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The demand for LED Grow lights has rapidly increased over the years. Both hobbyists and commercial plant growers have been investing in Grow lights. These lights ensure that their harvests or plants develop to their full potential.

LED Grow lights provide a sun-like light spectrum and environment to indoor plants. These lights support the healthy growth of plants in dark places.

In comparison to conventional plant growing lights, LED Grow lights use less power, emit less heat, and last longer. They come with various features like light dimming, schedules, and more.

According to market research, the global LED Grow light market can reach USD 9.39 billion by 2028 at a CAGR of 28.32%

If you are an LED Grow lights retailer, distributor, or purchase manager, leverage this opportunity and make a massive profit.

This blog post lists some of the prominent LED Grow light manufacturers in the world. You can check out their inventory, request price quotes, and then work with them to fulfill the demand of your customers.

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1. Philips

Philips is a Dutch multinational company making lights, healthcare products, and audio products. Gerard Philips and Anton Philips founded the company in 1891. At present, it has more than 80,000 employees working in 100 countries. 

Today, Philips is among the most trustworthy LED Grow Light companies in the world. It produces a series of LED Grow lights for vertical farming, greenhouses, medical cannabis, and floriculture.

Philips LED Grow lights can manage several aspects of crop growth to achieve better results. They have tested their plant growing lights to improve crop quality, consistency, and yields.


2. Crecer Lighting

Crecer Lighting is among the fastest-growing LED Grow light manufacturers in the world. This California-based horticulture lighting company came into existence in 2018. They supply their LED Grow lights worldwide. 

The company has years of experience in designing and manufacturing innovative plant-growing lights. Their LED Grow lights utilize diodes that support controllable spectrum ratios. 

Crecer Lighting makes LED plant-growing lights for greenhouses and indoor farming. Besides this, people can use them for pipeline cultivation, home gardens, and vertical farming.

The company supplies its Grow lights under the series VERTX 600, PANTHRX II, and PANTHRX MINI II. They come with different wattages to cater to diverse needs.

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3. Mars Hydro 

Mars Hydro is a well-known company engaged in making LED Grow lights and LED Grow tents. The company has its head office in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. However, they have warehouses in the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Canada, and Europe. 

Mars Hydro also has repair centers in these countries. The company has been manufacturing and supplying horticulture LED Grow lights since 2019. 

Mars Hyrdo has a dedicated team to research, design, develop and test their LED grow lights. Their lights adopt scientific designs, advanced technology, and high-quality components.

The company manufactures Grow lights for both professional and amateur horticulturists. People can choose from a wide range of Grow lights, available in different watts. 

Mars Hydro accepts bulk orders for all their plant-growing lights. You can also become their authorized retailer.

mars hydro light increase your harvest decrease your costs featured

4. Darkless

While there are many led grow light wholesale companies in China, only a handful have made a name for themselves on a global scale. Darkless is one of them. It is one of the renowned LED Grow light manufacturers in China as well.

This Guangdong-based company has been manufacturing LED plant growing lights for more than 20 years. Darkless has two production workshops in Jiangmen and a sales and marketing office in Guangzhou. 

The company makes a wide range of grow lights to meet different requirements. At Darkless, you can buy full spectrum LED Grow lights, multiple Spectra LED Grow Tubes, and Exclusive series of LED Grow lights. They also have high-efficiency LED Grow lights. 

The company supplies its products across all primary locations in the world. Their plant growing lights have earned authority certificates such as CE, ROHS, MSDS, FCC, and EPA. Darkless also produces LED strip lights, panel lights, and UVC sterilization lamps. 

5. Vivosun

Vivosum is one of the most trustworthy LED Grow light companies in the world. The company has its main office in California, United States. However, it supplies its horticultural equipment worldwide. The company is committed to supporting growers of all kinds with its products.

LED Grow lights are their primary product. They make innovative plant-growing lights featuring premium lamp beads and dimmable ballasts. 

Vivosum Grow lights are available with different specifications. In addition to lights, you can also buy Grow tents, ventilation systems, and other horticultural solutions.

