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spectra applied to plant growth of led grow lights (2)

Spectra Applied to Plant Growth of LED Grow Light

At present, due to the differences in different application environments, many types of spectra have been developed on the market. However, there is still a lot of room for improvement and upgrade in the application spectrum of many plants.

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how to choose an led grow light (2)

How to Choose an LED Grow Light

There are various factors to consider when choosing LED Grow lights for plants. Some crucial things include the type of plant you are planning to grow, their planting cycle, and the size of growing space. Also, determine the wavelength output, Photosynthetic Active Radiation, and Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density.

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can led strip lights be hardwired (2) (1)

Can LED Strip Lights be Hardwired?

The answer is yes. Still, it is crucial to follow the purpose of how these LED lights are designed for. You should only hardwire the LED strips with wire nuts end and not the temporary lights. You must also take note of the steps to hardwire LED strips, as well as the safety tips.

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how to use led grow lights (6)

How to Use LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Using LED grow lights for indoor plants is straightforward. However, you have to keep a few things in mind when using them. For example, what color LED grow lights can give you the best results? What should be the ideal intensity of lights? What should be an appropriate installation height? For how long LEDs should stay on plants? And so on.

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darkless uvc lamp manufacturer #1

Is it Risk-Free to Order LED Lights from China?

Most wholesalers and resellers who order LED lights from China have this concern. I would say it is safe as long you are partnering with a reputable LED lights manufacturer. The company must have years of experience, professional staff, and follow the required industry standards.

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darkless about ip rating led strip light manufacturer

How to Choose the Waterproof IP Rating of the Led Light Strip?

Choosing a waterproof IP rating is straightforward. The rougher and dustier the environment is, the more IP protection you need. Generally, low-IP rating strips are suitable for indoor use. If you want waterproof LED strip lights, choose strip lights with IP65, IP67, or IP68-rating protection levels.

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when i turn off my led lights, why do they glow 5

When I turn off my LED lights, Why do they glow?

There could be various reasons why your lights keep glowing even if you switch them off. For example, your LED lights store tiny electric energy due to resistance, and that stored energy helps them glow. Maybe you are using Poor-quality LEDs. Besides this, faulty electrical circuits could be a possible cause.

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certifications of led strips 1

What are The Certifications of LED Strips?

The important certifications for LED lights include the CE, FCC, UL, CSA, ENERGY STAR, and RoHS. Besides, there are other voluntary certifications like GS, ENEC, ETL, cULus. These certifications specify the safety, performance, and environmental standards. 

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where can the led strips be affixed 2

Where Can the Led Strips Be Affixed?

Nowadays, decorative LED strips lights are in demand, thanks to their myriad of uses. You can use them to embellish your home in a variety of ways. For example, you can affix them under cabinets, under a bed, and in similar places.

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