron lamp. If the production process is passed, for example, the light attenuation of RuiSente ultraviolet quartz lamp will be reduced to 80% to 70% at the beginning after 4000-5000 hours of lighting. As long as the lamp is not put out, the light attenuation will become smaller and smaller.

If the sterilizing lamp is used on the production line, it is recommended to replace it after 4000 hours of continuous use. If it is a family or kindergarten user, not continuous use of the case, it is recommended to replace once a year.

  • Another feature of quartz sterilizing lamps is their ability to emit ozone. Due to the high ultraviolet transmittance of quartz glass to short-wave 185nm, the 185nm ultraviolet ionized air has a very strong ability to produce ozone. The high concentration of ozone is harmful to human body and can only be used when no one is around.

Ozone can also be sterilized, disinfection, can make up for the ultraviolet rays only along the straight line, disinfection has the disadvantage of dead place. Some occasions can not have ozone, can use 254nm ultraviolet sterilization lamp, that is, commonly said no ozone sterilization lamp (should be called less ozone sterilization lamp), because ultraviolet light has decomposition of the oxygen in the air to produce ozone characteristics, can only be said to produce a small amount of odor, it is impossible not to produce ozone.

From the above analysis, do sterilization lamp with quartz glass is the best choice.

At home, in the field of medical and health care, it is not recommended to use high boron bactericidal lamp. In the United States, Canada and Japan, the production of ultraviolet bactericidal lamp is generally made of quartz glass.

Packing & Shipping

Plastic Head & Aluminum Head

Plastic Head                                                                            

Plastic Head UVC Tube

Aluminum Head

 Head UVC Tube


1. How many sterilization modes do a sterilization lamp have?
    Have two ways:  UV   and    Ozone

2. What’s the difference between them?
    *UV : wavelength: 253.7nm     How to Sterilize: ultraviolet radiation to sterilize,  Destroy or change DNA      Type: Physical
    *Ozone :wavelength: 185nm      How to Sterilize: It turns oxygen into ozone ( O2→O3 ),  Strong oxidation      Type: Chemical

3. How does the sterilization lamp work?
    Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is actually a low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamps are made using a lower mercury vapor pressure.10-2pa) are activated to emit ultraviolet light. There are two main spectral lines: one is a wavelength of 253.7nm; The other is at 185nm, both of which are invisible to the naked eye.

4. What are their advantages and disadvantages?
    *UV :Advantage: Simple, convenient, broad-spectrum and efficient, without secondary pollution, go inside the room immediately after turn off light(Disadvantage: Cannot kill all the bacteria and viruses where is out of light range, the shadow place might rest of bacteria).
    *Ozone :Advantage: O3 can kill all bacteria and viruses in the air(Disadvantage: O3 is dangerous for the body, people need around 15-30mints to open window for ventilation)

5. Can I choose UV+Ozone?
     No, because they are indifferent wavebands, they cannot exist at the same time. (UVC: 253.7nm; Ozone:185nm)You can choose UV or Ozone according to your needs.

6. What is the workflow of sterilization lamps?
    *UV: Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—Enter the room
    *Ozone: Turn on the lamp—People leave the room—Sterilize 15-30mins—Turn off the lamp—Open windows for ventilation 15-30mins—Enter the room

7. Why is the tube of sterilization lamp quartz glass?
     Because UV can only penetrate quartz glass, can not penetrate any other material.

8. What function does the sterilization lamp have with the sensor?
     The function of PIR sensor: when lamp lighting, if people within 5 meters distance of lamp, the lamp will power off automatically; When people left, the lamp will restart after about 55 seconds automatically.

9. Does the sterilization lamp have a timing function?
    Yes, adjustable 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes.

10. Can people stay in the room while the sterilization lamp is working?
     No, both UV and Ozone harm the human body.

Details about Quartz Glass Disinfection Sterilization Tube UVC

Ultraviolet sterilization lamp is divided without ozone and ozone two kinds:


Ultraviolet sterilization lamp with ozone is ultraviolet + ozone double sterilization, even if the place that is blocked, ozone can also disinfect sterilization, not afraid of dead ends.

No ozone UV germicidal lamp on only be disinfected to the place where the ultraviolet light is irradiated, Places blocked by the occlusion are not able to penetrate past sterilization;

The wave penetration rate of the ultraviolet light is higher and the intensity is greater; Quartz material, longer life.

Each end of the tube is made of ceramic material, not easy to age, safe and insulated, easy to install and maintain.

Our Certificate

CE / UL / TUV / ROHS / FCC / MSDS / EPA / Gmicro Testing Certified.


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