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6. LumiGrow

LumiGrow is counted among the top LED Grow light manufacturers in the world. The company came into existence in 2007.

LumiGrow designs and produces a range of innovative horticultural lighting. The company has headquarters in Emeryville, California.

LumiGrow LED Grow lights feature an adjustable light spectrum. Consequently, they accommodate different stages of plant growth. The company’s research team includes members who are plant scientists, Ph.D. holders, and seasoned researchers. You can say that their lighting technology is supported by horticulture research.

LumiGrow sells vertical bar lights, greenhouses lights, and wireless lighting control systems.

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7. Yaham Lighting

Yaham Lighting is a notable LED lighting manufacturer in the world. It is headquartered in Shenzhen, P.R., China.  

Yaham Lighting is an ISO14001 and BSI ISO90001 company. The company makes LED bay lights, floodlights, street lights, canopy lights, and grow lights.

Yaham Lighting makes high-quality LED Grow lights for both experienced and novice plant growers. They have Biosun-L LED Grow lights designed specifically for cannabis growth. The company also has Biosun-O LED Grow light bulbs for different plants. 

Apart from this, Yaham Lighting also makes full-spectrum horticulture lighting solutions. They have a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit that covers an area of 50,000sqm. The company has a staff of over 500+ people.  

Yaham Lighting is also among the leading LED Grow Lights wholesale firms in China. The company has been serving the industry for more than 17 years. The products of Yaham Lighting meet the standards of RoHS, CE, CCC, CQC, ETL, C-tick, and PSE. 

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8. Valoya

It would not be wrong to mention that Valoya is one of the top horticulture LED light suppliers in the world. This Finland-based company was established in 2019. Today it has offices in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States.

Valoya designs and manufactures international-standard LED Grow lights for horticultural and biotech applications. The company does extensive biology research. Therefore, they produce Grow lights that provide optimal spectra for plant development.

The company claims that 8 out of the world’s 10 leading agricultural companies choose Valoya. The company uses premium quality components in its LED Grow lights. They have patented their custom LED chips as well.

Valoya’s research on LED Grow light technology intends to support medicine and food production.

At present, the company supplies LED Grow lights to over 50 nations. They have a global distribution network of more than 30 partners. 


9. Heliospectra

Heliospectra is one of the leading horticulture LED grow lights suppliers in the world. They provide intelligent plant-growing lighting systems. 

Heliospectra is an industry leader in horticultural lighting and specialized light control systems. Their cutting-edge LED Grow lights are as per plant science. 

The company has designed its lights with an understanding of photosynthesis and plant physiology in mind.

Heliospectra is a Swedish firm, founded in 2016 by biologists and plant scientists. The aim behind the foundation of Heliospectra is to provide people with LED Grow lights that help produce high-quality crops. Today, the company has customers on 6 continents.

Heliospectra commercial LED Grow lights come with various modules and spectral options. With Elixia and DYNA Grow light models, you can even adjust the waveband and intensity of the light. They have three varieties of LED Grow lights: MITRA, ELIXIA, and DYNA.

Heliospectra is a leading provider of horticulture lighting technology. It provides custom Grow lights for greenhouses, indoor farming, and agricultural research.

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10. Oreon

Oreon is a Netherlands-based company that designs and manufactures LED Grow lights. The company has headquarters in IJsselstein, Netherlands.

The company is renowned for its water-cooled LED fixtures that have been used in indoor and commercial farming worldwide. 

These water-cooled LED top lights are available in various spectra. 

Oreon lights provide growers with better control over the temperature inside the greenhouse.

The company has been providing customized LED plant growing lights for more than 15 years. In 2016, the company became part of the 100 Club of the WUR. Their plant-growing lighting solutions are suitable for floriculture, cannabis, and leafy vegetables.

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The company claims that its lights consume up to 80% less energy than conventional lights. Read here to learn how much electricity an LED Grow light consumes. So this is our list of top 10 LED Grow light manufacturers/suppliers in the world. We have put together some of the leading firms. These companies have been doing continuously well and are trusted names in the industry. We hope the post helps you choose the right manufacturer.

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