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Top 10 LED Strip Light Manufacturers in WORLD

If you are looking for an LED strip manufacturer or supplier, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of 7 leading LED strip light companies worldwide.
Whether you are an architect, engineer, wholesaler or retailer, you can check out their inventory.

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examination of customs paperwork

Importing LED Lights from China Manufacturer: Customs Clearance

The process of purchasing wholesale light products from China requires completing several formalities. Every importer must prepare all necessary documents for the customs officers or other authorities. However, depending on the place, the document list may differ slightly. The most common documents required example, commercial invoices, Air Waybill (AWB), and Bill of Lading (B/L).

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led strip light diy remote

How To DIY The Color Of The LED Strip Lights?

Depending on the LED strip light brand, the remote you own can be a bit different. However, the button and usage pattern tends to be similar. In order to DIY your LED strip light, start by perfectly installing it in your desired location.

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led lights catch fire

Can LED Lights Catch Fire?

LED lights generally don’t catch fire if installed properly. These are low-wattage electrical appliances. So even if they are left running for longer periods, they don’t attain a temperature high enough to catch fire.

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payment methods

Importing LED Lights from China: Payment Methods

There are several payment methods available when importing LED lights from China. For instance, Telegraphic Transfer, Letter of Credit, Escrow, Paypal, sourcing agents, Western Union, and debit and credit cards. Importers should be wary of the potential risks when making payments to their lighting manufacturer by researching information.

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the ultimate guide to led light transportation #2

The Ultimate Guide to LED Light Transportation

In general, LED light manufacturers can ship LED lights via express, air freight, sea freight, railway, and multimodal transport. You should consider several factors in choosing the transportation mode. For instance, the transportation cost, delivery time, destination country, size, and quantity of LED lights.

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grow light effect eyes

Do LED Grow Lights Have Any Effect on Eyes and Skin?

Like Sun, LED Grow lights produce Ultraviolet A and Ultraviolet B rays to help plants grow. These rays might be harmful to human eyes and skin, but only when you get exposed to them for an extended period and at a high intensity. Do not worry, LED grow lights are not exceptionally intense. They emit a certain amount of UV and Blue rays appropriate for plant growth. If you do not stare at LED Grow lights for a lengthy period, you are safe.

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