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types of light emitting diode

What Does LED Stand For?

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED is a semiconductor that produces light when an electric current flows across it. There are several electrons in the semiconductor. They recombine with electron holes to discharge energy in the form of photons.

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christmas lights #4

How to Choose the Best LED Lights for Christmas?

For everyone who celebrates Christmas, the arrangement of Christmas decorations is essential. Suitable lights create a warm Christmas atmosphere. From housing to streets, LED Christmas lights are hanging around. Why are LED lights the best selection for most Christmas lights?

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led light whiten teeth #3

Does LED Light Whiten Teeth?

Yes, LED lights help whiten the teeth during whitening procedures. LED lights speed up the chemical reactions that help remove stains from teeth without rough actions or grinding.

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darkless lighting commissioning #3

Importing LED Light from China: Lighting Commissioning

Nowadays, lighting designs are getting more complex with more flexible functionalities. Here’s where commissioning comes in. The aim is to deliver a lighting system that performs as paid for, specified, and intended. Commissioning is not required for every lighting project. Yet, it is a mandatory part in some cases.

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darkless polarity of led lights

What is the Polarity of LED lights?

The wrong polarity of a LED light is a scenario that occurs when a Light Emitting Diode (LED) does not get electrical current flowing in one direction.
LED lights work appropriately only when their positive terminals (anodes) are connected to the positive supply. Similarly, their negative terminal (cathodes) must connect to the negative supply.

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Which LED Light Colour Helps With Headaches?

Green-hued light is the best hue of light to cure headaches and reduce the effects of migraines. Unlike blue or other light colours, green light does not activate the retinal pathway. Thus making it less likely to cause headaches.

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led light therapy#3

LED Light therapy: Everything You Need to Know About it

LED light therapy cures various skin problems. Numerous people misunderstand that it utilizes ultraviolet light. However, LED light therapy uses wavelengths and colors of infrared light. It is a low level of light that is safe on the skin.LED light treatment uses Blue, Red, Green, and Amber color lights.

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lighting design process

Importing LED Light from China: Lighting Design Process

In short, light affects our daily life, including leisure and work time. Lighting design is the soul of indoor environment decoration. Thus, you should discuss and choose your Chinese LED light manufacturers correctly. You can also refer to this article for more lighting ideas.

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