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where can the led strips be affixed 2

Where Can the Led Strips Be Affixed?

Nowadays, decorative LED strips lights are in demand, thanks to their myriad of uses. You can use them to embellish your home in a variety of ways. For example, you can affix them under cabinets, under a bed, and in similar places.

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how to remove led strip light from wall 4

How to Remove LED Strip Light From Wall?

Are you bored with your existing LED strip light setup? Do you wish to change it without causing any damage to the wall paint?
There could be several reasons for you to remove an LED strip light from the wall. Regardless, there is a right way to do it.

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can led strip lights overheat 6

Can LED Strip Lights Overheat?

Yes, LED overheat in numerous cases. Not a single factor contributes to this fact. For example, low-quality LEDs can cause excessive heat production, and in turn, overheating. Similar cases include voltage spikes in the circuit and 100 percent load on the power supply.

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how to make led strip lights dimmable #4

How to Make LED Strip Lights Dimmable?

Here are 4 common choices available for you: Use the Traditional Wall Dimmers+ Dimmable Power Supply (TRIAC), Opt for Low-Voltage PWM DC Dimmers, Use RF Dimming Controllers, Use a Wi-Fi Controller.

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can the led strips be reused 3

Can The LED Strips Be Reused?

LED strips can be reused. LED strips have an average lifespan of 50,000 hours and are more energy-efficient. They last 10 – 15 times longer than their counterparts by consuming less energy for the same luminosity.

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power supply for led strip lights 4

How to Choose a Power Supply for LED strip lights?

Here we have compiled the 8 most crucial factors that you need to keep in check while choosing a LED strip light Power Supply.(Temperature and Weather, Voltage/Current, Wattage, Dimmable LED Power Supplies, Efficiency, Size, Class II or Class 2, Brand)

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why led strip not working 3

Why LED Strip Not Working?

There could be a variety of causes for your LED strip not working. The reasons can range from voltage mismatch to insufficient power supply to a loose connection. In some cases, manufacturing flaws or mechanical damage could be the cause of the breakdown.

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10 things to pay attention to when purchasing led light bars #5

10 Things to Pay Attention to When Purchasing LED Light Bars

Without a doubt, purchasing LED light bars is fun. However, for first-time buyers, it might be overwhelming. So you do not end up making the wrong choice, do adequate research before buying them. From size to beam pattern to color to row numbers, plenty of things are there to pay attention to.

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can led lights be recycled #2

Can LED lights be recycled?

Are LED lights recyclable? Short answer, yes. You can recycle your LEDs. May it be LED lamps, strips, or even a sterilization tube. It is recyclable.  Recycling your LEDs doesn’t only save you money. It also has a valuable impact on the environment. So always choose to recycle.

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